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Such an incredible spokesperson for basic decency and kindness, as well as, I understand, a strong organizer & acti… -- @MetaGrrrl

I've made a few edits above to bring the auto-imported tweets closer to my vision for their appearance here, but, there's still so much to do to bring in a quoted tweet and the images. Really, it seems like more work to clean them up than to re-engineer the whole website to have a smart import. And THAT's saying something.

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Living Better 2012

If you cook & freeze some pieces of bacon, when you get home after a party at 11:45pm you'll be able to have 1 piece of bacon in 10 seconds.

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All Out 2012

Glad to hear Ukraine's anti-gay Law 8711 has been shelved—but it may be back in Sept. Keep the pressure on. #equality

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Simple signs, simple actions 2012

An easy way to save a life in hot weather. Great advice.

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RT RT RT 2012

RT @tomcoates: Dear Bands, I would like it lots if you would stop putting 'secret tracks' after long stretches of silence on your albums. It's 2012. Thx!

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Not my strong suit 2012

Trying to quell the pre-shopping horrors. Nexus of fear: dressy/formal, hot weather, & meeting strangers in non-professional role.

Trauma held at bay by super shopper Joe. Dress, skirt, 2 shrugs acquired. Now food before shoes & shells & his suit. #shopping

Hit the shopping wall, but after easily twice the usual number of try-ons. Shoes acquired & a probably workable top. Phew.

Gentle, poppy versions of songs to which goths used to dance darkly play in Jos. A. Bank as Joe buys a suit. #death #bleakness #sale!

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The big announcement 2012

OH: "We can just have physicists on in the background…"

Tuesday does Saturday right: Our big screen shows physicists filing in slowly to take seats for the big Higgs-Boson announcement #nerds #yes

OMG. Physicists are cute. #higgsboson

Default for male physicists seems to be blue shirts, for females red. Does this mean female physicists are moving faster away from now?

Physicists. Sooooo cute and funny. #higgsboson #nerdsRgreat

Quickly becoming incomprehensible to me, but STILL CUTE! #higgsboson

Loving the messy, non-definitiveness of science. Slow growth of understanding & growth of subsequent questions. Thank you, scientists!

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Out on his terms 2012

"I’ve never wanted to be any kind of reporter other than a good one, & I do not desire to promote any cause other than the truth." - Anderson Cooper

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ugh 2012

BANG!!!! {car alarms going off} (I hate the 4th of July)

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"Soldier" speaks of "putting to death" 2012

RT @aral: Salvation Army [Australia] official: non-celibate LGBT people should be put to death. I know who I won’t be donating to ever.

And the Salvation Army Australia official statement, which appears to be, in essence, look at what we do and don't listen to what some our representatives say.

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Gameful design 2012

RT @fraying: This. Yes.

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This isn't a 'service' 2012

RT @critic: Washington Examiner: 'Dear TSA: I am not your customer'.

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It's all about community 2012

RT @anildash: Why do mapping, transit & traffic data matter? Ask @Jack Dorsey or @BillGates. Urban design is online design.

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Happy Dinah 2012

Having a lovely Monday. Slept in until 9, tasty bagel+hummus, nice ride on J trolley, happy coaching, lovely walk, now Chili Cha Cha lunch.

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Love! 2012

You know what? Love is great. :) & 45 minute long distance calls with one's sweetheart—for all their retro character—are still wonderful.

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Mundane chance to be a super hero 2012

Just got swabbed by Be The Match outside Nopalito (who aren't terribly busy today!) It was quick & easy. Thinking fondly of @superamit! :)

Photo by Mum Jinx:
Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 4.12.13 PM

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It's good to have an eloquent ally 2012

"you're afraid of that woman's voice & you don't think you can beat her intellectually without using a cheat code"

More background and commentary from Daniel Nye Griffiths at Forbes.


"I don’t know who these hateful people are, but they are not the gamers I know. They are not the men I know."


Let's keep focused on having the "what you did" argument with those who leave hateful comments, not the "what you are" argument.

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My research now is better than my research 25 years ago 2012

I'm vastly more likely to find relevant material within & cite books which allow keyword searching (through Google/Amazon). #scholarship

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Library page muscle memories 2012

Flashback time: Volunteered at the Coast Community Library today checking in/shelving books & shelf-reading. Good physical & mental workout!

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Endorsed. 2012

RT @thelancearthur: PROPOSAL: New name for those little adhesive UPCs they put on nectarines, lemons, etc. Fruit Boogers

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Alack! 2012

Sooth, transcrybing Elizabethan documentes again, I see where cometh myne uncommone straunge misspellinges & tendencie for trailing Es.

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Yo, Hank. 2012

RT @harikunzru: So Church of England opposed to 'redefining marriage'? Wasn't it created to do just that? Looking at you, Henry VIII...

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It's a tough choice, that second to last question. 2012

RT @Annaleen: Bathsalts checklist. Happy Monday! image from

And if you want to know more about what bath salts actually are, check this out.

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New Orleans under the skin 2012

RT @hayeswire: Chef Justin Simoneaux Reflects on First Year at Boxing Room

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Mmm, taxes. 2012

RT @atduskgreg: “I liked crowdfunding better when it was called taxation.” — @anildash

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