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Bolk's booty 2012

RT @jsjohnst: What If The Male Avengers Posed Like The Female One?
What If The Male Avengers Posed Like The Female One? on Twitpic
(via @SteveNiles) [Art by Kevin Bolk]

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Switching 2002

This afternoon and evening are about choices, changes and letting go. I have decided to no longer own a PC, so I've been going through all my boxed software and setting aside items to sell or give away. I've also come to the realization that I love DVDs and hate tv, so I really don't need all these videos. More things go on the sell or give away piles.

Hard to part with items that are available for Mac or on DVD are going on my Amazon wishlist. Ah, and that has prompted me to update my list, a task which does not seem to go well in Mozilla 1.1. Which means the switch away from Microsoft Internet Explorer won't be happening just yet.

In a month and a half I'll be looking for a new apartment to switch to, but after a sudden shopping trip this evening ("Oh no! I need another teaspon of turmeric for this recipe! And I'm out of frozen organically grown peas! And I want an extra strong Jamaican Ginger Beer!") which was completely successful, I am feeling reluctant to move out of range of my lovely neighborhood market, Nabila's.

[San Francisco readers: If you know of a quiet studio or one-bedroom apartment that will be available in mid to late January or on February 1st which has rent under $1150, no upstairs neighbors, a gas stove, enough room for a California king size bed, more than 6 feet of kitchen counter space (or room for a kitchen table) and an easy route to BART, please drop me an email at this domain. Thanks.]

I begin to think that my first decade or so was for learning about the world around me, my teens were for learning that world didn't revolve around me, my twenties were for trying new things and my thirties have shaped up to be about focusing on the things I like and which really matter to me. I hypothesize that my forties will be about living that optimized life and seeing if it is as good as I hoped, perhaps adding to it or paring it down further. How about you? What are the themes of your life so far?

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A few tips 2002

- When you have too many lemons or limes or oranges and some are going to spoil, slice some thinly and then freeze the slices. Use them in place of ice cubes in water glasses.

- Sliced bread can also be frozen and used for toast with no ill effects.

- In cities, you can pay people to do laundry for you instead of going to the laundromat. The clothing comes back folded and you will get string which you can use to make a ball. Whee!

- Every year, take a day to go through your closet and pull out items to go to Goodwill or sell/trade at Buffalo Exchange or similar second-hand stores. If you're keeping an outfit purely for sentimental reasons, but you actually never wear it, see if there's another way to keep the sentiment and not have the outfit taking up space. Could you take a picture of it and keep that? Or make a pillow or scarf out of some of the fabric? As you go through the closet, watch for items you don't recall wearing in the last year. If you can't bear to part with them right away, mark them with a clothespin on their hangers. If you wear the item, take off the clothespin. Six months later, get rid of all the things that still have clothespins on them. During this process, it's a great idea to take everything out of the closet, vacuum in there and then put things back sorted by type (shirts, pants, etc.) this really saves time when getting putting together an outfit when you're half-asleep in the morning or just going for a particular style ("Hmm, soft comfy pants and a flannel shirt. Which flannel? Ah, red. Good.")

- You will make clothing shopping less horrid if you pick just a few colors as "yours" and ignore things that don't fit your palette. It also makes your clothes more flexible as more things can be worn with each other. For example, my main colors are sage green, very pale pink, very pale blue, cream, taupe, black and greys from dove to charcoal. For fun, non-work clothes I also still wind up buying red things, but those go with the greys and blacks.

- Paradoxically, the best way to feel like you have more is to get rid of things. Weeding out things that no longer need to be in my home (that juicer I never use, those books I'll never reread, that old beloved decorative object which has morphed somewhere along the way into just a thing to dust) always leaves me uplifted and energized and draws my attention back to those things that do still matter to me.

- The library now rents CDs, videos, DVDs and software in addition to books.

- Ben & Jerry's CoffeeCoffeeBuzzBuzzBuzz does not make a good bedtime snack.

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Give Yourself Simple Pleasures 2002

[Here's an incomplete draft of a post found in January 2004 when I was working on getting all my content published in TypePad]

When you're feeling a bit low, sometimes you'll find yourself wandering about looking for something to lift your spirits.

choose something which will remind you of that lazy afternoon and refresh your senses every time you use it

memory and smell

Pacifica lemon grass soap

Zum Bar goat milk soaps, especially their Clove-Mint scent.

Burt's Bees bay rum exfoliating soap

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Simple link 2001

I think I need to visit this site about living simply later and tell you more about it. [thanks to Ev for the linky goodness]

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Wise Meg 2000

Meg wants the simple pleasures.

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Simple Pleasures Are The Best 2000

Last July I asked Greg how things are with him. He said:

"To be honest, things are wonderful. My wife loves me. My beautiful daughter wraps me tighter
around her finger every day. The goats and sheep are always happy to see me, bleating almost
merrily. The hens are laying. The guineafowl are settling in, making their buckWHEAT warning
when anything dangerous approaches including the wind or a full moon. The first ripe tomato was
plucked from the garden today. What more can a man want?"

What more indeed?

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Do Nothing 2000

Allow yourself time in every day to pause and do nothing at all. Stand and breathe. Look at a tree. Lie in bed thinking about how nice the sheets feel. Keep thoughts of the past and future from crowding out the present moment. Feel what your body is feeling at this moment. Stretch. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Do nothing.

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Eat Simply 2000

Recognize that your diet may be a habit formed by years of exposure to advertising. Milk does not, in fact, do a body good. Nor is beef real food. If you're like me, you can eliminate both of these from your diet and have no regrets and no ill effects. In fact, you'll feel better. Less weighted down by fat and that feeling that you have a brick in your stomach.

How can you start? Reduce and substitute. Stop buying beef, butter and cheese. When you eat out don't order beef and ask for no cheese or have it on the side and only eat a little bit. Try soy milk. Try rice milk. Try vegi burgers. Grill marinated portobella mushrooms for a rich, "meaty" dinner.

I used to be a cheese fiend. Now I don't even miss it. Every now and then I'll have some, but where I would have eaten a chunk the size of a pack of cards, now I have a nibble the size of a cherry and I'm sated.

Those three dietary changes alone - cutting out almost all the beef, butter and cheese in my diet - are probably responsible for at least 10-15lbs of the weight I've lost in the last year and a half. Plus I feel much healthier and more alert.

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Walk There 2000

When you need to get something, ask yourself
1. Do I really need this?
and if the answer is yes,
2. Can I walk (or bike) to where I can get it?

Today I walked to the Orchard Supply Hardware near my home. Every other time I've gone there, even when I only needed little, lightweight things, I've driven. It's 1.3 miles away and it was a nice walk. I saw lots of squirrels and smiled at people who smiled back and met the identical twins who work at OSH. Very pleasant!

Now I'm curious about what else is within a mile and a half of home where I might want to go...

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