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media I've enjoyed recently 2014

Advertising and Selling

- Morgan Spurlock: The greatest TED Talk ever sold (TEDtalks)

- Full Price Beats Penny Saved for Selling Some Items (60-second Science)

- Candidates Affect Viewer Reactions to Ads in Debates (60-second Science)


- Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture (TEDtalks)

- Jacqueline Novogratz: Inspiring a life of immersion (TEDtalks)

- 100,000-Year-Old Art Studio Discovered (60-second Science)


- Bill Gates: How state budgets are breaking US schools (TEDtalks)

- Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies (TEDtalks)

- Science Grad Students Who Teach Write Better Proposals (60-second Science)

- Doodles and Drawings Help Cement Concepts (60-second Science)

Food and Drink

- Student Researchers Find Secret Tea Ingredients (60-second Science)

- Molars Say Cooking Is Almost 2 Million Years Old (60-second Science)

- High-Pressure Food Treatment Can Kill Microbes And Up Nutrients (60-second Science)

Health and Growth

- Charity Tilleman-Dick: Singing after a double lung transplant (TEDtalks)

- Molly Stevens: A new way to grow bone (TEDtalks)

- Gamekeeper's Thumb Condition Outlives the Occupation (60-second Science)

- Test Tells Viral and Bacterial Infections Apart (60-second Science)

- Poultry Farms That Stop Antibiotics See Resistance Fall (60-second Science)

- Endurance Exercise Has Stem Cells Make Bone Over Fat (60-second Science)

- Carbon Nanotubes Impale Compulsive Cells (60-second Science)

- Online Gamers Help Solve Protein Structure (60-second Science)

- Health Data Could Spot Genocide Risk (60-second Science)

- City Cyclists Suck In Soot (60-second Science)

- Rapid PCR Could Bring Quick Diagnoses (60-second Science)

- Pathogen Genomics Has Become Dirt Cheap (60-second Science)

- Kid Scientists Show Medicines Can Be Mistaken For Candy (60-second Science)

- Fever Increases Numbers of Immune Cells (60-second Science)

Nature and Sexuality

- Christopher Ryan: Are we designed to be sexual omnivores? (TEDtalks)

- Mole's Extra Finger Is Wrist Bone-us (60-second Science)

- Full Moon May Signal Rise in Lion Attacks (60-second Science)

- Send Ants to College (60-second Science)

- Sea Lampreys Flee Death Smells (60-second Science)

- Toxoplasma Infected Rats Love Their Enemies (60-second Science)

- Modern Rivers Shaped By Trees (60-second Science)

- Upright and Hairless Make Better Long-Distance Hunters (60-second Science)

- Electrolyte Balancers Set Stage for Multicellularity (60-second Science)

- Flesh-Tearing Piranhas Communicate with Sound (60-second Science)

Politics and Philosophy

- Jody Williams: A realistic vision for world peace (TEDtalks)

- Martin Jacques: Understanding the rise of China (TEDtalks)

- El Nino Ups Conflict Odds (TEDtalks)

- David Puttnam: What happens when the media's priority is profit? (TEDtalks)

- Steven Pinker: Violence Is Lower Than Ever (60-second Science)

Technology and Physics

- Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender (TEDtalks)

- Leyla Acaroglu: Paper beats plastic? How to rethink environmental folklore (TEDtalks)

- Dan Berkenstock: The world is one big dataset. Now, how to photograph it... (TEDtalks)

- Medieval Armor: Was It Worth the Weight? (60-second Science)

- Traffic Cameras Save Millions in Canceled Crashes (60-second Science)

- Juno Mission Gets Goes for Launch (60-second Science)

- Channeled Chips Can Spot Substances (60-second Science)

- Smartphone System Saves Gas (60-second Science)

- Sound Sends Electron to Specific Location (60-second Science)

- Moon Not Made of Cheese, Physicist Explains (60-second Science)

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Media I've enjoyed lately 2011

Wow. Lots to catch up on since the last time I posted on podcast episodes I really enjoyed. Not to worry, though, most of them are from 60-Second Science.


Science and Technology

Science Talk - The Poisoner's Handbook : The Sinister Side of Chemistry

Astronaut Love: An Interview with Spacewalker Stanley Love

TEDTalks - Mike deGruy: Hooked by an octopus - Mike deGruy (2010)

Hans Rosling on global population growth - Hans Rosling (2010)

Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine - Hans Rosling (2010)

60-Second Science: Trusting Souls Excel at Spotting Liars

Low-Level Moral Transgressions Make Us Laugh

Solar Panels Dust Themselves Off

Dinner Party Discovered 12,000 Years Later

Organic Strawberries Beat Conventionally Grown In Test Plots

Pirates Need Science, Too

Butterflies Choose Plants for Medicinal Qualities

Mice Prefer Treats They Worked Harder to Get

Neandertal Brains Retained Infantile Shape

Daydreaming Diminishes Happiness

Follow the Money to See Real Communities

CSIs Could Estimate Victim's Age with Just Blood

It's Even More Full Of Stars

Saturn's Rings May Be Remnants of a Moon

Database Tries to Track Culture Quantitatively

Young Female Chimps Cradle Stick-Toys like Dolls


Creativity and Learning

TEDTalks - Cameron Herold: Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs - Cameron Herold (2010)

Aditi Shankardass: A second opinion on learning disorders  - Aditi Shankardass (2009)

John Hunter on the World Peace Game - John Hunter (2011)

Jok Church: A circle of caring - Jok Church (2007)

60-Second Science: Reach Kitchen Staff with Safety Stories



TEDTalks - Ananda Shankar Jayant fights cancer with dance  - Ananda Shankar Jayant (2009)

Stephen Palumbi: Following the mercury trail - Stephen Palumbi (2010)

Nigel Marsh: How to make work-life balance work - Nigel Marsh (2010)

60-Second Science - Ancient Brewmasters Made Medicinal Beer

A Few Drug-Resistant Bacteria May Keep the Whole Colony Alive

Salmonella Take Advantage of Our Battle Plan

City Living Promoted Resistance to Infectious Disease

Love Lessens Pain

Clenched Muscles Assist Self-Control

New Crop of Elderly Outsmart Their Predecessors

Receptors for Taste Found in the Lungs

Text Message Outreach Improves HIV Patients' Outcomes

Exercising to Music Keeps Elderly Upright

Ultramarathoners Reveal "Safe" Injuries

Think More to Eat Less

Trained Rats Sniff Out TB

Placebos Work Even When You Know

98.6 Trades Metabolic Cost for Fungal Protection



TEDTalks - Jessi Arrington: Wearing nothing new - Jessi Arrington (2011)


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Facebook's contextless timelines 2010

It's totally unclear what this Facebook post is about. Presumably some question-of-the-day or something, but who knows?

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 4.56.39 PM

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Won't you join me in helping this Donors Choose project happen? Science Is In Everyday Life! for Ms. T's high school class in Florida needs $243 more in order to help her students make a personal connection with science information & shake the idea that it's too hard or irrelevant for them.

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Santa Cruz 2007

Gazos Grill, Highway 1, favorite spot of motorcyclists it seems


And with good reason, our lunch was delicious.

(At the UCSC reunion I had Joe snap a couple pictures of this display, with photo of my college roommate Lisa)



A walk in the woods at UCSC


Joe is actually much happier than this quick snapshot reveals.

Children Storage


Dark humor in UCSC graffiti; Edward Gorey would approve, I think.

The view from Cowell College hasn't changed much, thank goodness


Saturn Cafe, Santa Cruz


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Portola State Park 2006


Many a school camping trip and a hike up to Tiptoe Falls...

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Sallie Rhyne & some guy I probably should remember the name of 2006


Always loved this picture of Sallie.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 2.25.20 PM

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A rowboat 2006


[I think this might have been my friend Morgan's writing.]

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Mimeographed piece of my childhood writing 2006

This might have been in some school collection.


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The Horny Horse 2006

A fine mimeographed zine some of the big girls put together at my school. Very funny stuff!


Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 10.28.11 PM

I think this must be by my childhood pal Wendy Scripps.


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Childhood autograph book 2006

281977938_abe268c70f_o 281977940_e592ec73d9_o

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Pinel School reunion 2006

[a reunion of my K-8th grade school]


I had a great time today at my grade school reunion. The school closed in, I think, 1979 so we were all spending a lot of our remaining brain power on trying to rebuild old memories and put names to faces then & now. A good foundation for future events.

The symbol of Jtel


One of the big kids' forts at Pinel was the temple of Jtel.

[My recollection, as of 2014, is that this arose out of a school trip where they saw a damaged 'Hotel' sign which now read Jtel.]

Pinel School reunion crowd


Bill Kenney in the foreground.

Assembling for the presentation



Blurry but smiling Linden


even blurrier April, Vandy & David behind

Alice listening to the presentation


Listening to the presentation


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learning week 2003

Friday: "Beginning UNIX class" [at work]

Sunday: "Home Chef knife skills class"

[both noted in old calendar]

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No secrets 1999

Well, I have houseguests. Since the servers at school will be down tomorrow, I put the pages for the class I'm teaching up here on my site. Now my students will be visiting my personal site. It's kinda like having your parents over.

Note to myself:
try to refrain from talking about politics, sex and booze for a few days. Oh, and don't be a pottymouth.

Note to my students:
I moved the javascript examples up here as well

[***Question as of September 2003: Does that .../archive/240/ content still exist at all?***]

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F/X Reunion and finishing the degree 1998

Worked a short day (5 hours) and then jumped through my last academic bureacratic hoop (at least as a student, I'm sure they'll have a new set for teachers). I turned in the final final final binding version of my project report and I am now officially done with my masters degree. They still have to send me a little piece of paper, but I am now Dinah P. Sanders, M.L.I.S.

Had dinner at Fil's house along with Deb, Chris & Tori and we planned F/X: the Reunion. If you were a member of the big happy family of clubgoers and employees, send your name, email and snailmail addresses to [] and get on the list for an invitation. Better dig out that old black card. You've got until February to decide what to wear. (I'll be doing the website soon - watch this space).

My ISP is misbehaving badly, if you don't hear from me except from work, that's why. Grrr.

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Compromises 1998

Got email today from number one on my list of people I lost touch with who I'd love to connect with again. :)
Hi, Elf! Missed you.

Wound up working an extra hour. And missing the bus. *sigh* Still only got home 40 minutes later than I would have if I had a working car, but it got me thinking, sitting in chilly suburbia, about what I could do with those 40 minutes. I could work them, assuming I have a client to bill them to which I currently do, and make enough to make a car payment. And I could stop at the store with them now and then to get the ingredients with which I could spend that time making myself a lunch instead of buying it. Or I could spend them working on Inkspot which might make me some money if I invested more time in it. So, since I do not live or work in a true urban area with flexible public transit, since it's getting cold, since my knee hurts a bit from all this walking, since I can work out a way to afford it, I am abandoning the moral high ground and reconsidering internal combustion. Sorry, Peter. How about if you teach me to ride a bike again next spring when, I hope, my knee can handle it?

Need to rest my arm before typing more, but watch this space for a revised version of my thesis with extra citations to back up my wild claim that the web needs design documentation.

...Hot Bath Interlude...

Followed by a whole bunch of writin' and citin' leading to the revised final draft of my report and bibliography

Bibliography in Word [links removed when post migrated into Typepad in 2004]
also text
also rich text format

Report in Word
also text
also rich text format

I am really tired now. The alarm is going off in 6 hours. I hope that is enough to get me through another long day...

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Final Draft 1998

[Used to have links to my thesis final draft document in 3 formats here.]

Sent the report to my advisors. Thanks again everyone.

Good Indian food with good friends and a soak in a hot tub and fun conversation. Feeling loads better thanks to Eric, Robert & Seth.

I think Dreamweaver plays with your column widths. Grrrr. I swear all these pages were supposed to be a maximum width of 600 pixels. I just changed this one to 620. It better stick...

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Freewriting 1992

    Bottom of the ocean dark slime mud bubbles strange fish rising up more fish sunlight whales dolphins glinting lights on surface of water kelp forests waves wind gulls fish jumping boats waves clouds storm (brief) move inland birds bay narrowing to river waterfalls going up over them off to side forests deer Alpine pine deciduous plains mustangs antelope african plains people cultures pyramids countries [illegible] moving planet turning moon and earth solar system galaxy turning black muck again

Vangelis Alpha

primevil [sic] slime and ooze coral anenomes florescent light fish moving up octipi more levels of fish whales (at trumpets) from below at first sillohettes huge moving past (to right screen) more schools of fish (new theme) dolphins underwater sunlight glinting through water orcas dolphin breaks through to surface whales later (switch to above water, 1st time) birds move over water inland schooner bay bridge whale sounds across 1st bridge 2nd up river getting wilder 3rd forests at sides animals salmon up waterfalls away from river (at new [illegible]) last whale down over mountains as snow goats down through redwoods deer down deciduous birds Plain's horses african drums plains antelope cities people dancing  running old tokyo tower pyramids Kremlin cathedrals Statue of liberty move off from planet clouds moving moon rotation solar system turning galaxy turning galaxy gets farther away keeps turning return black screen.

Vangelis Alpha 5 min 11 sec.

[Interesting writing exercise. I think perhaps the first round was in class and the second at home with the music of my choice, but I'm just guessing. I wouldn't have had the Cosmos soundtrack cassette tape on my person, I doubt.]

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graduation day 1987



Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 11.56.15 PM
Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 11.56.30 PM

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a free almost-adult 1983

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 7.15.18 PM

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high school graduation 1983


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freewriting 1983

    I feel good about the amount of work I am doing. I am getting A's in my classes. I am learning to drive. I am studying for the Achievement tests. I am saving money for the trip. I am doing a really good job.

Freewrite topic

    "Popularity is based on how closely individuals conform"

    I don't agree with that statement. If a person conforms completely they become virtually invisible. Popular people provoke good reactions in others. The conformist is nothing but ordinary and so induces no reaction. True, the more you conform, the more groups will indure [sic] your presence, but you won't be adding anything to the group.

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What is poetry? 1983

- Poetry - the embodiment of beauty, emotion, or "high thought" in Verse (esp. a rhythmical composition intended to be more "powerful" than prose)

- Verse - a line of poetry, consisting of a certain number of metrical feet, although modern poems may be constructed in free verse.

- Feet - a group of syllables serving as a unit of Meter in verse.

- Meter - rhythm in verse; measured pattern of syllables as in iambic pentameter.

- Iambic (Pentameter) - metrical feet of 2 syllables, the 1st unaccented + the other accented (occuring 5 times in each line) -> "to strive, to seek, to find, and not, to yield." [with symbols over to mark accent]

- Prose - the ordinary form of written or spoken language without rhyme or meter.


- Metaphor - figure of speech in which a word is used (denoting a certain subject or idea) in place of another to suggest a likeness between them - ("I feel shipwrecked")

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Major effects on my life 1983

Meeting and knowing Jack Mingo had a major effect on my life. He helped me to see a lot of the games I was playing that were keeping me from being how I wanted to be. I learned a lot from Jack and I am very grateful to him for the changes he helped me make.

    An event that had a major effect? Hmmm. The invention of printing. So many things in my life are heavily influenced by books that I am sure I would be a very different person had they not been made. I love books.

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Physical Fear 1983

I don't remember exactly the last time I was physically afraid, but I do remember one particular incident that was very frightening. I was in a canoe accident. The canoe I was in the middle of wrapped itself around a log in the river. Fortunately, none of the 3 of us was trapped between the canoe and the log. We all held on to the canoe in the cold water. I was in the water up to my neck and the current was like something alive trying to drag me away from the canoe. I was terrified; all I could do was hang on to that canoe. My friends pulled me halfway out of the water, but, since I was wearing shorts and my legs were in the water, I was still losing body heat. We caught a garbage bag we had been using in the canoe and I used it to insulate my legs. We sat on that log for an hour while the other members of our group figured out how to rescue us. We dealt with our fear by making jokes and swearing at just about everything within range, especially the canoe. The canoe was bent into a U- shape around the log so we have since referred to the disaster as "the Taco incident".

    I am often afraid in a relationship that it is not going to work out. I am afraid that for some reason we will break up. This fear I can usually overcome because I know I will survive. The fear of death is much, much worse.

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