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Gmail Tip: Report Phishing 2005

Got a Gmail account?*  Ever get those messages like "We here at Washinton Mutual/CitiBank/EBay/PayPal/etc have discovered a potential threat to your account security and need you to log in and reconfirm your information such as social security number"? And there's a link that looks perfectly legitimate, except if you view source on the HTML message you realize all the text in the message including the link is an image which actually links to some server in the Ukraine? And the message was addressed to your junk@mydomain account instead of to the washingtonmutual@mydomain you listed on your checking account application? Or maybe it's just as simple as the fact you don't even have an account with that company which tips you off that this is not a legitimate request for your personal information.

Take a moment to slap these scam artists. In Gmail, while viewing the message, click "Show options", then click "Report phishing", then click the "Report spam" button. The message is now out of your hair and Google's unblinking eye is turning towards the scumwads who deserve a little extra attention.

When they're assholes trying to rip people off, it's not snitching, it's just giving natural selection a helping hand. Spamming and phishing are not socially acceptable behavior.

*If not, and you want one, email metagrrrl@ and I'll send you an invite.

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Worrying about the intelligence of the so-called intelligence community... 2003

Okay, so the FBI has warned us to be on the lookout for suspicious people carrying almanacs.

"The practice of researching potential targets is consistent with known methods of al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations that seek to maximize the likelihood of operational success through careful planning," the FBI wrote.

Y'know, a careful planner who likes to maximize his likelihood of operational success seems like the kinda guy who might just figure out what he was going to blow up before leaving the house instead of wandering around downtown with a big fat frickin' reference book.

But don't you feel safer knowing that the FBI will be dicking around hassling tourists, students and trivia buffs?

(Then again, all this snarkiness should really be directed at the news media who decided to run this story as "everybody look out for strange people with almanacs & report them to the Feds!" instead of "FBI Advises Law Officials To Make Note Of Suspiciously Annotated Reference Material Found In Searches").

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Yahoo Opts Out Of Being Cool 2002

Thanks to Gary at the Balboa Theatre (whose little newsletter is great) for this warning:

On March 28, Yahoo! Groups set everyone's account to the "Have your advertisers send me mail" option no matter what folks had previously
elected as their preference. Because this has gone from an opt-in service to an opt-out one, if you are a member of a Yahoo! Groups-based email list (or, I
assume, if you have a Yahoo! e-mail account) and have no desire to surrender your inbox to a deluge of mail from Yahoo!'s advertisers, you have to tell them that you don't want this mail within 60 days -- if you don't say anything, they will just send it.

Here's how to do it:
- Go to Yahoo Groups ( and sign in.
- Go to My Groups and click on Account Info, verify your password if it asks you to, which will bring up your Yahoo ID card.
- Click on 'Edit Your Marketing Preferences' and change all those Yes's back to No's.
- Click 'Save Changes.'

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frustration 1979

[written in pen with lots of crossing out]
Okay, the dreams I have been having are not dreams that I want you [my teacher? my dreams class?] or anyone else to know about. I will not write them down because people spy into journals. If I think of a dream or day dream of a nature which, if gestalted, would not reveal every thing about me to the class, I will write it. I hope I don't get a bad grade for keeping myself to myself. [Jeez, no wonder I was alienated from my peers; what 14 year old talks like this?] (sorry 'bout the mess)

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Closed Mouth 1979

No Dreams (censored)

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