Decide where we draw the line and then defend that line 2014

One of the important ideas behind the holiday I invented, Discardia, and the book which I wrote about it, is that we should think about our limits and preferences. We should decide where we draw the line and then defend that line.

Which is why, despite some wonderful conversations and shared links here in Facebook, I'm in strong agreement with this video and after July The Art of the Shim will no longer be on Facebook.

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a little interview with me 2014

Here's a little interview with me that includes my favorite local cocktails here in my part of San Francisco.

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Nominated for a Spirited Award! 2014

Excited & honored to have The Art of the Shim nominated for Tales of the Cocktail's Spirited Awards! Thank you!

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Lighter Drinking and the Life of the Street 2014

"(This essay by Dinah first appeared in the Hayes Valley Voice.)
If you haven’t gone before 5pm on a workday, you haven’t really been to our little neighborhood bar on the green. At opening time—2pm—on a recent sunny Tuesday I stopped in at Brass Tacks to talk with co-owner Matty Conway. My plan was to spend a quiet hour discussing a topic of mutual interest: low-alcohol cocktails..."

Oh Facebook, why do you show me the text preview when I write the post and then hide it when you post? Sigh.

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Sherryfest San Francisco 2014

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The next big thing? 2014


"Manhattan mixologist Naren Young thinks low-alcohol cocktails could be the next big thing. "Over the past five years, there was a trend towards super strong cocktails, served neat," he said. "Those aren't drinks you can enjoy in succession for a long period of time." The man has a point. Taste a temperate future at The NoMad's Bar, which has an entire page of low-alcohol drinks. Or try the popular aperol spritz at Nightcap, a brand-new industry hangout on the Lower East Side."

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Sherry Cobblers! 2014

(photo by Jinx McCombs)



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my introduction to the John Cameron Mitchell cocktail 2014

Also in Seattle, thanks to the team at Tavern Law we were introduced to Andrew Bohrer's smoky wonder the John Cameron Mitchell cocktail, (sometimes shortened to the "John Cameron"). Ardbeg in a shim? Oh my goodness yes!

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some great new shims 2014

We've been encountering some great new shims lately. The menus at San Francisco restaurants TBD and Coachman both have exciting low-proof options, as well as delicious food.

While in Seattle we visited Jamie Boudreau's canon and enjoyed a wonderful aged Diplomat, as well as the refreshing Italian Buck.

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A morning angle on shims from The Kitchn 2014

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spend more and drink less 2014

"Nowadays, I spend more and drink less: alcohol consumption is a luxury for me, so I do it in style." - Jim Meehan

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Duff's Vermouth Institute 2014

Huge thanks to @philipduff for his Vermouth Institute presentation. Such a great illustration of the quality of Tales of the Cocktail

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The difference between fortified wine, vermouth, and quinquinas 2014

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Hello, China! 2014

Art of the Shim, Kelly's photo, @smisif's drink, Christina's hands in DRiNK

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Hang Tight to Your Fancy Pants Ice 2014

Hang Tight to Your Fancy Pants Ice And Bring on the Low Booze Drinks

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"Loopholes": Low Proof Cocktails at the new TBD 2014

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Happy New Year everyone! 2014

Happy New Year everyone! Be kind to yourselves this month and drink lighter.

If you're normally a high-proof fan, explore the rewards of low-alcohol cocktails. If even those feel like too much after the festive season, January is a great time to get to know your non-alcoholic ingredients and play with bitters and flavored syrups in sparkling water or tea.

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Great publicity continues 2013

This one unfortunately is behind the Wall Street Journal's paywall, but it may go public after the print version comes out. Super pleased to have Kelly's great photo of the Apparent Sour illustrating the article!

Wall Street Journal: Book Review: A Good Year for Cocktail Books. The best guides from 2013 to the art of mixing drinks.

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Incredibly proud to be on this list! 2013

"At the beginning of 2012 we published a list of the top 20 cocktail books ever published. After two more years of reviewing books we think there are another ten books which deserve to be added to this list. These 'must-haves' will not only teach you the art of bartending but give you recipes to be inspired by and new movements that we think will drive forward the craft. We also welcome our first female authors to this list. They're listed in alphabetical order."

Diffords Guide: "Update: 30 cocktail books you need on your shelves"

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Great publicity lately! 2013

"Even serious cocktailers have to admit that it’s often hard to handle a whole night of it — especially as they get older. San Francisco writer Dinah Sanders has a whole book of solutions for this first-world problem in The Art of the Shim: Low-Alcohol Cocktails to Keep You Level. Her drinks bear no resemblance to the super-sweet, cranberry/grape mocktails that have been passed off as proper drinks in the past. Instead, this book provides an excellent collection of low-octane craft libations made with vermouths and other aperitifs to keep the tipsy down. This one’s a good pick for anybody who wants to ring in the New Year with a new philosophy, namely, 'More drink. Less drunk.'"

from "Books to drink up"

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the pleasure points of drinking 2013

"several low-proof cocktails spaced out over an entire night hit the pleasure points of drinking — the taste of alcohol, the relaxation, the smooth buzz, the indulgence in something delicious — without getting hammered, and without waking up feeling awful the next day."
- @JillFilipovic

That was from this very interesting interview.

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High praise from! 2013

"the book blew away any remnants of scepticism we felt earlier: [the drinks are] punchy, packed full of sharp flavours, none too sweet, none too fruity."

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What's your favorite new ingredient discovery from The Art of the Shim? 2013

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low-alcohol options 2013

Here's [22 Summer Cocktails Perfect for An All Day BBQ] a wide variety of low-alcohol options. Nice! (Definitely going to be trying the Isinglass soon!)

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Sherryfest 2013

Lucky NYC and Toronto! Wish I could be there, but at least you'll find copies of The Art of the Shim at the book table.

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