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World Backup Day 2014

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Lower your stress by managing those incoming streams 2014

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my introduction to the John Cameron Mitchell cocktail 2014

Also in Seattle, thanks to the team at Tavern Law we were introduced to Andrew Bohrer's smoky wonder the John Cameron Mitchell cocktail, (sometimes shortened to the "John Cameron"). Ardbeg in a shim? Oh my goodness yes!

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some great new shims 2014

We've been encountering some great new shims lately. The menus at San Francisco restaurants TBD and Coachman both have exciting low-proof options, as well as delicious food.

While in Seattle we visited Jamie Boudreau's canon and enjoyed a wonderful aged Diplomat, as well as the refreshing Italian Buck.

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Happy Discardia! 2014

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Shims on the coast 2014

[Photos by Mum Jinx]

I gave a presentation on The Art of the Shim: Low-Alcohol Cocktails to Keep You Level in the afternoon at Coast Library. Alas, due to a complaint from a modern-day Puritan we could not give samples of even the lowest proof of cocktails, so the attendees just got to taste Luxardo cherries. Despite the sample setback, the event was a success and the small crowd enthusiastic.

There were great questions, including one on the history of an obscure drink or possibly dessert or possibly both, the Knickerbocker Glory, which I'm researching in the picture below.

13211934183_5513db8e8c_h Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 12.23.21 PM

It was very windy but lovely on the way back to my folks' house.

13211934193_d970668e8b_h Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 12.25.52 PM


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That evening I was able to provide a private sample to thank my parents for their help with the event.

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River's End 2014

A lovely stop on the way north this evening!

Photo by Mum Jinx.

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my own distractions 2014

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A morning angle on shims from The Kitchn 2014

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spend more and drink less 2014

"Nowadays, I spend more and drink less: alcohol consumption is a luxury for me, so I do it in style." - Jim Meehan

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Duff's Vermouth Institute 2014

Huge thanks to @philipduff for his Vermouth Institute presentation. Such a great illustration of the quality of Tales of the Cocktail

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The difference between fortified wine, vermouth, and quinquinas 2014

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Hello, China! 2014

Art of the Shim, Kelly's photo, @smisif's drink, Christina's hands in DRiNK

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