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10 Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Startup Success 2013

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after the hubbub of photoshoots 2013

Now after the hubbub of photoshoots, quiet restoration of order.

Managed to fit all but 9 bottles in our home bar, but the bottom of the fridge is completely jammed with low-proof stuff like sherry and vermouth. All drink choices around here will be heavily weighted toward almost-empty bottles for a while! Nearly all the fancy glasses are washed and fit back into their cabinet and we only have a couple dozen pieces of fresh citrus left; no problem.

Between bouts of tidying up physical objects comes creating order in the manuscript. Notes from the photoshoots include recipe corrections, new quotes, and other improvements. As some initial photo examples from each day come to me from Kelly, I'm creating a rough mock of the book in iBooks Author. We'll be able to use that to make our decisions about which shot to use for each recipe or other photo page and ensure the flow from page to page feels smooth and not redundant.

By around this time next week the manuscript should be with my copy editor, any reshoots and the photo session for the cover will be done, more design decisions about the printed book will have been made, and I'll be looking at cost quotes for the different print options.

Let no one say I let the grass grow under my feet when I don't want to. wink emoticon

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Art of the Shim photoshoot behind the scenes 2013

Here's a great behind the scenes shot from one of my beta readers

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Low-alcohol ingredients require refrigeration 2013

Low-alcohol ingredients require refrigeration. Treat your vermouth kindly! (And sherry, port, quinquinas, etc. etc.)

Welcome to my fridge at home. Buying food will have to wait until after photoshoots.

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Shims! 2013

"Thousands of uses", but I'm pretty sure mine is a first. wink emoticon

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Happy Discardia! 2013

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announcing Kelly as Art of the Shim photographer 2013

Very pleased to announce photography for The Art of the Shim: Low-Alcohol Cocktails to Keep You Level will be by the fabulous Kelly Puleio!


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Living within your means 2013

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Leverage your 'stuck' time. 2013

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