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The Story Cabinet 2012

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Dinah gazes toward the creek 2012

Photo by Mum Jinx.
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Happy 10th birthday to my iTunes library! 2012

Thanks to my return to the Apple family in 2002 and continuous smooth migrations from Mac to Mac since then, I now have a certain degree of continuity with my music collection management.

There's been a small amount of lost information due to things like tracks being replaced when I've switched from a mix from a friend or a 'best of' album to the original, but in general these are the same tracks I've had all along.

One big factor in that array of music is my habit of weeding out things that I don't like. 'Meh' doesn't cut it; a song has to be rated three stars or higher to stick around for long. Each time a track irritates or bores me (and I know it isn't just a temporary mismatch in mood), I drop it one star. If it's already down to a single star, I delete the track. This means over time, some albums and artists completely vanish, but allows me to listen to my music on shuffle play with little risk of bad songs.

The track with the most plays in my collection is, somewhat oddly, My Chemical Romance's version of "Desolation Row" from the Watchmen soundtrack, but that's a result of it being played on loop as the writing background to some action scenes I was writing in a fiction work in progress and doesn't thus reflect my general listening habits.

With it set aside, my top twenty songs are:

"As Serious As Your Life" by Four Tet (electronica)

"Wildest Pig In Captivity" by John Renbourn (folk)

"Stiff Jazz" by Dzihan & Kamien (electronica)

"Cashmere" by Nerf Herder (alternative/punk)

"Time Has Told Me" by Nick Drake (folk rock)

"Northern Sky" by Nick Drake (folk rock)

"Vaseline Machine Gun" by Leo Kottke (folk)

"['casino' from the game Grim Fandango]" by Peter McConnell (big band)*

"Hey Bulldog" by The Beatles (rock)

"A String of Pearls" by Glenn Miller (big band)

"You're The One I Want In The Next Episode" by Grease Vs Dr Dre & Snoop Dog (mashup of 50s-esque and hip hop)

"YYZ" by Rush (rock)

"Cobbler's Jig / Maltese Brawls" by John Renbourn (folk)

"Pyramid" by Backini (electronica)

"Polythene Pam" by The Beatles (rock)

"Espionage" by Green Day (lounge/rock)

"Bucephalus Bouncing Ball" by Aphex Twin (electronica)

"The Earthly Diana" by Combustible Edison (lounge)

"Lark in the Clear Air" by John Renbourn (folk)

"Peter Gunn" by The Art of Noise with Duane Eddy (electronica/rock)


The oldest albums in the collection for which I still retain over six songs are White Courtesy Phone by Angel Corpus Christi and Ego sum Resurrectio: Gregorian Chant for the Dead by the female vocal ensemble Aurora Surgit. The latest album added was Let It Bleed by The Rolling Stones.


Yes, it could be said that my taste is a trifle eclectic.


*To my utter delight, in looking up the name of the Grim Fandango composer just now I discovered an entire sountrack album available! O bliss!

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Six ways to cope with cancer 2012

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family time 2012

Photo by Mum Jinx.
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fabulous list of victories 2012

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Allow yourself an exception from time to time 2012

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Dinah on Jacks Peak hike 2012

This was a really good hike with Joe. Not strenuous by any stretch, but we didn't have time for that unfortunately. Wonderful to have these little state parks that let you get some nature in betwixt other obligations.


Taken on Sunday, June 3rd, 2012.
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3 short laps to a better kitchen 2012

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Courtney and Robert's cocktail reception in celebration of their marriage 2012


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A conversation 14 years long 2012

Have we met?

I asked that question here on this site in September of 1998 in a post one month before MetaGrrrl.com would turn into what we would later call a blog.

I say I've never met Karawynn, Jamie, Carl and Justin. What the fuck does that mean?

I sit next to someone on the bus, I shake hands with a co-worker's client who I'll never see again, I chat with the bank teller and somehow these are people I've met?


My body doesn't encompass me.
I don't have to breathe the same air to be in the same place as you.

Have we met?

What a different world we live in now. We've been through radical changes in politics, technology, and cultural norms. Our days have transformed as the non-present world becomes present through these magic devices in our pockets. I live in a different city. Have a completely new career. Am in another relationship.

What hasn't changed? Many of those people that some folks used to say I'd never met are still a part of my daily life.

So here's my question for them, and for you, what has made these "virtual" connections so strong?

How has the way we built the web and the mobile internet and our tech-centric cities strengthened and weakened those chains since that year, 1998, when it seemed like maybe this world wide web thing might be sticking around?


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Meet your city 2012

I decided over a decade ago to walk every street in San Francisco, every block. I'm perhaps 20% done with the project—there is a whole lot of this city outside the downtown/Mission/Hayes Valley area—but that's fine; watching the city change over the years is also part of the pleasure.

This project has, of course, made me interested in other people doing similar adventures.

Tom Graham finished his complete walk of San Francisco in 2010.

Larry Burgheimer says he did all of San Francisco between 1967 and 1972 (see the second letter on this page).

Mike at Satan's Laundromat rode the entire New York subway system.

Matt Green is still working on his project of walking every street in every borough of New York City.

My latest favorites are Jo Hunt, Mary Rees, and Linda Smither who are riding every London bus route.

Hooray for wild projects!

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What does it cost you to keep this stuff? 2012

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Tackling that stack of papers 2012

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a good day 2012

Brunch at Nopa and then a walk up to Alamo Square.

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Oh historians, you crack me up 2012

“...some historians have linked the vagrancy problem with demographic changes, above all population growth and migration. It is true that migration was one step down the road to vagrancy, but whether by the time of their arrest most vagabonds were migrants is doubtful..."

- A.L. Beier, Masterless Men: The Vagrancy Problem in England 1560-1640

One step down the road! *snork*

It's stuff like this that gets a writer through edit after edit, though many if not most of these in-jokes must be cut by the final version.

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Safe in the loving arms of pairNIC 2012

My domain transfer from Dotster (formerly 000domains.com) is now complete. To their credit, they provided adequate service for years until their platform migration snafu and did address all my open support tickets even after I had begun the transfer process to pairNIC. However, I am greatly relieved to now have all my domains with pairNIC, who are just great to work with and have a higher caliber of technical expertise directly available to customers.

Let me know if you encounter problems with accessing any of my sites or if any mail bounces, but I think everything is now working correctly.

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Happy International Forgiveness Day! 2012

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