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Miami, you have issues, honey. 2012

Just catching up here &, wait, what? "Bath salts lead to face-eating"? That iPad zombie game I recommended has waaay more believability.

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Oy vey 2012

RT @burritojustice: It’s moroning in Amercia.

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Well, of course. 2012

It has just occurred to me that obviously @glenda would be the best person to be with in the event of zombie apocalypse.


RT @glenda: Just remember: It doesn’t matter who they were when they were alive and uninfected. Shoot them. Cold. Also? Cylons.

See? QED.

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Bad science has bad consequences 2012

RT @kottke: The Jenny McCarthy Body Count

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That's more like it! 2012

RT @BarackObama: American manufacturers have added 489,000 jobs since January 2010—gaining jobs for the first time since the 1990s. #MadeInAmerica

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Another smart book review from my smartypants friend Gordon 2012

RT @gordonzola: "Black by Design"

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Warning: zombie-like singleminded urges may result 2012

You have got to check out the game Rebuild. It's like Harvest Moon meets Shaun of the Dead. http://www.rebuildgame.com/games/rebuild/ Super cool.

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This is not ok. 2012

Surprised & disappointed by lack of info on @bbcnews & @cnn on the horrific beating of Ukrainian Svyatoslav Sheremet http://www.allout.org/ukraine

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Disconnects between user uses and designer visions? 2012

I have been using @googledocs for business but flaky behavior today & scary stuff I'm hearing re: worse to come has me backing up to desktop

From what I can figure out we're losing "work with your docs anywhere, in your browser" to gain "here's a shoebox you can get to anywhere".

This is a bad trade.


People reporting files just showing a download link, instead of opening for editing. I've just seen flakiness.

Appears so far as a really rough & ham-handed transition to some larger product we may not actually want.

I'm not super worried about losing data, but wanted to at least back up my sales/income/expense/consignment worksheets.

Near as I can tell they think we want Dropbox, when we actually just want to not have to launch Excel/Word.

I still mostly trust them with my data, just really annoyed at the forced workflow change & new proprietariness.

Google seems to have a terrible blind spot about those who aren't constant doc/chat sharers in their work life (viz: g+ design)

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revelations and enticement 2012

RT @dunstan: I'd like an iOS app that shows my city as a black blob but reveals the bits I travel to – encouraging me to explore and "fill in" the map.

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The 7 times 7 Streamline 2012

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 6.37.02 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 6.37.52 PM

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recharging with routine 2012

After an an intensely social/eventful (& lovely) weekend, falling gratefully into mundane routines. Ready for comfort of order restoration.

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still great 2012

Another great day of D&D and delicious food with my awesome pals @thelancearthur, @george08, @somethingmodern, & @someben. Happy Dinah!

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Looking great at 75 2012

RT @footage: Lots of Golden Gate Bridge #archival films downloadable from #Prelinger Archives here. #ggb75


Having a great time at @ggb75 ! On the sand by Crissy Field full of yummy food, wrapped in fuzzy blanket, sweetly rapped by the fossil fool.


Now THAT was a birthday party! @GGBridge, you are gorgeous. Here's to the next 75 years!

It began with a line of fire from each tower to the middle, turning to a waterfall of gold. Best video I found so far:


RT @GGB75 Relive the magic of the BIG WOW FINALE for #ggb75! Share your photos, videos, gasps, and wows @GGB75. @KFOG:

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pausing for breath 2012

Quiet Sunday morning in the wake of a wake. May we all be blessed by such excellent friends!

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The Horror 2012

RT @JeriDansky Good reminder to do some clean-up! RT @ftrain: A virus that would send out all of the emails in your DRAFT box would change the world.

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Socks symphonically rocked 2012

Wow. Amazing program at @sfsymphony tonight. Perhaps my favorite yet. Love love loved the Kalevi Aho piece. Hahn & Osmo fabulous as expected

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Is my work environment about to break? 2012

Why is a company known for doing something cutting edge with cars using the name "Drive" for a non-driving related product? @Google #irksome


A few days later and I'm noticing files I use all the time are now misbehaving. Time to save local copies of everything and perhaps to switch back to desktop apps.

Super frustrating for this to be turning into more than just a marketing bafflement.


Oh and, despite being "techie", it took me four days to realize that they're referring to hard drives or disk drives. Here they'd finally gotten me to switch over to thinking about the thing I work with rather than an old technology physical container and they go and revert their language. Sigh.

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Hetch Hetchy, reservoir or valley 100 years from now? 2012

There's a move afoot to launch a massive project to drain Hetch Hetchy valley and restore to California "a second Yosemite".


San Francisco mayor Ed Lee is not impressed by the idea.

“As insane as this is, it is, in fact, insane,” Lee said at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

Lee also warned the business community to avoid anyone trying to “rope you into some masked discussion about water sustainability.” The mayor described San Francisco’s water as the “cleanest” and the dam as creating one of the “strongest clean hydroelectric sources” of power."

I made a few comments to the mayor on Twitter, but received no reply:

@mayoredlee Concerned that you seem to be speaking against not only draining Hetch Hetchy, but also sustainability efforts accompanying that. Why don't we recycle water & use storm/ground water? Why not river power generation rather than dam? Those aren't "insane". Maybe it would take us 50 years, but a second Yosemite could be SF's moon program; deeply inspiring; a scientific celebration.

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A lovely visit to the museum 2012

Having a great time at @calacademy. The new Earthquake exhibit is excellent--especially the shake room! Members only today; public tomorrow.

New planetarium show at @calacademy is super cool, esp. for fans of #SF. Fly-through of bay in 1906 is entrancing & intriguing. #earthquake


(I love my city. Why did the info desk guy at @calacademy look so familiar? He's a Cockette, of course & he was great in Pearls Over Shanghai)

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getting off the ground again 2012

RT @striatic: also love being one big step closer to some happy astronauts getting a shot at the first ride on a *new launch vehicle*! new era! @spaceX

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Look at the real numbers before swallowing myths 2012

"Federal spending is rising at the slowest pace since Dwight Eisenhower brought the Korean War to an end in the 1950s."

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That's 98 in blog years, right? 2012

Oh hey, how about that? MetaGrrrl.com "Creation Date: 22-may-1998". Yep. 14 years I've been using this handle. Still like it.

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“I want to know if my hair is just like yours” 2012

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sexism is a negative economic force 2012

Interesting comments from astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell (co-discover of pulsars) re: women, science & engineering

"There is a lot still of unthinkingness and I have to say this is in the UK. This programme will go to many countries, particularly in southeast Asia, where there aren't these kinds of issues; where it's perfectly normal for women to do engineering, physics, science, what have you. But, it's a cultural thing and the English-speaking countries in particular tend to be on the poor side."

"Why is that?"

"It's something to do with cultural history. It may be something to do with defensiveness by the males. But what has happened, I judge, in southeast Asia for example, is the government has seen they need all the scientific and engineering talent they've got, so they make sure that it's perfectly okay for women to do science and engineering. And it shows."

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