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flight to London 2008

Depart: SAN FRANCISCO 12:31 PM
Arrive: LON / HEATHROW 6:55 AM

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relaxing family time in my living room 2008

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 10.14.59 PM

And she was posting these pictures of some SF things that delight me too:
3160826742_b39a570406_b Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 1.15.16 PM

3149346256_f82d5d2ec6_b Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 1.15.45 PM

Photos and captions by Mum Jinx.

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Quiet Christmas Afternoon 2008

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 2.37.00 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 2.39.00 PM

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work holiday party 2008

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 2.44.51 PM



Photos by my awesome pal Kristin at our swanky work party.

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Fray Subscriber

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A Talk With George 2008

What a great song to have floating my head this morning. Thanks for writing this one, Jonathan!

There's a tall thin man standing in the shadows
When he calls your name his voice is strong and clear
It's a dark and smoky place, so you can't quite see his face
He pulls you close and whispers in your ear

And he tells you he was born into some money
But it didn't mean he had to sit around
And he knows a thing or two about the things that you should do
If you don't want to take life lying down

First of all hang out a lot with Hemingway
Spend some time fighting bulls in Spain
You should go three rounds with Archie Moore and Sugar Ray
So damn scary you won't mind the pain

Be ringside at the Rumble in the Jungle
Make friends with Hunter S. and Jackie O.
And when they shoot poor Bobby down, you wrestle Sirhan to the ground
Love your friends and miss them when they go

You should write a book or two and start a magazine
Even if it never makes a dime
You should swing out by your feet above the circus ring
At the very least throw parties all the time

Time and tide will never care
Not so far from here to there
We just go

So enjoy yourself, do the things that matter
Cause there isn't time and space to do it all
Love the things you try, drink a cocktail wear a tie
Show a little grace if you should fall

Don't live another day unless you make it count
There's someone else that you're supposed to be
Something deep inside of you that still wants out
And shame on you if you don't set it free

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