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colorful fresh dinner 2008

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watching Obama accept the nomination 2008

Photos by Ann Larie at her 'local lefties' party.
[No, Violet isn't wearing Google Glass, this is years earlier. She just had glasses with a prominent side piece.]


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D&D game at Rev Dan Catt's place 2008

Photos by Cal.

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"All you have to do is read Yelp reviews to know how many morons there are."

- Robert A. to me, over a perfectly nice dinner

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OMG it's the archive.org Bookmobile! 2008

Photo by Joe.

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No man who is in a hurry is quite civilized.

                                     --Will & Ariel Durant

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To my extreme mortification, I grow wiser every day.

                                              --Lord Byron

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MxMo: Princess Alice Cocktail 2008

I'm a late arrival at Mixology Monday*, but I hope I'll be forgiven. I found out today I'll be traveling tomorrow with my boss' boss and hoping to be helpful at meetings with customers on Wednesday. So, I certainly could use a drink tonight. Joe, poor/lucky devil is in Chicago for work so I made a very tiny drink.

Princessalicecocktail_2I stopped by at Nopa on my way home for dinner & a drink or two. (Note: there are no slow nights at Nopa so I was lucky to walk right up to a bar seat). Along with my New Ideal and an unnamed Manhattan variant using port & an absinthe rinse, I got a taste of the end of the shaker of a variant on the Last Word which Neyah was mixing for another patron.

As I was marveling at the way it evoked C. Howard's violet candies without any violet in it, Kitty enlightened me. "Oh yes, Maraschino liqueur and grapefruit always brings out those flower tastes, violet, lavender."

Well I never knew that and it was an astonishing effect, so when I arrived home and started looking in the 1908/1914 edition** of good ol' San Franciscan William "Cocktail" Boothby's The World's Drinks and How to Mix Them, this jumped out at me:

From the recipe of my old associates, Jim and Joe Marshall, The Strand, London

Place half a pony glassful of Creme Yvette (Violette) on the bar-top; then shake up about two teaspoonfuls of absinthe with a little cracked ice and strain the same over the cordial in the pony-glass. That's all.

I don't know if it evokes Creme Yvette quite, but  .75 oz of grapefuit juice to .25oz of Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, with a tiny dash of Creme de Violette seems to work just dandy for my purposes.

I'm not quite singin' about badgers tonight like Some People I Know, but I have listened to Jug Band Music by The Lovin' Spoonful about eight times to my intense pleasure.

* Yes, yes, local angle a bit weak, but it is a 100 year old cocktail book published in my fair city, photographed in the historical collection of the San Francisco Public Library, and I did use a local Absinthe and a grapefruit from my produce delivery box. Also, hey, props to local bartenders counts for something, right?
*I'm not looking in the appendix so I believe they're the same.

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Torture is not particularly complicated or mysterious. A tool of the crudest kind of coercion, it crops up with great predictability whenever a local despot or a foreign occupier lacks the consent needed to rule.... The widespread abuse of prisoners is a virtually foolproof indication that politicians are trying to impose a system ... that is rejected by large numbers of the people they are ruling.

            --Naomi Klein

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Good essay in the Los Angeles Times by Neal Gabler: Obama, star of his own movie. (Thanks for the link, Thor!)

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Required viewing: Michael Wesch 2008

A big thank you today to my friend Peter Merholz for reminding me to go see more of what Michael Wesch is doing. His social commentary (and damn fine anthropology work) is some of the most incisive writing/talking/broadcasting about digital culture you can find.

“(Web 2.0:) The Machine Is Us/Ing Us"
This blew my doors off when I first saw it. If you just are baffled by it, we probably won't be able to communicate very deeply; the Web is where I'm from.

“A Vision of Students Today”

A quick wake-up call on the impact of these changes on education.

"An anthropological introduction to YouTube"
Wow. Just wow. One hour of amazing insight on what YouTube actually means to culture.

I'm glad everybody else is catching up. Over 3 years before Gary Brolsma's "Numa Numa", in October of 2001 I was making a connection with some random guy up in Alaska when "Polyester Lester" put up a video of himself soulfully lip-syncing "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going". Lester is still my friend and may have been in my instant messenger contacts continuously over all these years, yet as far as I can recall we've never met offline. Maybe I can't remember because I just now had to choose the word "offline" since "in person" didn't seem to exclude the conversations & shared creative efforts we have had.   

The world is fundamentally not the same as it was. User-created content + internet connectivity = as big a shift in human culture as the invention of the printing press. Maybe even close to as big as the change from nomadic hunting & gathering to settled communities & cultivation. I'm not kidding. How is my perspective different when I have people I'm connected to on every continent? When I can find pretty much any piece of information I need? And when my words can reach anywhere? What happens when an enormous percentage of the population of the planet has that perspective?

Things are getting very interesting around here...

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I can't remember who just recommended it to me, but thanks, because I really enjoyed Kevin Kelly's talk about the next 5000 days of the web.

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dinner with Ann Larie 2008

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Photos by Ann Larie.

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