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Laughing Squid Lucky 13 Party at Cellspace 2008

Photo by George Kelly

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"Oh yeah, it's got all kinds of uses. I use it to clean my bar utensils."

-- Jamie Boudreau on vodka

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Any way to back up that argument, guys? 2008

The opponents of same-sex marriage say it will "damage" marriage, but Massachusetts has the second lowest divorce rate in the country. They seem to be doing just fine.

What are the measurable signs of the institution of marriage being damaged? Are they actually different from states and countries with same-sex marriages permitted than those where they aren't? Yes, society has changed and there are impacts on family formation, but does that change actually correlate or is it found across states and countries on both sides of the same-sex marriage issue? In Massachusetts, where same-sex marriage is legal, contrary to the usual fears, there seems to be a strong correlation between divorce rates going down and heterosexual marriage going up. How about elsewhere in the world? What, for example, has been the impact, if any, in Canada and Spain?

Let's see something other than fears brought to the discussion on this.

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outing 2008

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I just got a Wii Fit and I'm much too self-conscious about my physical coordination - or rather my lack of it - to film myself, but here's a great little video of someone playing Table Tilt that shows both how much fun it is and how you will clearly become more limber & balanced over time while you play.

I'm hoping I'll lose a bit of weight too, but that may not happen until my ankle is stronger. I've figured out that it isn't ready for the running or the strength/balance things that make me put all my weight on the left foot. No harm, but it was a bit achy after only a little of that, so I'm playing it safe for now and working up to relying too much on the left ankle.

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post-concert visit with Ann Larie at Sauce 2008

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Nine years ago today 2008

On May 24, 1999, is the first use of the term "blog" on this site. (The title was added later since my posts were untitled in that distant era).

Brad posted about exactly the same thing the day before me so he got the OED reference, darn him. :)

I was working with Ev & Meg on a contract project at HP at that time, so I was almost certainly the vector for Peter's "wee blog" to be converted to verb form "we blog" and thence to the name Blogger.

I had Blogger blog #11 and helped test this new little "side project" of the Pyra gang. The rest is history. Good times, good times.

As Brad puts it so well, happy birthday, you awkward, uneuphonious little word!

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Campaigns to bearproof all garbage containers in wild areas have been difficult because, as one biologist put it, "There is a considerable overlap between the intelligence levels of the smartest bears and the dumbest tourists."

    --source unknown

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Sneak Peek 2008

We're still making it pretty and there's lots more writing on cocktails to come, but you're welcome to step on up to the bar at bibulo.us, the new site Joe & I are making together.

New link in the sidebar here on MetaGrrrl.com!

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stop and photograph the flowers 2008

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Joe present at the creation:
2483689195_3203bc13fc_b Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 1.06.06 PM

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I'm a Fray Subscriber

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NYC 2008

Photo by Joe
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Blog (noun) A weblog or similar brief journal usually containing links and commentary thereon. Term coined by Peter Merholz.

Visit Typepad or Blogger to start your own. (I began with hand coding, then switched to Blogger when it first became available, then to Movable Type when I wanted more control over my weblog and to have it hosted at a place of my choosing (Hurricane Electric). Since 06/2003 I've used Typepad, a hosted service built by the same folks who made Movable Type, which I love because I don't have to maintain the underlying system).

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