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Um... know your market? 2006


This is in Castro Muni Station - you know, one of the transit points in the world with the highest percentage of gay and lesbian riders?
So wtf is up with the "Women & Men" motif?

"Come to the Hayes! Except you queers..."? Weird.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.25.53 PM

[Amused now, in 2014, as a resident of Hayes Valley to note that the man with fancy shoes is James Sime of Isotope, whom I know is in a long-term heterosexual relationship. So much for stereotypes!]

Straight couples who have romantic dinners together, please buy our condos!


Dudes, buying out almost every billboard in Castro station for THIS ad campaign? WTH?

Just some gal walkin' around in this one


No people in this one


odd The Hayes ad campaign blitz in Castro Muni


I think this one is the straight couple on a date again

More corporate heterophilia


Why is this ad campaign blitz all over *Castro* muni station?

[Looks like I kept adding more photos to this collection up to 9/30/2006.]

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