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Sympathizing with traveler Derek, watching the commentary track for Alien, avoiding chores

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A visit to the Titanic 2006

After my tasty dinner tonight at Samovar Tea (& before coming home and cleaning other old pictures off my phone), I went to the very expensive Titanic exhibition at the Metreon. It was good and I did feel I got my money's worth, but barely, and partially by knowing it helps support the expedition.

It is a fascinating piece of history and technologically amazing on many levels.

Also tragic and very personal and that's conveyed well in the exhibit.

There are two things in the exhibit which I found particularly powerful: the room with the iceberg (which a sign instructs you to touch and it's real ice and as you feel that chill you read about how the water was colder still and imagine those poor people in that water) and the next room in which on the floor is projected the outline of a lifeboat and you step in and feel just how small and precious a thing it was.


Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 7.23.36 PM

Nighttime yellow hard-hatted mystery shoppers


Perhaps a party? An odd but entertaining group.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 7.27.24 PM

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Good dinner at Samovar 2006


Samovar Tea House


San Francisco night from Yerba Buena Gardens


A perfect night for a big event in Yerba Buena Gardens


Indian summer night in downtown San Francisco


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Lazy Saturday morning futzing around online.

[My first tweet from @metagrrrl]

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Brevity is the sole of wit. Whew. That's less than 140 characters. 2006

Today I signed up for Twitter as metagrrrl.

[retroactive post written July 16, 2009]

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Awww, that's so nice 2006

Here's a heartwarming little story about saving hedgehogs from their sweet tooths.


Well, this was my first experimental cross-post between Vox (which has more media and community features) and TypePad (which is the engine running www.metagrrrl.com these days).

I'm disappointed by the linked text not being linked in the excerpt on MetaGrrrl. That pretty much renders Vox non-useful for link sharing for me. Odd that they've done so much on sharing photos, audio, video, and books and don't have anything for this. Maybe I need to figure out what this "collections" thing is... [Nope. No help there; it's just buckets for groups of the other media.]

I also wonder if the image of me that appears beside the Vox post will change in TypePad if I change it in Vox; that "you only see the current icon" feature has always seemed to me to be a shortcoming of LiveJournal, rendering, as it does, many old posts & comments about people's user icons incomprehensible.

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On Vox: Awww, that's so nice 2006

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Here's a heartwarming little story about saving hedgehogs from their sweet tooths.

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My possible role in global peacekeeping 2006

Me: hallooo!
S.: hAWWOOOOO! i got a nintendo DS!
Me: woo! are you having the big fun?
S. : oh yes! with my nintendogs
S.: and now i must go and pounce my girlfriend!
Me: I endorse this. Make with the smootches!
S: the pouncing is endorsed?
Me: yes
Me: It is Endorsed Pouncing.
S.: you are, like, the UN security council of pouncing?
Me: I can neither confirm nor deny this assertion. For reasons of global security.

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the soup finished up 2006


garnished with daikon slices

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.17.39 PM

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an easy bento lunch 2006


rice with carrots, kaiware, quorn dog

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.37.06 PM

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Mmm, dinner 2006


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Monday supper 2006


This may turn out to be a light supper requiring a second half later. I'll see how I feel in 45 minutes. Right now I'm quite full.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 3.25.55 PM

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Monday night cocktail: Naosuke 2006


This is a Japanese variant on the Caesar, with grated daikon taking the role of the horseradish, kaiware sprouts instead of black pepper, and a pickled daikon garnish. (Unchanged are the dash of Worcestershire sauce, celery seed, ounce of vodka, and Clamato).

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Monday lunch 2006

247080600_2d5418cf57_o Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 3.22.16 PM

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First morning back after vacation and conference: hello jetlag 2006


I can commute. Yes, this I can do. No, really. Ugh.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 7.19.30 PM

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Monday breakfast 2006

247080596_2a76516669_o Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 3.20.36 PM

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Sunday supper 2006


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Sunday lunch with new dishes: Japanese home cooking 2006

Apart from starting the rice cooker - which takes about a minute - before I went off to take a shower & do other stuff, this took about 20-30 minutes to prepare, a good deal of which was debating over which dish to use for what.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 2.52.10 PM

The soup revealed:

245747978_b537dcd412_o Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 2.53.35 PM

245747979_1c4b3a2e07_o Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 2.54.22 PM

[And after lunch, some kitchen rearranging]

small glassware moves to cupboard & small dishes take the quick access spot


Big rearrangement in the dish cupboard


I can reach the lower left 4 squares easily, the front things on the next two up and two right with a stretch. Top shelf and the second from the top rightmost square require a stepstool. Ah, the life of a short person...

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Interesting essay on the truly dangerous fallout of major world events - the arrogance of power combined with extreme nationalism: The Day That Changed Everything Wasn't 9/11 by Ira Chernus

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Pulling it all together 2006

It may be too early in Vox's life and in my exploration of its features to decide this, but I've begun thinking about what to do about the distribution of my writing & pictures on the web.

I have:
- MetaGrrrl, the blog I've been writing since October of 1998;
- Discardia, the adjunct blog for my longer essays on the holiday I invented & its corresponding philosophy;
- Discardian, the tip-a-day blog for Discardian ideas which I started last New Year's Eve and plan to run for one year (until mid-January, thanks to a vacation from it I'm just winding up);
- MeGrrrl, this Vox blog which I started in June;
- my Flickr stream, which has become a huge part of telling my story.

In the past, I've pulled other side projects back together under the MetaGrrrl site umbrella and that's still my first instinct.

Perhaps in this age of feeds, the problem I need to solve is how to merge the Vox posts and the Flickrstream to become the primary flow of activity on the main page of MetaGrrrl.

The two Discardia-related blogs just need to be better interlinked and have an improved front page to showcase the archives & perhaps bring up a random post from the past each day once I finish adding to it regularly. That same random link could be teased in the MetaGrrrl sidebar.

I still intend to fill in my life before 1998 if that problem with backdating posts in Typepad ever gets solved (you currently have to page back one month at a time which is a pain in the ass).

It's all a big project, but perhaps conquerable in a few weekend chunks. Something good to keep me distracted while Joe's away on his travels...

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Groceries, a new way of shopping after visiting Japan 2006


Another inspiration beyond the great food we had in Japan was the audiobook Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat: Secrets of My Mother’s Tokyo Kitchen which I got from the library, transferred to my iPod and listened during my non-Joe-enhanced travels. (See www.japanesewomendontgetoldorfat.com for more info on the book).

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.28.26 AM

[Sadly, I didn't get to this picture before Flickr (apparently) killed the notes feature, so those were all lost. Or are at least in limbo until they add the feature back which they say they'll do someday.]


Thanks, Mum & Paul! Happy kitchen!

My folks left me a surprise bit of cash to find when I went to get bus fare out of the change jar. I just blew it all, delightedly, on Japanese tableware and a couple cookbooks.

For scale, the red book is about 8.5 x 11 inches.

One of the secrets of the Japanese healthy diet is eating less and enjoying it more. Beautiful small servings.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.36.45 AM


[8 years later, in 2014, I must confess that some of these bold ingredient excursions never got used up. In particular the dashi-making ingredients (dried fish and seaweed) and huge quantities of nori were only whittled at a little. The fresh stuff was more likely to get used before it spoiled. So, my lesson from this is when embarking on new cuisine adventures, buy for specific meals and slowly expand your repetoire. Open-ended pantry staples come later in competence.]

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A warning in Achewood yesterday about the dangers of too much computer knowledge.

Has quite possibly his best image title (seen on mouseover) yet: "You are not a powerful man if you have no power when the power is off."

And here I prove myself not a powerful man because I needed to go look and see if he's using the title or alt attribute of the image tag or both for these tooltips and was pleased to see that of course he's using the title attribute which is proper and correct for standards compliance. Good thing I'm not hoping to pick up any chicks.

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Home again 2006

Wonderful travels with Joe in Japan.

A good visit to Britain including a pleasant walk round the city walls of Chester which I enjoyed very much.

But now I'm home and its so good to be here.

Landed yesterday at SFO just before 5pm, finally entered my door around 6:30pm. Kept myself up until it was fully dark outside sometime after 8pm and then slept in my gloriously comfortable bed until 7am.

Now the sun is coming through the windows, I've been looking through the pictures Joe took in Malaysia over the last couple days, read Jinx's account of the great Cleo Laine concert she went to last night, and the smell of fresh rice almost ready has started to sneak out through the house from the rice cooker.

It's good to be home. It's even better to bring memories and good food ideas from my travels back to make home even more pleasant than it was before.

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English countryside 2006

?Beeston Castle? from the train



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Chester sunset 2006

244724042_3ca8a59f90_o Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.06.32 AM

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