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latest arrival from LaLa 2006

Lala.com has changed to a new envelope type with a little writing space on the back of it, like a postcard. Written, in a friendly round hand:

Artist: Clinton

Album: Disco & the 1/2way to Discontent

Favorite tracks: #1 #7 #14

Reminds me of... Someone playing around with a Casio keyboard.

Blurb away. say anything... I loved Cornershop. Clinton is the next band from the Cornershop guy. This one's kind of fun & funky but not something I listen to a lot.

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More quarters please... 2006

On the borrowed Atari: Super Breakout. At the arcade: Centipede.

Now (at home): Civilization III. Current distraction: Geneforge.
Now (at the arcade): old pinball machines.

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Desk Set 2006


Robb looking fabulous at the Clift. I particularly appreciate him changing into his shiny silver jumpsuit for this shot.

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dinner with Rice & Clark 2006

and free tix from Rice to Putnam Co. Spelling Bee

[according to Google calendar]

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Wondering what happened to those old J. Peterman catalog writers? 2006

They're apparently working at Woot now:

Product Info

Paper Tiger

An hour out of Grenoble, Maigny wheeled the Citroën to a halt at a checkpoint high in the Alps. A groggy soldier in a tan garrison cap slouched toward the car, exhaling clouds into the frigid, fading light of early evening. Behind him stretched the darkening peaks of the Italian Alps. This was the moment, Maigny thought, his racing mind suddenly stilled by urgency. He had to get into Italy, to let Le Moineau know his cover had been blown. The entire Resistance could very well depend on it. And these papers had to get him across the border.

“Your papers, please,” the drunken Italian soldier muttered through the open car window. He was just a boy, Maigny could see now. Couldn’t be older than 16. If Mussolini was forced to draft raw, rustic youths like this, then his poisoned dream of a new Roman Empire must be tottering over history’s grave.

“Here you are,” Maigny airily replied, with the casual composure of a Vichy businessman. “I think you’ll find that everything’s in order.” He presented five packages of HP Premium Plus 4×6 Photo Paper to the confused Fascist teenager. That’s right, thought Maigny; look it over, take your time, allow yourself to be seduced by the luxurious glossy finish. Imagine the rich, intense color possible with this premium paper. You’ve never seen anything like this back on the sheep farm in Abruzzi.

Che cosa è questo?,” the soldier finally said. “I need to see your papers. Identification papers. Immediately.” One hand moved to his revolver. Maigny gulped.

“Certainly, certainly. I just thought that perhaps a man like you deserved a small gift, in appreciation of all your hard work defending the Duce. Please, accept this HP Premium Plus 4×6 Photo Paper as a token of my thanks.”

At last, a light went on in the Italian youth’s head, reaching him through the two-ply haze of liquor and boredom. His eyebrows rose and he quickly slid the paper into his knapsack. After a furtive glance around for any superior officers that might be watching, the soldier unhitched the metal gate across the road. With a sleepy wave, he welcomed Maigny to Italy.

Warranty: 90 days


  • High gloss
  • 4×6 with perforated tab
  • 11.5 mil
  • 280 g/m2
  • 75lb
  • 45 sheets (times 5)

(Thanks to Joe for the linky goodness!)

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This book, wow... 2006

A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander, et al. must be, in retrospect, a critical piece in my iterative approach to life in which one should continually adjust whatever is currently under one's control to be more ideal. That is to say, the big good life is built up of many small patterns.

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Neko Case 2006


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Number one with a bullet 2006

Born to "(I can't get no) Satisfaction - Rolling Stones".

Turned 21 to "Invisibile Touch - Genesis".
Oh sure, the song was called Invisible Touch, but by the amount of airplay it got, I think a little bile does belong in there.

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Argh. Poor guy. 2006

[My guy] just messaged me that he was stuck waiting for a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth. Said flight being to Sacramento instead of San Francisco. Yuck.

Dang you, evil airlines! Give me back my boyfriend!

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Me in my big hoodie 2006

Okay, so I'm just sitting in a cold airport waiting for a shuttle, but I really like this picture of me.

I guess this qualifies for looking like a famous jawa, right?

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Weekend Plans 2006

Celebrating Discardia with a yard sale and volunteering for City Car Share (an alternative to owning a car). Also: a pint (cider for me) in a pub with a friend, reading escapist fiction (Game of Thrones), and, mmm, a nap.

This evening I've been tidying up around the house, finding more things to get rid of, and rearranging to make my place even more fabulous. (When you come over you should sing "Fabulous, we think your house is faaabulous!")

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The one day of the year I get any foot traffic... 2006

[started at 8am according to Google calendar]


Hmm, well, $61 and I got another quarter of my book (Game of Thrones) read.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 11.08.51 AM

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Pride 2006

Cheer teams practicing in the morning



I volunteered at the City Car Share booth [from 11:30-3:30pm according to Google calendar]

173952944_dba17636e7_o Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 2.36.30 PM

173979644_a6d2d41e7d_o Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 2.38.01 PM

Cheer performing



Wish I'd had a video camera. They were great.

Cheer makes me happy as they leap and fly and dance.

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Pink triangle obscured by fog 2006


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Making the switch, part 1 2006

One of the nice relaxing things I'm doing with my Saturday morning (sitting in bed with my laptop listening to iTunes) is to transfer as many as possible of the CDs in my multi-year-accumulated Amazon wishlist to my want list in LaLa.

My experience with LaLa so far has been great. For the cost of one or two new CDs I now have bunches of new music and old favorites I'd been without for too long. Even better, I've sent more CDs on to other people to brighten their days.

Lala la la la! Happy!

I title this post "part 1" because I think that I may come to switch some of my blogging from MetaGrrrl.com to Vox. We'll see how it all shakes down.

[It did not come to pass and, in September 2010, Vox closed demonstrating my good judgment in focusing on TypePad.]

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Vidal 2006

Note to you: read this interview with Gore Vidal.

Note to self: read more Gore Vidal books.

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Len and the tiny tiny minivan 2006


Note: Len is not a tall guy and this thing barely came up to his nipples (or where I hypothesize his nipples to be under his shirt, it obviously being too dark to see them and no subsequent shirt removal and height calibration having occurred).

This old Fiat has seats for 4 and a "way back" storage area (which I bet some kids have ridden in at some point in its long career).

We just passed this on the street in Noe Valley.

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Sexual Harrassment 2006

I was harrassed on the way to work this morning. Just walking to Civic Center BART along Grove St. when this guy passed by very close heading the other direction beside me.

He reached down & behind as he walked by and grabbed my ass. There was absolutely no mistaking this for a bump; it was a multi-finger grope.

I turned and said "Hey! That was total bullshit, man!" and he kept walking, but sped up.

In retrospect I should probably have laid down a shrill tirade at him about what his damn problem might be and how pathetic it was that he couldn't find anyone who wanted him to touch them - public shame being probably my best weapon - but I was so shocked and threatened that I just warned the next woman coming down the street and confirmed that a guy leaning on the wall had indeed seen it happen.

I hope he tries it again this weekend against a ferocious femme with long sharp fingernails and a fast & mighty scratch reflex.

As for me, my growing re-connection to Hayes Valley as a neighborhood has been nipped in the bud. Okay, it sure ain't another drive-by shooting next door to me, but clearly the place has a long way to go before you can consider yourself safe there.

It must have been ten years since I was so blatantly sexually harrassed. I'll be paranoid for a while about straight men, particularly straight men who look like that guy. Fortunately, those slim black dudes who dress like they get their velour tracksuits at the same boutique as the rich white ladies from the tennis club can be spotted a mile away. Thinks he's pimpin', but he's wimpin'.


A friend at work has reminded me since I was actually grabbed that this would be sexual assault.

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I love this recipe... 2006

I want to say it's my Spicy Chicken With Cacao Nibs, but realistically it's probably my Mobster's Holiday casserole.

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First post! From Dorkbot... 2006

Here I am at Dorkbot at the RX Gallery.

I am happy to be geeking on both the IRL and virtual fronts.

First up is the guy who did that great constellation thing we saw at Maker Faire, Jeremy Fitzhardinge. His talk is called "How Not To Build A Robot"

"...and so I decided to build a robot, as you do."


Shannon Wright


In the piece shown on the screen, her hands are in a box and being controlled by the many strings connected to various parts of them. She has recurrent themes in her work about agency and about mechanical & natural being oddly (and often, inefficiently) merged.

It was a very good presentation. I really liked how she showed some things she'd seen which are the roots of these themes in her work.

Head patting, tummy rubbing machine


She said this mechanical control for doing this correctly was inspired by the tenure process.


9pm: Space Elevator 


That's one hell of a desktop pattern...

This guy had a cool trick set up; his screen saver is pictures relevant to his talk, so when he was answering a long question, it would kick in and help retain the involvement of those not interested in the question. It also allowed him to show more stuff without talking about it.
It would probably be hard to do well without being distracting, but was a notion worth exploring.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 2.24.39 PM

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Alphabetizing therapy 2006


When I'm stressed (yesterday was a crappy day; it's bad enough to have someone leap to unfounded conclusions, worse when they blog it as fact) I find it very soothing to put something in order. Since my life is actually pretty great right now and things are ticking over well at work, the CDs got the attention.
There's a big stack of soundtracks/cast recordings, compilations, jazz, and classical out of frame to the left.

These CDs now represent my real iTunes collection. The stuff I've wound up not liking - rating it lower & lower and then deleting it - is listed on lala.com and in a box in the living room ready to be shipped out when someone wants it.

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dinner with Edmond & Shannon 2006

[according to Google calendar]

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Joe cooks 2006


Delicious Aidell's chicken sausages cooked in Joe's new cast iron skillet, with a gorgonzola & apple salad and Semifreddi's ciabatta. Mmm!

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 4.10.26 PM

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The beginning of the adventure 2006


or, Joe in the Library

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Note to self: go to the kickoff for the new Blue Greenway next weekend 2006


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