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Go see a play this week. 2005

Tonight I saw the one-man play "I Am My Own Wife" and was dazzled. Not only by the story of a fascinating human being, but by the writing, the stagecraft and most of all by Jefferson Mays rich and personal performance. It's at the Curran Theatre on Geary through the 29th and you should go buy yourself some tickets.

It seems like in the theater these days people leap to their feat for the standing ovation for even mediocre performances of weak shows; this one actually deserves it.

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The consequences of putting a greedy liar in charge 2005

Read this. Just read the whole thing. It's an account from an independent journalist who has spent a long time in Iraq and is heading back again.

Would you say the Vietnam war was damaging to our country? I think most people would. It would be hard to argue otherwise, given the number of combat-shocked soldiers still to be found on the streets of our cities. Given the 58,000 American soldiers who died in service in that war. It was certainly damaging to Vietnam, irretrievably altered, citizens, cities and countryside wounded, and so many lost lives, 1 in 10 people.

Our long war against Iraq, championed by the Bushs, father and son, is shaping up to be very bad as well. In the last two years and two months there have been 1,630 American casualties and, officially, over 12,000 wounded (though some argue that the count is as high as three times that number) [source] [see also]. The American military is not tracking Iraqi deaths, but the number of reported deaths of civilians is somewhere between 21,000 and 24,000 [source]. That number is much lower than the actual count since not all deaths are reported. The true number of civilians dead as a result of war is estimated to be closer to 100,000 [source], many of them women, children and the elderly (probably since air strikes are a pretty random sampling method of selecting members of a population and adult males would make up a minority in any random sample).

It's time to end this war. It was never justified. Our president lied to us and attacked another nation without valid reasons. That's wrong. That's dishonorable. That's not the American way, or it damn well shouldn't be. It's time to stop letting this fat cat oilman and his corporate cronies damage lives and our economy for their personal profit and power. It's time the American people and their elected officials stopped going along with this massive mistake.

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Such a GOOD weekend! 2005

Creatively productive day Friday. That Certain Someone picked me up after work. Dinner at Citrus Club on Haight. Sitting in bed surfing the web. Spooning.

Farmers' Market at the Ferry Building Friday morning. Aidells Maple & Smoked Bacon sausage sandwich with Seeds & Suds mustard. Fresh snap peas. Tasting cheeses and balsamic vinegars. Selecting and eating Recchiuti chocolates - Peanut Butter Puck, Honeycomb Malt, special of the day (Fleur de Sel caramel topped with pecan encased in bittersweet chocolate; simply fucking incredible. One of the top ten chocolate experiences of my life.), Fleur De Sel, Cardamom Nougat, Tarragon Grapefruit, Bergamot Tea - on a bench looking out at the bay. Sailboats. Clouds. Sunshine. The Bay Bridge. Yerba Buena Island.

Walking up Sacramento to Mason and down to Geary. Buying tickets at the Curren for "I Am My Own Wife" (about which more in a couple weeks no doubt). And then seeing Kung Fu Hustle at the Metreon.

Stop what you are doing now and go see Kung Fu Hustle. It's got more life and fun and excitement in it than the last 10 American films I've seen. If I could pre-order the DVD today, I would, and I'll definitely be seeing this one at least twice in the theater.

Grinning like maniacs. A Manhattan and a cheese plate at The View atop the Marriot Hotel looking at, well, the view. Trying to figure out what was going on at the ice rink. Walking across Yerba Buena Gardens to find it was a demonstration game of sled hockey. Very cool. Chatting briefly with a player as he got back into his wheelchair. Coming home and watching the original Star Wars "A New Hope" (laser disc version, not this bullshit "Greedo shoots first" crap).

Sleeping in. Languid lazing around. Puttering around the house. Soup for dinner. The win-win debate: movie or play a game?

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Thanks, Mum! 2005

As my uncle just said in his nightly email:

A very happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, especially mine.

I had a lovely conversation with his mother, my grandma Susie, on the phone today, and, thanks to the magic of instant messaging, just now wished my mum (who is a night owl like me) a happy mother's day.

Her response? "Thank you! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't qualify..."

Hee hee.

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Admire this totally great rat-themed birthday cake!

[Linky goodness from Evany]

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Apparently using the new "throw darts at a board" recommender engine 2005

I just bought from Amazon a pedometer (recommended by Maggie) and a dual kitchen timer (since my cooking grows more complex).

Afterwards Amazon recommended things.

The things it recommended were:

- books about knitting

- books about squirrels

Um. What?

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A search interface 2005

Don't remember where I saw this, but it sure seems like it might be too confusing in the midst of trying to help.

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