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My pretty commute 2005

From the bus on the Bay Bridge.

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Question: Is Dinah corrigible?
Answer: No.

- Chris P
March 28, 2004

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I don't know what people do who don't do anything.

- Mary Sanders
(my grandmother)
June 25, 1987

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Sin is not a very Roman concept.

- John Lynch, UCSC professor

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Consciousness is a being such that in its being, its being is in question in so far as this being implies a being other than itself.

- Jean Paul Sartre

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In the heart of every gallon of milk there is a core of absolute darkness. And do you know what that darkness is? Jello.

- attributed to Bob Goff, UCSC professor

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Don't trust corporations to put your health, even newborn babies' health, before their own profits. UCSF report says Philip Morris influenced scientific article, Firm suggested to writer that link between SIDS, secondhand smoke be downplayed. Smoking kills, it's just that simple.

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At the Adaptive Path party 2005

Photo by Derek P.


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Week continues to be excellent. 2005

I'm back in San Francisco after the conference.

Having a wonderful time!

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flight home 2005

Austin (AUS) 5:00PM    Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) 6:01PM    318 - Nonstop
Equipment: MD-80

Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) 8:44PM    San Francisco (SFO) 10:34PM    1237 - Nonstop
Equipment: MD-80

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hanging out 2005

Photo by Kristin.

6700840_1dd5ed570d_o Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.33.13 AM

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conversations 2005

Photo by Jaschu.

6734071_59a6fe02c1_o Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.29.59 AM

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Just the best conference for my money 2005

I'm in Austin at SXSW. Back soon.

Having a wonderful time!

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Fray Cafe 5 2005

Photo by Dan Budiac.

6618893_77fb2bd25f_o Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.35.51 AM

Photo by Amanda Udoff (rallycat!).


Me and Wes. Me and Jaschu. Photos and lip prints by Min-Jung.



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Dinner at Mekong River 2005

Photo by Wes.

6525570_5fc0923592_o Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 6.04.16 PM

Photo of Leia, me, and Josh by Amanda U.


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attending sessions 2005

Photo by Jonas.


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SXSW: Kick! 2005

Photo by M-D.


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at SXSW 2005

Photo by jaschu.

6406788_fcef8a2409_o Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 6.09.27 PM

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interesting e 2005

Yes, I'm the kind of person who takes pictures of fonts in bathrooms.

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flight to Austin 2005

San Francisco (SFO) 10:02AM    Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) 3:21PM    1994 - Nonstop
Equipment: Boeing 767-300

Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) 5:15PM    Austin (AUS) 6:11PM    316 - Nonstop
Equipment: MD-80

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Good customer service 2005

Good work, Netflix. I just went to the site to rate the movie I watched this evening (Just One Night, 2 stars, funny but just too choppy to sustain itself) and got this message:

The Netflix store is temporarily unavailable because of scheduled maintenance work.
This store is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Well, almost ...

Every now and then we have to perform maintenance to the Web store equipment. Right now, we're working hard to give you an even better shopping experience.

According to your computer's clock, it is currently 11:46 PM

It is anticipated that the site will be available again at 02:00 AM  ( ~ 134 minutes )

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

Please visit us again soon.

Now that is how to do a system downtime message.

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If you're going to get old, you might as well get as old as you can get.
             --Wallace Stegner

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Acceptable risk? Apparently not, according to the folks who make risk assessment their business. 2005

Just came across this clause while reading my renter's insurance documentation*:

"Discharge of a nuclear weapon will be deemed a warlike act even if accidental."

Gee, even my insurance company thinks the dang things are too risky to have around at all. Maybe we could save social security AND let the fat cats keep their tax cuts if we stopped wasting all this money on nukes it's dangerous just to build? I mean, come on; it's like investing in expensive venomous snakes to defend your home. Sooner or later someone's gonna get bit.

*Yes, I actually read the policy details. Give me a frickin' medal or at least a bunch of dark chocolate.

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Luck and lessons 2005

The past 30 hours or so have proved instructive and contained some nice surprises.

I went out last night to 12 Galaxies to see Rube Waddell perform.

Lesson 1: To be sure you get your ass out of the house on a Friday night when you're kinda tired and "oh maybe I'll just watch a movie", invite a friend to join you. You will go, so as not to let down your friend (especially a friend on crutches because of his broken leg).

The show time said 9pm. We planned to meet there around 9:30. We arrived and after a little while the opening band (Carnivale Johnson or something that sounded kinda like that) went on. Rube Waddell didn't go on until, jeez, musta been nearly midnight.

Lesson 2 (which I already knew): Bands never start at the announced time and there is never only one band on a Friday or Saturday night.

The opening band was odd and fun. The second act, though, holymuthafuckinCeehristonacrutch was he ever good.

Luck 1: That opening act was a great discovery.

It was Hamell on Trial and that guy and his lil' acoustic guitar makes speed metal bands look like pussies. Great stuff. Check out his tour dates and make sure to see him. I bought his live cd from when he opened for Ani DiFranco in 2000. Mighty fine.

Lesson 3: Opening acts sometimes put on a better show than your old favorite you actually came to see.

Rube Waddell was playing well, I think, but the sound mix just wasn't working for me and I was getting tired. I listened to the first half dozen numbers and then slipped away to take a cab home to sleep thinking "oh the lovely sleeping I will have, oh yes..."

Luck 2: Sometimes you get a ride with a really nice cabbie.

I flagged a cab in front of the club and Hey! It's my friend Vern! Kickass!
We had a brief visit slightly impaired by my fatigue. I made him take some money for the ride which he woulda comped me. Least I could do for the poor guy having to work while I got to go out and play. And then go inside and sleep.

The sleeping was really great.

This morning I got up and futzed around the house for a few hours then set out to return a DVD to the library and then go sell clothes.

Lesson 4: Places that buy clothes are really fussy.

I should have remembered what I found out last time: unless it's pristine or a good brand in good shape or really really distinctive, Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads don't want it. I could have saved myself a lot of hassle if I'd brought the half dozen things I thought there was a good chance they'd want and put the "maybe they'll go for it" stuff straight into the Goodwill bag.

Hauling a box of stuff down there and then having them buy two things put me a bit out of gear. Then when I took my $15 credit and found a rather nice green sweater to spend it on, the clerk was so distracted by talking to his friends that I couldn't get his attention to get my checked box with the stuff they didn't want. I had to go to another clerk to get it. I left the store annoyed (partially with myself for bringing so much, it's true) and it was only after I walked up to Duboce Park, caught the trolley to Cole Valley and had gotten off again that I realized I didn't have the green sweater. (I must have somehow left it on the counter because I rearranged my box outside the store before I set out for Duboce and it wasn't in there). I called and they were very nice about it, but unfortunately they couldn't find it. Another woman came up and had put her stuff all over the counter after I finished paying so we think the clerk must have bagged my sweater with her stuff. All I can hope is that she'll bring it back because I quite liked it. I'll check in tomorrow and they'll give me credit for something else. Best outcome I could hope for at this point I guess.

Lesson 5: When shopping, make sure you have everything before you leave the store.

I sold one more thing at the Haight Buffalo Exchange and wanted to trade it for some fantabulous 4" heels but they were too big so I got a sexy sweater instead. Then I took the unsold stuff to Goodwill and lightened my load.

As usual I stopped in at Held Over, my favorite thrift store, and though I didn't find anything absolutely incredible, I found a couple good things - stockings and a nice sweater I really like even though it looks like I stole it from my grandma - and the staff were really friendly as usual.

Afterwards I went for a fresh green salad at People's Cafe and when I realized I wanted to read with my meal, remembered my planner has the Palm Reader software with a bunch of copyright-free books.

Lesson 6: It's good to be prepared with your own amusements should you be waiting somewhere.

One delicious meal and some of the Essays of Oscar Wilde later, I boarded a bus for downtown and walked to EQ3 to buy a sofa. I found them through their good rating on Citysearch and was pleased with what I saw on their website. Since I was able to quickly look at all their designs, read about their product specifications and see the colors online, I just had to confirm my decisions in the store and sit on the "Betty" loveseat to make sure it's actually comfortable. I was very pleased with the price being under $1000 with delivery. I was really afraid I wouldn't be able to find a nice piece of furniture to invest in that wasn't going to really dig me in the hole. It's still a bunch of money to shell out, but it's not going to force me to live on Maruchan Ramen for months on end. At last there'll be more than one comfy place to sit in my living room! (Well, at last after it gets delivered in a month and a half or so).

Lesson 7: do your research before you shop and shopping will be less of a pain.

Since EQ3 is across the street from Trader Joe's and I'd already promised myself the luxury of a cab ride home after walking all over the place, I went and bought some things that are hard for me to pick up without a car. Couple bottles of wine, some frozen food; nothing fancy and not a lot of stuff, just enough to make me feel that I'd gotten even more done today than planned.

If the weekend ended with that, I'd feel I did pretty well, but - O joy! - it's only Saturday night and there is a whole day more! Thank you, labor unions.

Hope you're all having a good weekend out there.

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It's worth asking: What do you want? It gets harder to answer as you get older. The answer gets subtler and subtler.
      --John Jerome

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