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Rubbery legs and progress 2004

I took another great big walk today. Rode the Muni train to Sunset & Taravel, walked up Sunset to Judah, Judah to the Great Highway by the sea, up to Fulton, all the way in on Fulton to Broderick, over on Grove to Alamo Park, down Pierce to Haight and dinner at Axum Ethiopian restaurant. *whew*

Thanks to previous walks Fulton now joins the list of streets I've walked the entire length of:
Agate Alley, Aldrich Alley, Alma Street, Alpine Terrace, Annie Street, Anson Place, Beale Street, Belden Street, Belmont Ave, Berwick Place, Brady Street, Brenham Place, Buena Vista Avenue, Burritt Street, California Street, Campton Place, Carl Street, Cedar Street, Century Place, Charlestown Place, Chatham Place, Clarendon Avenue, Claude Lane, Clearfield Drive, Cleary Court, Clifford Terrace, Collingwood Street, Conservatory Drive, Cornwall Street, Cosmo Place, Cushman Street, Dale Place, Darrell Place, Dehon Street, Derby Street, Drumm Street, Edgewood Avenue, El Polin Loop, Elwood Street, The Embarcadero, Emma Street, Fella Place, Fernandez Street, Ford Street, Fulton Street, Germainia Street, Gold Street, Golden Court, Grand View Avenue, Grand View Terrace, Haight Street, Halleck Street, Hangah Street, Hardie Place, Harlan Place, Hemlock Street, Heron Street, Hoffman Street, Ivy Street, Java Street, Julius Street, Kobbe Avenue, La Ferrera Terrace, Landers Street, Legion of Honor Drive, Levant Street, Lick Place, Lily Street, Lincoln Way, Loma Vista Terrace, Lombard Street, Maggie Alley, Maiden Lane, Marine Drive, Mark Lane, Market Street, Mars Street, Marvel Court, McDonald Street, McDowell Avenue, Meacham Place, Merrie Way, Mesa Street, Midway Street, Miller Place, Mirabel Avenue, Mission Street, Mission Rock Street, Monroe Street, Montclair Terrace, Museum Way, Napier Lane, Newell Street, New Montgomery Street, Noe Street, Olive Street, Ophir Alley, Parkhurst Alley, Parnassus Avenue, Pearl Street, Peter Yorke Way, Petrarch Place, Piedmont Street, Pink Alley, Plaza Street, Pond Street, Potomac Street, Powell Street, Presidio Terrace, Quincy Street, Rincon Street, Robert Kirk Lane, Romain Street, Roosevelt Way, Rose Street, Ruckman Avenue, St. George Alley, Scotland Street, Sea View Terrace, Security Pacific Plaza, Shannon Street, Sharon Street, Shephard Place, Spear Street, Spofford Street, Sproule Lane, Stanton Street, States Street, Steveloe Place, Taraval Street, Tea Garden Drive, Telegraph Hill Boulevard, Tillman Place, Torrens Court, Treasury Place, Trinity Street, Troy Alley, Upper Terrace, Uranus Terrace, Van Ness Avenue, Vermehr Place, Vinton Court, Vulcan Stairway, Walter Street, Washburn Street, Western Shore Lane, Whiting Street, Withrop Street, Woodland Avenue, and probably a bunch of others I haven't remembered to mark off in the index pages of my Rand McNally San Francisco CrossStreet Directory.

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