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I hate spammers 2003

I receive an average of over 200 pieces of spam a day.

I will go through my junk folder this one last time to see if it mis-identified anything; after that, if I don't respond to your email, try again - it takes too much time not to trust my filters.


Odd subject line noticed during this process: "Enjoy your riser"
Sure, it's probably penis-related, but I think "Enjoy a portion of your stairs?"


4000+ messages later:
Nothing mis-identified. Now (after a couple months training it) anything Mail thinks is junk can be safely trashed automatically.

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Be yourself. 2003

Here's a toast to Richard Chamberlain (who came out today) and his partner Martin. Health and happiness, gentlemen!

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Good Things 2003

What a lovely afternoon & evening! Chris, his mom, my mum and I went for the tour at the Scharffen-Berger chocolate factory. Very interesting and a wonderful sensory experience. That company's love of quality really shines through.

After the tour we had dinner at Cafe Panisse and that was just sublime. The garlic soup was to die for. Again, a recommended experience. (I had New garlic broth with grilled bread, a pan-fried chicken dish, and shared some bittersweet chocolate ice cream with hazelnuts with my mum).

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Major Geek 2003

Check out this lovely Geek Test. I got 39.64497% which makes me a major geek.

Additional questions I would add (to which my answer is yes):
Have you ever owned a gaming store?
Do you have a weblog?
Do you have a weblog you started before 1999?
Do you collect jargon or slang?
Have you bought 10+ domain names?
Have you bought domain names which you never wound up using for the great idea you had when you bought them?
Do you have clothing which references your personal website?
Do you have clothing which references your friends' websites?
Have you ever been a cheerleader for adults playing kickball?
Have you been to parties where everyone is introduced by first name and URL?
Do you wish you could have constant access to Google and IMDB even when you aren't at your computer?
Was a character in a science-fiction or fantasy film a major positive influence in your formative years?
Were/are either or both of your parents geeks?
Do you know what filking is?
Do you know what a redshirt is?
Do you know what furries are?
Do you know what slash is and where it originated?
Have you ever answered phones for a public television fundraiser?
Can you recognize 10+ fonts on sight?
Did you link to this test from your weblog?
If you were posting an entry to your weblog about this test, would you be able to think of so many additional questions that you'd have to cut yourself short because you'd run out of lunch break?

[Thanks to Hudak & Keoni, respectively, for reminding me about fonts & filks]

[I took this again once I got home with a bit more leisure and scored 41.02564% Woohoo!]

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a visit to the folks 2003

[noted on old calendar as May 25-27th; this may have been with Chris P's mom]

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No TiVo. No VCR. Heck, no TV at all. 2003

I checked the Daily Show website. I googled for this to no avail. Anyone have or know a URL to the clip from The Daily Show where Stephen Colbert visits one of those people who claims to be able to make gay people straight. I really want to hear him say this line again: "Right. We don't hate gays. We're just angry at the ones who turn us on so much."

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Celebrate Mutation 2003

Today is International Day for Biological Diversity. May I suggest rounding out the evening by going to see X2?

Go muties!

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LXG 2003

So, if you, like me, read Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and then saw the trailer for the upcoming film based on it and were a wee bit confused about who those extra characters were, I have an answer.

It's Dorian Grey and Tom Sawyer.

Um. Okay.

Okay, I can work with that. It's clearly not going to be the book or high art, but it still looks like a lot of fun.

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One step forward, two steps back 2003

I took yesterday off to relax with Chris and celebrate being together for a year. It was good and I felt this morning like I'd had a weekend.

Unfortunately, unlike the day after a weekend, I had a massive amount of email to work through. It's noon and far from getting to the things I'd hoped to work on today, I'm still only partway through responding to all the stuff brought up in this chunk of mail.

The most comically frustrating sentence from my inbox?
"Do you have an assistant or can you suggest someone else whom I can plague?"
Alas, no and no.

Boy, I wish I was those white dreadlocked phase-shifting razor-wielding twins from Matrix:Reloaded. I'd get so much done. And I'd look lovely doing it.

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Universe Contraction 2003

When I converted to Movable Type, I actually created 4 blogs so that "Dinah", "Inkspot" and "Eclectic Encyclopedia" could have their own categories and archive presentation. Now, noticing how little I post to them, I'm considering moving those entries into the main blog and making the navigation just link to category archive pages.

Hmm, and I really must wrap my brain around Trackback and decide if I want to use that feature. Oh and update my comments template. *sigh* and finish adding titles and assigning comments to my old Blogger posts.

Beautiful day today.

Oh look and it's time to go to work.

Blogging is still clearly a hobby, not an obsession around here.

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What A Ride 2003

Chris and I just got back from seeing the second Matrix film. Good stuff. I liked it a lot and I'm very glad I don't have to wait a year until the next one. Carrie-Ann Moss rocks. The chases and fights are beautifully choreographed. Oh, and the clothes! Sweet mutha of gawd, I wish I had those clothes and the body to wear them. Heh, and the french swearing is quite delightful.

Before the movie, there was a different trailer for Terminator 3 and to my astonishment, the PR folks appear to have pulled this one out from the trashbin. The first one we saw someone in the crowd said "Give it up, old man!" when Arnie came on doing his schtick. The second trailer was just as bad. This time it's completely reworked and it actually makes the movie look good. Somebody deserves a promotion because they just made their company at least an extra million dollars opening weekend.

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Art Can Be Anywhere 2003

Very nice 404 error page over at cacophony.com.

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A Good Day 2003

What a beautiful day!

Woke up beside my sweetheart to blue skies and the glorious opportunities of the weekend. Had a nice brisk walk over to my friend Mike's apartment where he fed me tasty blueberry pancakes, showed me entertaining short films and explained his imminent move to Japan. After I was lulled into a sense of ease and contentment, he subjected me to the worst movie of all time "Manos: The Hands of Fate". It was excruciating. But I did laugh a lot at how painful it all was.

This evening was one hell of a birthday party. Chris & I walked over the hill and had a jolly time with the many people packed into Derek & Heather's place. Really great to see everyone. I recall (around the margaritas and my post-Manos daze) being especially glad to have time to connect with Megan, Scott, Chris, Janice and Jessica who I don't hang out with often enough.

We walked home, leaving the party still in full swing, and now I'm a bit tired. I drank the requisite giant glass of water to begin flushing the alcohol out of my system and now I'll go take a shower to wash the cigarette smoke out of my hair and restore my cheer before sleep.

I hope your Saturday brought you friends, good food, nice walks and laughter too.

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Idle hunting big pretentious game 2003

Now this sounds really good. Eric Idle has written and will direct a film called The Remains Of The Piano, a spoof of Merchant-Ivory films "with a large ensemble cast assembled led by Geoffrey Rush as Hopkins, a middle-aged British aristocrat".

Hee hee hee.

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A Good Un 2003

Today I am wishing the happiest of birthdays to my extremely excellent friend Derek. Tomorrow we will drink margaritas.

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Wilkommen 2003

Just got the original cast recording of the 1998 revival of Cabaret with Alan Cumming as the emcee and Natasha Richardson as Sally Bowles. Damn. I wish I'd seen it. Amazing stuff.

Cumming's rendition of "I Don't Care Much" is particularly powerful. Talented fellow. (Did I mention I just read his saucy novel Tommy's Tale? Well, I did and he deserves to be spanked. If you can't handle the first few pages, don't bother, honey, it ain't your kind of tale. Sweet dirty boy, he is, and bless him for it).

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Right on. 2003

Anita Roddick: In the end, I want to go to my grave hop, skipping, and jumping saying I did the best I damn well could.

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I can't be the first one to have thought of this... 2003

I believe henceforth mobile phones should be referred to as mofos.

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Uses 2003

Just got home from seeing Throwing Muses at Slims. Very enjoyable. Great bassist too, not Tanya Donnelly, but really good. The opening band was Audio Learning Center and they were pretty decent.

Plus we had the pleasant surprise of bumping into Mike, Karen, Lawrence and Peter up from the south bay.

Nice waitress, clean bathroom, good drinks, tasty nachos also, clean cab on the way home, so all in all a very good evening.

The only fly in our ointment was the man we were sitting behind who I dubbed "The Vidal Sassoon Chair Dancer".
A) Chair dancing shouldn't involve the whole body.
B) I don't care how fabulously healthy your hair is, you will look like a dork if you toss it around like that.
C) It's no longer cool to get that ice skater, curved under at the end sort of haircut. The 70's were a long time ago, honey.

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The Vision Thing 2003

I've worn glasses for years now, but my vision isn't so bad that I can't function without them. In fact, on a slightly groggy morning I am capable of getting part of the way to work before noticing that I am not wearing my glasses.

*blinky blinky*

Gonna be an interesting day...

*though not as groggy as it would have been if I'd had to move furniture at midnight instead of handing it off to a neighbor of the friend I was picking it up from at 5:30pm

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Travels 2003

I took a strange journey over the last month and a half or so. I ventured into the lands of fandom and beyond to the shadowed realms of gossip and "real person stories". Now I'm back and feeling a bit tarnished from the trip. It's not that I didn't meet nice people in my travels, I did and in the most surprising of places, or that I did things I'm deeply ashamed of, I didn't. It just led me to confront some truths about pop culture and my part in it that have left me uneasy.

The first of these truths is that performers (actors, musicians, artists, whatever) are often treated as characters by their fans. They populate fantasies, are given attributes important to the fan, and their reactions to any of this are rarely considered. They are treated as dolls. Not by all fans or all the time, but often.

The second of these truths is that fans' wishes for them can take on a life of their own. The web now allows people who've been independently building fantasies and imagining certain qualities around performers to easily connect with other people thinking similar thoughts. When the wish ("He must be sweet and innocent", "She must want children", "They must be a couple") is shared, those fans can start to resist anything which contradicts it, even if those contradictions are born of the performer's own real actions or wishes.

The third truth is that sometimes the story created by a fan or a group of fans is more compelling, more personally significant, more fun than the truth. Good stories are what makes us human, so there's nothing inherently wrong in making them up, it's just the potential effect on the real person being used as a character that makes this morally problematic.

As I sit here unpacking my mental suitcase from this trip, I do feel like I've been a tourist. Sometimes barging around naively annoying the natives. Sometimes one of a thousand flashing cameras grabbing a moment before jumping back on the bus and never really connecting with the subject of my pictures. Sometimes projecting my own world view onto everything around me. Sometimes meeting other travellers and forming a real connection. Sometimes being horrified by the other tourists and wondering "Am I that bad?" Sometimes managing to stop interpreting everything from my own point of view and instead just see, just be. Always learning. Often laughing.

A strange trip indeed. Saw some pretty sights along the way though, I must say.

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Night Owl 2003

*sigh* 10pm and I'm just feeling perky and alert. I'd like to stay up a couple hours and get things done, but tomorrow will be a long day - gotta pick up some furniture (the object & history obligations referred to in a cryptic previous post) in the evening, attend a dinner party and hope that it doesn't rain while the stuff waits in the back of True Friend Kristin's truck for us to be done with dinner and head back to San Francisco.

I wish I was better at getting by on little sleep. I like a lot though and I ain't talkin' "I can only get by for so many days with only 5 hours"; I need 8 hours a night or else I need to do a 12 hour binge to recharge.

Plus I'm just not a morning person, so that 7am alarm is brutal - and yes, I know that most people have to get up earlier than that. I think I was happiest when I had my store and worked from 10 or 11am until 8 or 8:30pm. Quite nice.

So, though I'd love to post some of this backlog of interesting things, maybe scan some stuff and start filling in my past*, I guess I better go take a shower and then head to bed.

*sigh* Sometimes I'm my own little kid - "Mum! One more chapter! Pleeeeaaase?" The deal always was if I stayed up too late, I wasn't allowed to be cranky in the morning. Tough love, let me tell ya. :)

*Re: filling in my past
It's my intention to start posting some pre-blog items. Scanned stuff, journal entries, fragments from letters, etc. from my life before October 1998. (And isn't that amazing? My blog will be 5 years old this year).

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Favorite Phrase Today 2003

"if you want to send me mail that goes in a truck"

Found on Sam Brown's wonderful site explodingdog.

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I'll drink to that 2003

From a discussion of X2 on a queer gossip board I like to hang out on comes this rationale for choosing Ian McKellen over the younger, prettier men in the cast:

"they gotta have something going on upstairs before I'll go downstairs"

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Puttin' the Grrr in the Grrrl 2003

So how do you know you're still a web designer even though your job is supposed to be "Product Manager"?
When you spend the day debugging HTML and style issues.

Why, by all that is good in this world, would a table with 4 rows, where the top and bottom rows are dark blue and the middle two are light blue, look fine in Mozilla 1.2.1, Netscape 7 and Netscape 4.7 and then in Internet Explorer 6 have a light blue row atop the dark blue. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!

The table is surrounded by a form, but removing the form's opening tag doesn't get rid of the problem.

The top row, dark blue, has this
bgcolor="3B6EE0" class="pageNavArea"

That style is
font-family: Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #000000; background: #3B6EE0;

The table and the tr for the top row have no style calls.

Why?! WTF?!

I want danger pay.

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