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concert? 2003

"TMBG!" [on an old calendar, but now (2013) I'm not sure if I went]

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Tired. So very tired. 2003

Friday through yesterday I was at my first visit to the annual users group conference for the company I joined last August. 1100 customers. Down in San Jose, so no flight this time, thank goodness. Stayed at the Fairmont, so the hotel was nice. Gave 5 presentations, attended at least half a dozen others, lunches and evening receptions with customers, getting stopped in the hall almost constantly with product questions. Very fun. Very hard (except the actual presenting which I love doing). Very exhausting.

Got home around 7:30pm last night. Stayed up reading email and some message lists that make me laugh. Visiting with Chris. Getting the lowdown on our new digital studio device for the electric guitar.

Today I slept until noon. Still sitting around in my bathrobe. Can't seem to muster the energy to do anything. Hoping I'll have enough energy to get through 3 workdays and take care of at least some of the piles of things that need to be done.

Tired. Very tired. But I like my job.

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Rockin' 2003

I am stoked six ways from Sunday right now. Thanks to B.J. & Beverly, tonight I got to go to the Fillmore to see The Rock Bottom Remainders with special guest Roger McGuinn play. Yes, I'm a hippie chick now; I've listened to him play "Nine Miles High" at the fuckin' Fillmore, baby.

Plus there was a nice surprise: Robin Williams did a long comedy set to kick things off. Very funny.

I saw Amy Tan whip Roger McGuinn's ass and put her cigarette out on Scott Turow's head during "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'". Scott makes quite the fun remainderette, I must say. If I were his type and single, I might be makin' moves. Of course, I rather suspect I'd be standing in line.

Moment that made me wish I'd brought panties to throw on stage: Greg Iles's version of "Steamroller". MmmMMMmm.

The best though?
I will now be practicing the electric guitar with Dave Barry's lovely red pick.

Rock on!

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Now That's Great News 2003

Six Apart, Ben & Mena's company, the maker of Movable Type (which powers this weblog), just got funding and hired Anil Dash, one of the sharper minds around. Plus they've announced a new product: TypePad personal publishing service.

Let me be the first to ask the question of the great unblogged: "Will you be getting your own pad?"

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Last Weekend's Cheese, Which We Miss This Weekend 2003

Chris picked out a rockin' cheese last weekend and we ate it all up. I've been craving it this weekend, but having to make do with other treats. It was a white cheddar with sage from Bravo Farms and it was delicious.

We also got a high quality garlic cheddar at the farmers' market a few weeks ago.

Mmm, cheese.

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Credit Where Credit Is Due 2003

The new Honda Accord ad is a lovely thing (here's an article about it), but it should be noted that it is highly unlikely that its creators just thought it up based on the game Mousetrap and the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

There is a short film called The Way Things Go in which not just gravity but other interesting physical phenomenon are illustrated by odd objects. I cannot believe that the folks who did the Honda ad never saw this film by Peter Fischli and David Weiss.

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Sweet Little Thinkers 2003

One of the people I pay attention to is interaction designer Marc Rettig. Go check out two of his recent presentations " interaction design history in a teeny little nut shell" and "Designing for Small Screens".

I've recommended Marc before and I'm just saying he's still got the chops.

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helpful tip 2003



[Found on the web. Shared on Flickr on March 21, 2004.]

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Role Rage 2003

Why is it when I have strategic tasks on my list, the tactical chores that rear their ugly little heads enrage me so?

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Songs that remind me of... 2003

Heather and Caterina include "Chihuahua" by The Sugarcubes and "Miss Otis Regrets" by Cole Porter.

The former is obvious, the second has to do with poise, I think.

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Miss Sanders, take a memo... 2003

... read more Cory Doctorow. Lots more.

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Dirty 'Lij 2003


[Found on the web. Shared on Flickr on March 21, 2004.]

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Anything to create a stir... 2003


Dom and Viggo

[Shared on Flickr on March 3, 2004.]

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That's My Wholesome All American Boy 2003

She: I don't like 'em.
He: What?! You grown up!
She: Don't call me a grown up. That's the meanest thing you ever said to me.
He: You're not a kid. You don't like Lucky Charms.
She: That's cuz I like Count Chockula better.
He: THAT is some quality shit! I could live on nothing but that and Guinness.

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Wow. That hardly hurt at all... 2003

My fear of visiting Houston, Texas, turns out to have been unnecessary. Though I did see big hair, hear alarming accents, get subjected to an anti-Osama joke from the funeral deal hawking shuttle bus driver, find myself surrounded by rampant religiousity and have a bitch of a time finding something to eat at the convention besides BBQ, the trip was redeemed by:

- the kickass staff of theWarwick Hotel
- the great musical selection at Sound Waves
- the best meal I've had all year at Boulevard Bistrot
- a surprise opportunity to attend the Cirque du Soleil's "Allegria"

So I learned I can survive Texas outside of Austin. Of course, I also learned that even if I stick to the hipster district and some carefully selected activities I will be constantly reminded that I am Not Like Them. Take me home where the freaks are, baby.

(Also should mention I had a bad case* of manufactured mood overload when I was stuck with eating dinner in a Bennigan's restaurant. It's like they programmed a computer to recognize nostalgia-provoking objects & music, but forgot to tell it to only do one at a time. 80s-Irish-50's-sports-30s-southwestern-70s-pub...and here I began to twitch...)

*Cayce Pollard

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