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Rather a surprise 2002

After a lovely dinner last week with my parents at a great little Burmese restaurant (Burma House on ?Post?), I received the following fortune cookie fortune which came as a bit of a shock:

You and your wife will be happy in your life together

[By the way, yes, still sick. Now drinking pot after pot of herbal tea. New symptom added to feebleness, aching and fatigue: runny nose. Bleah.]

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Dagnabit. 2002

Well, I wasn't well. I had to leave work in the early afternoon after I started to feel all fevery and feeble again. Bleah. Back to bed...

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Hot indeed. 2002

I took it fairly easy today but did have a very pleasant outing with my friend Fil. He called yesterday to say the friend he'd planned to go with had to back out and would I care to go to the matinee of the musical "Some Like It Hot" starring Tony Curtis (this time as the rich old millionaire instead of a cute guy in drag). We had a great time, made even better by the surprise to me of front row seats!

The show was quite enjoyable with good music, excellent costuming & staging and a fantastic cast. Mr. Curtis did not steal the show, but he was, according to Fil, no disappointment (unlike his recent experience of Robert Goulet in South Pacific and Ann-Margaret in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas).

We were fortunate, I think, in seeing the understudy, Jacqueline Bayne, playing the Marilyn Monroe part of Sugar. She had a magnificent voice and from the biographies I'm guessing she wasn't trying to be Monroe which it sounds like the normal person does. Her style of speech was reminding Fil of Katherine Helmann's ditzy character on the tv series Soap. Sweet but spacy.

William Ryall as Spats the gangster was great - they did a wonderful effect of having all the gangsters tap dance their machine gun fire. Very good dancing by many of the leads. Timothy Gulan and Arthur Hanket as our fearless heroines, er, heroes, were really fun and carried the parts well.

We were also really impressed by one of the chorus members whose name we never caught. He was absolutely everything you want in a member of a show, great dancer, good voice, and, above all, projecting the right mood at all times. Thanks to Google, by searching for a random chorus member's name and the name of the show, I found a page with pictures of the whole ensemble (http://thehotmusical.info/SLIHensemble.htm) and learned the promising fellow is Gair Morris. Worth watching for him in the future, I say.

All in all, I highly recommend the show to those who enjoy good song & dance. Costume buffs may also wish to attend - Suzy Benzinger's work in this one is outstanding.

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What I do with my free time... 2002

My friend Seth just described a factor in my life which, when added to my love of spending time with Chris and my excitement about the new job, is another explanation for why I haven't gotten much done on the website lately.

I've been rather busy of late, even by my standards, and a few friends have commented on how I manage to find time to do lots of interesting things. I was thinking about how to characterize my behavior, which isn't so much a disciplined management of my time as a flitting from one activity to another, doing whatever interests me most from moment to moment, but nearly always doing something. I end up learning and doing and making all sorts of neat things, but I don't finish as many projects as I'd like, because I'm too apt to rush off to the next (or previous) thing. Yesterday, a phrase popped into my head: inspiration's lackey. That's what I feel like a lot of the time.

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Punkinhed 2002


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Free time! 2002

I was going slow this morning, resting up and hoping I've finally shaken the fevery illness I've had for the past few days. I was finishing a book (Hollywood History of the World, a fascinating critique of historical accuracy in American film and a more comprehensive approach than that found in the also excellent Hollywood And History: Costume Design in Film) and was running up against the time when I really ought to put it down and have a bite to eat before my friend Fil comes over. Fortunately, I read fast and the book had lots of bibliographic information filling up the last pages, so I finished it and took a quick shower. When I got out, I checked my email and noticed that the computer thought it was 11:30am.


Then I realized it is that early; the clocks changed last night and I have an extra hour. Hooray! This sort of thing doesn't happen much more than once a year, so you've got to treasure it. :)

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Where'd the week go? 2002

Work was pretty busy this past week and then Thursday I got sick and have been mostly taking it easy around the house since then. Seems like I'm getting closer to well, but not there yet. Chris has been marvelous and has taken very good care of me.

My day was brightened today by finding the Talking Moose has been ported to OS X. "I thought you knew how to work this thing." "Is it hot in here or what?" "How about a pizza?" Ah, the sweet taste of nostalgia!

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An Acceptable Level Of Enthusiasm Is Presented 2002

Completely unrelated, but frightfully amusing is "hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia," the fear of long words.
I do like Mena.

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Are they hoping we just won't notice these logical inconsistencies? 2002

Uncle Larry writes:

Remarkable stuff in the papers if you read past the lead paragraphs. CIA says we're in just as much danger now as just before 9-11. In other words, the war on Afghanistan and all the police state measures have done no good. They have identified most of the major funders of Al Quaeda, who are almost all wealthy Saudis. Most of the 9-11 terrorists were Saudis. But we're about to wage war on Iraq, while Saudi Arabia is our staunch ally. Then we know that North Korea has all the weapon programs that Saddam is feared to possibly be about to develop, but we are taking a diplomatic approach to them. Could this have something to do with oil or the lack thereof? Aaaargh! I think we need an opposition party!

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A few tips 2002

- When you have too many lemons or limes or oranges and some are going to spoil, slice some thinly and then freeze the slices. Use them in place of ice cubes in water glasses.

- Sliced bread can also be frozen and used for toast with no ill effects.

- In cities, you can pay people to do laundry for you instead of going to the laundromat. The clothing comes back folded and you will get string which you can use to make a ball. Whee!

- Every year, take a day to go through your closet and pull out items to go to Goodwill or sell/trade at Buffalo Exchange or similar second-hand stores. If you're keeping an outfit purely for sentimental reasons, but you actually never wear it, see if there's another way to keep the sentiment and not have the outfit taking up space. Could you take a picture of it and keep that? Or make a pillow or scarf out of some of the fabric? As you go through the closet, watch for items you don't recall wearing in the last year. If you can't bear to part with them right away, mark them with a clothespin on their hangers. If you wear the item, take off the clothespin. Six months later, get rid of all the things that still have clothespins on them. During this process, it's a great idea to take everything out of the closet, vacuum in there and then put things back sorted by type (shirts, pants, etc.) this really saves time when getting putting together an outfit when you're half-asleep in the morning or just going for a particular style ("Hmm, soft comfy pants and a flannel shirt. Which flannel? Ah, red. Good.")

- You will make clothing shopping less horrid if you pick just a few colors as "yours" and ignore things that don't fit your palette. It also makes your clothes more flexible as more things can be worn with each other. For example, my main colors are sage green, very pale pink, very pale blue, cream, taupe, black and greys from dove to charcoal. For fun, non-work clothes I also still wind up buying red things, but those go with the greys and blacks.

- Paradoxically, the best way to feel like you have more is to get rid of things. Weeding out things that no longer need to be in my home (that juicer I never use, those books I'll never reread, that old beloved decorative object which has morphed somewhere along the way into just a thing to dust) always leaves me uplifted and energized and draws my attention back to those things that do still matter to me.

- The library now rents CDs, videos, DVDs and software in addition to books.

- Ben & Jerry's CoffeeCoffeeBuzzBuzzBuzz does not make a good bedtime snack.

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Work Juice 2002

Sometimes it's good to work late. Sometimes you just get into it and start slapping that to-do list down and it's all flowing. The headphones are on and the White Stripes "Fell In Love With A Girl" is followed by the Violent Femmes "Add It Up" and you've got the joy and a job well done.

It's a good night here. :)

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Vocabulary Lesson 2002

Today's word comes to us from the programming department courtesy of a code change report. The word is:


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la la la 2002

Everything's fine. Really. I just haven't been inspired to write much for the past little while. Lots of offline real-time socializing, some hard work moving stuff from one storage unit to another, mellow time with Chris, Philip Glass & troupe performing the Koyanisquatsi soundtrack live to the movie last night at the symphony. That sort of thing. Oh and listening to books on tape and playing the Game Neverending. And sleeping and reading and cooking. Speaking of which, I'm a mite hungry. How about you? What is your body telling you? Mine says "Stretch, drink some water and eat something."

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Blogger get-together 2002

Photos by James McNally.

4052266652_2843263a43_o Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 5.04.38 PM

Me, Jay Allen, Edmond Meinfelder, Derek Powazek, Rebecca Blood, Jesse James Garrett, Min Jung Kim, Ernie Hsiung, Kristin Garrity, Jish Mukerji, newlywed Brooke Smith (McNally?), Chris Palmer.



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Wool? Oh yeah, baby. 2002

Herewith, courtesy of Plurp, the first Game Neverending t-shirt caption:

I'm a wool licker, and I vote!
(I love this game!)

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Is it really this bad? 2002

According to a Need To Know reader Stef Magdalinski, Diet Coke Lemon is "like drinking ordinary coke through a Kentucky Fried Chicken Handwipe".

Ah, I love a really descriptive product review...

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Ways To React 2002

This morning I saw a very near miss. At Grove and Polk around 6:40am, a Jeep clipped the back wheel of a bicycle. The rider didn't fall down and was able to get safely to the side of the street. The Jeep pulled over immediately and the driver leapt out and rushed up to the dismounting bike rider.

I was too far away to hear what they said, but the driver's hands went out to the arm, then the shoulder of the cyclist. All the driver's body language was expressing concern and profound apology. As I walked on past, they were walking towards the back of the Jeep, the driver's hand still on the cyclist's shoulder, and I got the distinct impression that the driver was going to give the cyclist a ride.

Anger is an option. You don't need to choose it. It's particularly important not to choose it when you're the one at fault. It's also particularly constructive not to choose it when you aren't at fault and the one who is has taken ownership of their error. Move past the anger to the best resolution and you'll save yourself a lot of energy (and, not incidentally, usually end up better off than you would have otherwise).

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ROT! 2002

I was just starting to read this new Boxes and Arrows article MSWeb: An Enterprise Intranet #1 about the massive intranet at Microsoft and how some knowledge engineers (information architects, whatever the hot term du jour is) tackled it. I was brought up short by this sentence:

It’s nearly impossible to develop a successful information architecture against a backdrop of explosive content growth, content ROT, and the political twists and turns common in any organization.
"content ROT?" thought I, "What do they mean? Return On Time, maybe? But how is that bad?" So I went searching on Google (God bless Google) and found, in a slide presentation done by my Adaptive Path buddies no less, that ROT in this case stands for
- redundant?
- outdated?
- trivial?
and is a mnemonic for weeding out useless content.

How handy!

I will have to go back and read that article later, but it's time to leave work and go enjoy one quiet solitary evening before computer maintenance, book release party, welcome home parties and my subsequent collapse.
How should I spend my time this evening? Cleaning the apartment, listening to a book on tape, going to bed early.
How will I probably actually spend my time? Playing The Game Neverending.

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I just don't get it. 2002

Caterina is right on the money with this observation:

There appears to be some kind of denim disease going around that removes the top three inches from everyone's pants and causes spots to appear on the upper thighs and buttocks of certain jeans. If you think your jeans may be susceptible, or have had recent contact with jeans exhibiting these symptoms, you should contact the CDC immediately. [source]

What is with these kids today? Sheesh.

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