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Another fine research tool 2002

Hi there, my friends, you may need to know How Much Is Inside? and I have just the site to help you with that burning question.

I particularly enjoyed the information on 40' shipping containers and Oreos.

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Now That's A Woman! 2002

Hooray for Jamie Lee Curtis! She's got the strength and the good sense to show the difference between real women and the glamorous images served up in popular media. I like the real thing better.

[Post closed to comments March 17, 2004 after too much comment spamming. Mail me legitimate comments & I'll add them for you]

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Pounding the pavement 2002

My feet are a bit sore, but I had a great walk this afternoon. I was able to finish complete coverage of a section of the city. I have now explored all public streets in the triangle bounded by Market, Powell and California streets. To be really thorough, I'll go back and walk through the Crocker Galleria which used to be a public street before it was turned into a mall.

There are a lot of little alleyways, many with interesting pubs and restaurants down in that part of town. Makes me eager to continue my explorations north towards Coit Tower.

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Quick! Is there a librarian in the house? 2002

Don't panic. I'm a librarian. Now what seems to be the problem?

I was just having a nice light dinner at my new neighborhood sushi restaurant, Midori Mushi, when they mentioned they were about to serve a private party upstairs in their special room. The problem was they thought some of the guests might want kosher meals and they didn't know what the rules were for that.

I finished my delicious miso soup, inari and negihama, and walked the half block home. A moment with Google and I had their answer, not just for tonight's kosher guests, but any future cultural challenges.

Yes, just a simple evening's work for your friendly neighborhood librarian...

(Midori Mushi is located on Grove Street near Gough in San Francisco, they are open for lunch & dinner, closed Mondays and are cash only at present).

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It's probably fatal, but... 2002

... does anyone know the recipe for a Lemony Snicket? I am given to understand it is reminescent of a Mojito, only using white rum and lemon juice instead of lime.

Additionally, does anyone know any drinking establishments at which I might be served a Lemony Snicket or a Jasmine (Paul Harrington's lovely apertif)?

Thank you ever so much.

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MetaGrrrlzilla 2002

I know what is Godzilla and what is not Godzilla

brought to you by Quizilla

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How stupid do they think we are? 2002

So now that they haven't been able to rally enough support in or out of the USA for a "preemptive" attack against Iraq, the Bush administration has started saying "Oh, we've been planning this a while, yeah, and that target isn't even in an area under Saddam Hussein's control, um, and it's run by Al Queda terrorists, yeah, that's the ticket..."

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Mmm, Weird Stuff. 2002

Note the article on page B1 of the San Francisco Chronicle today which describes the upcoming auction of many treasures belonging to Michael Busk of Busvan for Bargains. The stuff, which includes some of his Playland collection such as Laughing Sal, looks great - check out the auction catalog - and makes me alternately wish I had a lot more money or glad I don't & don't have room to accumulate bunches of cool junk. Still, I do love that female Chinatown wax museum figure...

Visit the Battery Street store for an auction preview 10am-6pm Saturday and 8am-noon on Tuesday, August 27th. The auction starts at noon on the 27th.

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Beware of the monkeys. 2002

In response to this person's bad dream, the feller I'm particularly keen on said:

"Perl is The Official Crack Monkey Language of the Internet."

But they're such happy little monkeys...

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Not a one-man decision 2002

There are definite military actions taking place which could be a prelude to an American attack against Iraq. If you believe that the decision to attack another country - particularly one which may have weapons of mass destruction - should require the approval of the American people and not just be made by the President, call the White House comment line now and tell him so: 202-456-1111

Senator Feinstein has apparently introduced legislation requiring the President to have congressional approval before taking this risky and destabilizing step, but I'm not sure of the current status of that legislation.

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Switch 2002

I love my new Mac. If I was in one of those great Apple "Switch" commercials my soundbite would probably be

I used Windows machines for seven years, but once I got my own place and didn't live with an engineer anymore, it quickly became apparent that I could no longer run Windows. I mean, it's a dairy product: it goes bad really fast and you have to reinstall the whole operating system. OS X just works without constant tweaking and reconfiguration. My name is Dinah Sanders and I'm a software product manager.

However, there is one issue with the Mac. Games. This faux Switch ad nails the problem. Vicious, but funny and, sadly, only slightly exaggerated. I'm in better shape than most since my two favorite games are available for the Mac: Civilization and The Sims. I do miss Caesar, Pharoah and Cleopatra though. (Yes, it's true; I'm a sucker for the genre I describe as "project manager games").

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Walking Walking Walking 2002

I've mentioned to many people my goal of walking the entire city of San Francisco, every street, every block. The supportive responses have been great; when people visit they say "Well, shall we take a different route back from the restaurant so you can get in a few more blocks?" I'm making good progress, but it's a lot of walking so it will take me a while. No problem; I've allowed myself until the year 2050 to finish the project.

The helpful man I spoke to in the department of public works estimated it's about 1400-1500 miles of streets. That's mighty impressive and I well understand why it's taking me a while. However, if I made it my full-time job instead of just a happy hobby, I could be a lot further along by now. How much further along is alarmingly well indicated by a certain friend of mine.

My pal Edmond would be done by now if he'd chosen my project instead of his own. Edmond is walking the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border in southern California to the Canadian border in northern Washington. He started April 27th and he's now walked over 1800 miles to reach his last reported location in Crater Lake.

1800 miles, folks.
And he's got another 800 to go.

His journal entries are really fun and he's going to have wonderful pictures to show off once he has time to start setting up the galleries and captioning them on his return. Pay him a visit and send him a hello. He loves email.

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No Longer Powered by Llamas 2002

I stopped using Llamagraphic's Life Balance a while back and I want to tell you why. Though it touts itself as a tool for managing all your goals, from the practical to the daydream, in practice it doesn't distinguish well between them. I found myself demotivated by seeing a red "Oops!" next to a task which wasn't a to-do list sort of thing (scrub bathtub) but rather a wishlist item related to improving my life (visit a museum). The constant emphasis on the ways in which I'm not living my ideal life made me reluctant to use the tool and, frankly, if I'm only going to use it for mundane planning of things to do, there are easier tools.

A pity. I had high hopes for it, but it's not yet subtle and complex enough for what I want. Until I can distinguish between normal to-do items and suggestions (which should just disappear after a while if I don't do them instead of nagging me), it won't meet my needs.

(These comments apply to version 3.0x - since I've uninstalled it, I don't remember exactly the build, but it was their Mac OS X version).

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Biased and gooey. 2002

My new job requires me to use lots of text-based interfaces. You know, not a GUI (graphical user interface), but a page of terminal text. No buttons, no pulldown menus, minimal context indication, almost no feedback about what you're doing or should be doing. And I need to work with lots of files in vi.

There's a reason we use more complex interfaces, folks. They provide a lot of subtle clues which help you do the right thing and perceive that you've done it.

Stupid interfaces are stupid. Grumble grumble grumble.

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Smokler's birthday picnic 2002

[Sometime around this date]

AUG 12 2002. Really? On My Birthday?
Birthday week concluded with a fantabulous picnic in Golden Gate Park attended by friends Derek Powazek, Heather Champ, Mena Trott, Dinah Sanders, JISH, Kristen Garrity and many who know better than to spend their time weblogging. Frisbees were thrown, fried chicken consumed and an ancient playground game called Spud unearthed. Joy was everywhere. Speaking of which, if you're curious about whom you share a birthday with and what happened on that day in history, hop over to Famous Birthdays.com. Back to life. Back to reality... POSTED AT 12:49 PM IN ODDS & ENDZ | PERMALINK

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The hard part is getting beyond lip service 2002

It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it.

--Eleanor Roosevelt

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Words to live by... 2002

When action grows unprofitable, gather information; when information grows unprofitable, sleep.

--Ursula K. Le Guin

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Auan and Jeena 2002


[Found on the web. Shared on Flickr on March 20, 2004.]

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Cats! 2002

Hey, there, how about it? Home feeling a little lonely? Need an interesting housemate? Well, let me recommend you try a nice cat. They're warm and pleasant and provide hours of amusement.

Our old friend Mike is finally moving on from the apartment in which Joe and I used to reside lo these many years ago and so the cats, who maintained residence after our departure, must leave their home and find a new one.

These are the cats on whom the Hansen Theory of Feline/Single-Malt Nomenclature received its first field test (to uniformly excellent results). They are:

The mama cat. Oban is a black shorthair with a beautiful coat aged approximately 6 years old. She is a compact kitty with an unusually short tail, only about two-thirds the length of a regular cat tail. This is not due to injury; she just prefers it that way, apparently. She has a friendly personality and will greet you with her trademark "brrrrrrAhh?" when you arrive home. If I were not somewhat allergic to cats and living in a studio apartment, there's no way anyone else would have a chance at this great cat.

Edradour (Ed)
Ed's a fluffy grey and white kitty, born on Joe's birthday in June of 1997 if memory serves me correctly. Ed is a very handsome cat. Perhaps it's our fault for giving him a name with "dour" in it, but Ed has always been a serious, slightly suspicious feline. He's not in any way unfriendly or unpleasant, he just has a bit of a Buster Keaton attitude about him sometimes. This dignified yet concerned expression provided us with hours of amusement. Ed has white paws which he likes to keep nice.

Tomintoul (Tom)
A short-haired tabby cat, Ed's brother Tom is 100% love cat. He has absolutely no feline dignity when it comes to being petted. He will crawl right up on you and roll over to be stroked. He's a beauty and is just a really sweet cat. Sometimes he displays his mother's fondness for a conversation with you, but none of them were nighttime meowers when I lived with them in their formative years.

Oban was a rescued young cat who crawled into my lap in front of the San Jose Main Library. After we'd adopted her, Joe & I noticed a decided curvature in her physique from certain angles and, sure enough, she gave birth to 4 kittens not long after. Two of the kittens moved away, but Tom & Ed won us over and remained in that apartment with us and later with Mike ever since. For this reason we do not recommend these cats as outdoor cats.

Ideally we'd like to find one home for Oban, who would benefit from hogging all of someone's attention, and another for the boys, who love to play and sleep together and make a great team. They are all in good health and spayed or neutered as appropriate. Send an email to cats at this domain if you're interested.

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Fine, but Brain is Full 2002

Hi. I'm fine. Great actually, but I come home from work and my brain is so full from trying to cram all the things I need to know about my wonderful new job in there that I don't do anything but eat, find clothes for the next day and maybe get one or two things done. Given that dishes, laundry, vacuuming and sleep are cued up ahead of writing interesting things in my weblog, I guess I'm gonna stay boring for a little while.

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