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It's good good good 2001

Though it goes against instinct, sometimes the way to feel completely satisfied is to quit trying so hard. Relax, chill out and things just get better.

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Cleanliness is next to something, that's for damn sure. 2001

In honor of housemates who were (and are) cleaner than me and for the edification of those rotten bastards who can't maintain some standard of decency, I direct your attention to Cleaning the Fucking Kitchen for Dummies [thanks to Jay for the linky goodness]

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Hello and welcome to Tuesday 2001

I relaxed last night. I relaxed a lot. Talked on the phone with friends, watched some more of the commentary track of Seven Samurai (which continues to be excellent), and, yes, spent a little time in the garage sorting out the last couple boxes.

I was probably a bit too relaxed because I committed to be in San Francisco at 5pm, forgetting that I have a 3:30 meeting with a client in Redwood City that will probably run at least 2 and maybe 3 hours. Whoops. At least I remembered this morning so I didn't dress too casually for a customer visit. Now I just need to figure out this cloning machine and I'll be all set...

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"Hello, my name is scum" 2001

So when I receive advertising to the email address intended for use only by those visiting my site with non-visual browsers, I have to wonder if spammers are just soulless drones who care nothing about the rest of the world, who only thought "Aw, dammit, now all our junk mail to Verizon will bounce" when the WTC went down, or if they're just unable to find legitimate employment? Are they too lame even for the "barely legal teens" porn industry? Did they lose their jobs at the mall? Jeez. Pathetic little weasels.

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Maybe it's time... 2001

Timo has brightened my day (despite the early darkness) with this delightfully silly post.

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Temptation 2001

Thanks to Ev, I am now dreaming dreamy dreams about a major project for next few summers: walking the California coast.

Hmm, 1200 miles at 12 miles a day is 100 days is 3 months of walking. Gosh. That's almost as big a challenge as walking every street, every block in San Francisco. Considering the progess I'm making on that project without even living in the city yet, I'm confident that the coast is within my reach as well.

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Recommended Viewing 2001

The American Astronaut opens this Friday at the Lumiere Theatre in San Francisco and I strongly encourage you to go. It is strange and wonderful.

"Written, directed, and starring Cory McAbee of The Billy Nayer Show, this space western musical uses flinty black-and-white photography, rugged Lo-Fi sets and the spirit of the final frontier to bring the film, set in the dirty, isolated vastness of outer space, to life. ... The film features an original soundtrack by the The Billy Nayer Show." [source]
I was excited to learn that there will be an opening night party at the Edinburgh Castle (950 Geary, near Larkin) at around 9pm. See you there!

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Wow. No wonder I'm hungry. 2001

About 1 or 2pm today I started working on sorting through some papers in my garage. I just came upstairs to check the price of something on eBay (under $10, rats!) and saw the clock. Gosh! I sure can get lost in a project! Dinner time... after a few more boxes... ;)

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Gifts 2001

One of the good things about having new people come into your life is the gifts they give you, even the silly, casual, unconscious ones. On our first date, as we were standing on his balcony looking down on the romantically twinkling lights of San Francisco, Mike said "Hey, would you watch The Daily Show with me? It's really good." I thought it was kinda funny that he wanted to go watch t.v., but rather than giving me the impression he wasn't interested in me, the way he asked let me know that he just wanted to share a favorite thing. And he was right. It was really funny and clever. (And it was only half an hour and then there was kissing which we also enjoyed).

A few weeks later, he told me that Jon Stewart had returned to the air after the events of September 11th and gave a very powerful speech. I read the transcript and it made me feel good and proud to be a citizen of a democracy. I just watched a video clip of the speech and am even more impressed and moved. I encourage you to watch it. It is not jingoism or knee-jerk flag-waving; it's real and true and good.

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Coolness 2001

Hooray for friends who stand by you even when it's a pain in the butt! Thanks, Edmond.

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Good isn't necessarily comfortable. 2001

Clarity, even when it reveals what you don't want to see, is a good thing.

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Bad Blood 2001

I wish I had the technical means to discover what evil chemical gets pumped into my system around 3 to 6 days before my period every month. It brings on the black dog days and makes me feel like my blood has been replaced by industrial waste. I'd like to have some means to detect its arrival, at the very least, and, ideally, counteract it. I've observed that testosterone carries it's own price and I wouldn't trade, but some days I just don't enjoy being a girl.

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Analysis Paralysis 2001

I hate feeling like the woman in a Dave Barry column about relationships.

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Black Dog Day 2001

Here it is again. Recognizable patterns in my moods. It acts as an amplifier to anything depressing or anxious or sad. I cried last night for 45 minutes straight because my grandpa fell down earlier this week. It's scary that his muscles aren't responding the way they should. I love him very much, so I hate to see him have to put up with his body failing him. His mind is fine; he doesn't deserve this crap, but I guess it's just the reward for being 86.

It also acts as a catalyst. Painful but necessary. There's a hard conversation approaching. On the other side of it, much more clarity. I don't think even Lester's song will help me with this one.

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Hell yeah 2001

Ok, it had been 8 hours, definitely time to take a break from work and watch Lester's movie again. 5 times in a row. I think there are subliminal messages in there; I have a sudden urge to ship large quantities of sassy polyester clothing to Alaska.

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Sing it, baby! 2001

Polyester Lester is singing for me and by that I don't mean just providing entertainment, but rather singing on my behalf.

[This could be construed as meaning I'm directing those lyrics at someone. I'm not applying that kind of pressure to anyone in particular, but I'm sure belting it out to the universe. Um, by proxy.]

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Doing Good Things In Honor Of Good People 2001

My grandparents, who I think you'd really like because they are very cool people, are about to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary on November 1st. Let's say that again together: sixty-fifth wedding anniversary. That's right, they were married in 1936. Think about all the things they have lived through as a couple...

I'd like to give them a really special anniversary present. What I think they'd most appreciate are good deeds done. When you do something to make the world a happier, more peaceful place in the next year, would you think some pleasant thoughts about Bob & Susie McCombs? Give blood, help build a house (I'm going to volunteer with the San Francisco chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Care to join me?), teach someone to read, sponsor a child who needs some extra help, mediate peaceful solutions, start a community garden, whatever brings more love into the world, do that and think about 65+ years of love.

I know they'd love to hear your stories, so please send them to me at this domain and I'll pass them along.

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Bzzzzz.... 2001

Dang, that Sky Between The Branches is some strong stuff. I'm all whirry.

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Good Influences 2001

That good looking fellow I watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 with every Saturday has some other very civilized habits which are rubbing off on me; I've developed a taste for properly-brewed green tea. Today's pleasures: "Silver Needles", a delicate white tea, and "Sky Between The Branches", a more robust green tea. Mmm, lovely.

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What do you think? 2001

Here's where comments would come in handy, but I don't have them yet. *sigh* So, given how much time I ought to spend studying Japanese compared to how much time I should spend tinkering with my site, I can only budget so much renovation time. Tell me, what should my next improvement be: a) getting the webcam working again, b) adding comment functionality, or c) something else like ________________. Email me at this domain or instant message me or just tell me when you see me, ok? Thanks.

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Love the camera! Hate the camera! Work it baby! 2001

Brace yourself for Grrrlander, my contribution to Jay's Zoolander Bloggy-style project.

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Good Music Alert 2001

Kay Livesay let me know that master kora player Alhaji Papa Susso will be performing at the University of San Francisco Thursday night for FREE! (Our favorite price)
Here's the scoop:

Alhaji Papa Susso is a master kora (African harp-lute) player and oral historian from The Gambia, West Africa. For a unique cultural experience, come see him talk about and perform the famous Sunjata epic.

Thursday, October 25, 2001 at 7 p.m. in McLaren 251 (McLaren is a building on campus, on the SE side of campus, just off Fulton). The event is free and open to the public.

Sunjata was the king of Manding and later the emperor of Mali. Today, the story of Sundiata is found not only among his native Mandinka people, but throughout the entire Mandingo language group which is spoken in Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, and Gambia. The main vehicle for the transmission of this story is the professional bard called the griot or, more properly, the jali. The jali is trained from childhood in the art of oral poetry. Within the Sundiata story itself, the jali Balla Foureke plays an important role as adviser to the king and as the keeper of the royal memory. The modern jali does not have a king, but he still serves the same
memorializing function in the community.

Kay and I are meeting outside McLaren 251 at 6:40p.m. if you want to join us.

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Excellence in Journalism 2001

I highly recommend this informative article: Privileged Children Of Millionaires Square Off On World Stage. It really makes so clear the differences between the leaders on each side of the present struggle.

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Event Space? 2001

Hey, does anyone have a handle on cheap or free venues for events in San Francisco? It needs to accomodate 75-200 people. (Smaller space needs a kitchen or at least permission for bringing in equipment to heat food). Larger space needs permission for amplified music. Drop me a note at this domain and steer me to some good stuff!

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Faaaabulous! 2001

My former housemate, Ford, is back on my radar and sassier than ever! I just adore what you've done with your hair, Ford!

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