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Nice Folks 2001

Allow me to remind you just how cool my friend pb is. Today he's talkin' 'bout DVDs. I so wish I could teleport over to his lovely home and watch some Simpsons. I might even let skp talk me into watching Pride & Prejudice even though I don't normal go for that 19th century girly stuff.

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Great news! Italy, France and 2001

Great news!
Italy, France and Monaco create whale sanctuary. "The sanctuary, covering 32,400 square miles -- twice the area of Switzerland -- lies between the French Cote d'Azur, Monaco and the Ligurian coast of northern Italy, and includes waters around the islands of Corsica and Sardinia."

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An Evening At The Circus 2001

Thanks to luck and the kind folks at KFOG, Mike and I were able to enjoy a fabulous evening last night at Teatro Zinzanni. The venue, food and entertainment were all top-notch. If I could afford the approximately $120 per person to go again, I would. As it was, I'm ever so glad KFOG and Teatro Zinzanni saw fit to give away some free tickets and I was more than happy to tip the waiters & bartenders heavily.

Fabulous quote of the evening from Cookie: "Honey, never turn your back on a drag queen." Oh and what a queen she is, god save her indeed!

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Comfort 2001

My email today brings me wise and comforting words from Christina Wodtke:

Many of us are still struggling to shake off the malaise induced by the WTC attack... many of us haven't been as productive as we've been in the past. Talking with friends this week, I've found many are apologetic and guilty: they haven't been able to get much done and since they didn't lose anyone they knew personally, they feel that their grief is somehow out of place, out of measure.

Our president told us to go back to work. He promised to get those guys (who ever "those guys" are). But he didn't tell us how to deal with our loss-- and we all had a loss. The loss of our precious ordinariness. A plane fling over head that was invisible to me last month fills me with sorrow for lost dreams. A large truck makes me nervous about chemical warfare. A young male friend suddenly seems venerable to draft and death.Our assumptions have been shaken, and an unfocused fear has taken its place.

So give yourself permission to mourn your everyday life, interrupted so brutally. Don't feel guilty for the past malaise. Then take stock in your pleasures: your favorite album, your favorite movie, your favorite book. Open the nice bottle of wine you've been saving, buy the hardback version of the novel from your favorite author, the rare import CD from your favorite band. Stop staring listlessly at the monitor and steal away from work to catch some sunshine. Admit we all lost something Tuesday-- not metaphorically, but truly. Only then we can do what we each need to return to our lives. Each in our own way, at our own pace.

Christina is one of many thoughtful, intelligent people on the web to whose sites I return again and again. Yes, she's right; we need to spend a little more time away from our monitors, but when we are logged in, it's worth visiting
  • Christina Wodtke's Elegant Hack focusing on Information Architecture and illustrating why she makes my list of The Most Influential People In Web Work
  • Caterina Fake's caterina.net which covers anything & everything (but especially reading) and makes me love her to pieces
  • Meg Hourihan's Megnut where Meg talks most often about things which are hard to talk about. Like all the best sorts of friends, she makes me think.
  • The Lady Rebecca Blood's rebecca's pocket, a news feed with a humane perspective. Rebecca's love and anger are an inspiration.
Oh, there are lots more, but I'm going to tell you later. Right now I want to finish reading this amazing issue of The Onion.

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Another good article from Salon: 2001

Terror's first victims: When fanatics like the Taliban seize control of Islamic countries, women are the first to suffer by Janelle Brown. [thanks to Charles at little green footballs for the link]

For more on how quality of life for women is directly related to quality of life for everyone in the world, please explore the UN's WomenWatch site.

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He's Back! 2001

I have the coolest housemate. I'm glad he had a good trip and really glad he's back.

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Connectivity 2001

So, as you might guess, I currently have no internet connection from home. Not much updating for the next few days, I'm afraid.

Good news: Edmond was not eaten by bears. He's back safe from his long journey on the John Muir Trail and has great pictures, strong legs and a beard.

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Something happened last night. 2001

I stopped at Kabul Afghan restaurant in Sunnyvale to get some dinner on my way home. To my great pleasure, the restaurant was half full of a nice variety of people. I ordered my challaw sabsi to go from the friendly host and sat down to wait. As I sat, a group of white folks came in. The older man stepped forward and embraced the host saying "It is good to see you. No matter what is happening in the world, you are a good friend." Then he introduced his children and they were welcomed in to eat dinner.
Something good happened last night.

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I (heart) David Emery 2001

Terrorist Attacks: The Wingdings Prophecies.

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DSL or No DSL 2001

Ok, I'm heading home to find out if I have any internet connection. If not, I may finally catch up on some reading & movie watching, eh?

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More DSL Hell 2001

Well, crap. I just talked to PacBell and, contrary to what I have been told the last 3 times I called over the last month, I am now told that a) Tycho/DSL.net has finally put through a release of my account (that's the good news) b) which won't go through until the 25th (bad) and c) once I am permitted to start the signup process with PacBell on the 26th or 27th it will take another 7 business days for my account to be activated (really bad). Since Tycho/DSL.net previously announced that they will cease providing DSL service to me on the 20th, that probably means I will have no internet access from home for the next 2-3 weeks. Argh. Gotta figure out some kind of dial-up solution.

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Leseschuld continued... 2001

And so what did I do last night? Yes, that's it. I bought another book.

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Darn you, Caterina! 2001

Darn you, Caterina! She's making me want to read things again. More leseschuld.
[the stack of unfinished books & yet to be started borrowed books & newly purchased books beside my bed clears its throat meaningfully]

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One Question 2001

As I walk through
This wicked world
Searchin' for light in the darkness of insanity.
I ask myself
Is all hope lost?
Is there only pain and hatred, and misery?
And each time I feel like this inside,
There's one thing I wanna know:
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?

And as I walk on
Through troubled times
My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes
So where are the strong
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony.

'Cause each time I feel it slippin' away, just makes me wanna cry.
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?

So where are the strong?
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony.

'Cause each time I feel it slippin' away, just makes me wanna cry.
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?

- Elvis Costello

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Disgusting 2001

Reading of recent hate attacks makes me ashamed to be white and American. I fear for the safety of good and innocent people at the hands of zenophobic assholes and their apathetic girlfriends.

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Chronologically peculiar evening. 2001

I went to bed about 9 something and slept until almost midnight. Then woke up awake enough that I needed to get out of bed & do something. I think I can head back to bed soon now and sleep out the rest of the night. I'll probably have all kinds of weird dreams. Hope I remember some of them - assuming they aren't bad visions of the WTC, those I can do without.

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DSL.net are poopyheads 2001

Um, yeah, so, why I would not recommend the services of DSL.net is that they are handling their purchase of Tycho.net very poorly. They bought Tycho, who had been providing perfectly good service to me. Then they announced that they would no longer provide DSL service in our area (Silicon Valley? Hello!). Maybe this had something to do with Northpoint going under. Anyhow, they claim to have sent out a message about all this at the beginning of August, but I didn't get any notification until August 16th that my service would go away September 20th. They recommended another company and so I thought "ok, transfer over, no start up fees, that's cool", but that other company told me "Uh, no, we're not offering DSL after all." Then DSL.net said "Uh, gee, I dunno. Good luck finding a provider." and I called around.

To my total shock & amazement, after calling AT&T, Sprint & PacBell, it was PacBell who were competent, courteous and sounded most able to provide the service I want in a timely fashion at a reasonable price. Wonderful! Except that my line is "locked" by DSL.net and they can't make the switch over to their service (which we hope won't even require a visit to my home) until it's "unlocked".

Fast forward to today when I notice "hmm, since my service with DSL.net might not shut down until Thursday night & there might be some lagtime with all this, maybe I should try to get wheels in motion earlier and maybe have some slim chance of connectivity this weekend". So I called PacBell to see if they could see the upcoming "unlock" time. No dice. So I called DSL.net to ask them a) what happens next and b) can they force an "unlock" early. On hold for 45 minutes before reaching a human, who can't do anything to help me and so transfers me to Tycho.net where no one answers the phones & I end up leaving voicemail. Called DSL.net back and they really do know nothing and I was told "Oh, we don't own Tycho anymore". Despite my bills coming under the name "DSL.net, they clearly have no interest in providing DSL service to customers in my area or in proving themselves a decent company by assuring a smooth transfer.

So phooey on them!

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... 2001

Too much suckiness.

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Yeah 2001

Jason. I know exactly what you mean or at least it sounds awfully familiar.

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What a weird, sucky day. 2001

My DSL line will probably cease to function on Thursday, but I can't start new service with PacBell because the line is "locked". I had too much sugar and felt really freaky all day. The news is scaring me. To top it all off, via Nerve personals, I got 3 (mercifully identity protected) emails in a row from some guy whose personal ad looks like a gay porn video still and who I get the distinct impression may charge for his, *ahem*, services. I think from the style of his writing, he's all hopped up on something. Great, a drugged out escort, oh yeah, that's just what I'm lookin' for, that stuff last night about love & compatibility & connecting must have been a hallucination. *sheesh* What a day.

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I would not recommend the services of DSL.net.

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Musing 2001

A wistful little Vangelis song just started playing on the stereo ("La Petite Fille de la Mer") and rather than go immediately to bed as I was about to, I'm sitting listening to it.

I am an optimist, a dreamer of dreamy dreams. This is by and large a very good thing, but this year I've become aware of my tendency to do that in romantic relationships. It's good to have hope & wishes & see the potential for something excellent. However, when you (by which I mean I) start paying more attention to the dream than to the reality, disappointment is the only likely outcome.

I'm a very loving person. Even before the events of September 11th made me examine my priorities, I knew that I wanted to be spending more of my time showing love, feeling love. I'm not just speaking of romance here. I want my day-to-day life to include more time devoted to spreading happiness, to celebrating people, to being kind. I miss the simple little kindnesses I was able to render when I had my bookstore, when I worked the door at F/X: the Club. I don't want to go back to retail - I'm not that much of a Pollyanna - but I do want to connect with more people. At least I'm walking down the street smiling more often than I've done in years, but it's not yet enough.

And, yes, this loving, caring urge is romantic too. Impossible to deny that. I really do want to give that love to someone special and get it back from him. That partnership is something I really wish for in my life. Unfortunately, it's not the sort of thing you can push to happen. There have been those who were drawn to me, but with whom I didn't feel that certain ineffable something. And vice versa of course. It's almost impossible to define what makes the heart go bump, but I know it when I feel it and it's not an unattainable rarity. I date and the guys are nice, there's potential there, perhaps after time goes by we'll figure out if there's true compatibility, and I don't want to do anything to mess up that possibility, so the dreams go on the back burner. Getting a little better at that now. Learning a bit of keeping my cool - admittedly a very warm sort of cool - and keeping my wits about me. Yeah, I'm doin' ok.

'Well, ok, except I hear Marion the Librarian again, singing:

Knee-deep in love--what a lovely dream!
And yet, somehow,
Me deep in love's only half of what I'm longing for now.
I still love my being in love with someone,
But tell me, why couldn't there be
Somebody being in love with me?

*sigh* I fear changing my tune to "Hey, you've got to hide your love away". I wouldn't be the same Dinah if I did, but would I stand a better chance of feeling more completeness in my life?

I talked this over with my folks this past weekend and, after a certain amount of fretting over my longing for a good long-term relationship, I said "It's not surprising that I feel the lack of someone there to shower me with affection given the loving and supportive childhood I had both at home and at school." They said "Well, of course; if you're born in Hawaii, it's tough to move to Wyoming." I guess if kind words & hugs & kisses are rain, I'm definitely a tropical flower.

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SXSW, baby! 2001

Lots of distractions lately, but interested persons shouldn't forget to register for SXSW before the evening of the 21st when the priclor=o up. I decided to go for film & interactive this time.

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Update 2001

Vikram Singh sent me a corrected copy of his excellent essay from over the weekend and have updated it below. Do take a moment to read it if you didn't already take the time.

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Interesting essays on recent events: 2001

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