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In Big Trouble 2001

I'm under arrest for "almost criminal lack of exposure to good flicks". The court appears likely to sentence me long evenings of correction. Guilty as charged; I throw myself on the mercy of the court and hope for rehabilitation.

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Ahh, my favorite show... 2001

Invader Zim!

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Caterina Fake is my hero. 2001

Not only is she a brilliant writer, a snappy dresser, and a damn fine friend, she's also so right.

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Neat! 2001

Man, I just love how weblogging let's you have these funny, friendly, touching personal conversations with really cool people you would otherwise probably never meet. Like, for example, Wil. Just spent a while catching up on his recent posts and I can see that a thorough visit to his archives is order. Welcome aboard, man. Keep talking; we're listening. And, hey, pass me another piece of virtual pizza, wouldja? (Down, Ferris! Dogs don't get pizza 'til it's cold).

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...it's who you know... 2001

Has anyone out there (I can't see you, the lights are shining in my face up here on the stage) created a "people file"? Or done something like that to keep track of everyone you meet who you think you might want to connect with (or connect someone else with) again? I'm getting to know such a diverse mix of folks that I can't keep it all in my head and my inner reference librarian is unhappy about just forgetting all that potentially useful information.

So, I've resigned myself to finding a tool (software or otherwise), but it's tough going so far. I'm not in sales per se so most contact management tools include lots of things I doubt I'd ever need. I was thinking of using The Brain because I love it's ability to cope with many tangential links, but then I found out they don't have a Palm version. Since most of this meeting & hooking people up with each other happens on the go, I need a mobile tool. Any ideas?

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Gender Determinism 2001

Ah, and on the other end from mellowness, Dave asks "Is staying silent is a female thing too?". Sometimes we're silent because we're too pissed off for coherent conversation. Men are evolutionarily better suited to write software?! What the fuck? Dave, what the hell are you typing with?

How do you reconcile these two statements: "men's minds are better suited to creating complex and dark caves and patiently retrying connections" and "Women took the lead in building the early Web. That's how apple.com got on the air. Everywhere I looked there were secretaries and librarians, doing the organizing and writing. The Web is a structure of documents. Women get that in a way men don't. Evolution created them that way." How is organization of information structures to enable computers to achieve something fundamentally, genetically different from organization of information structures to enable humans to achieve something?

I'd love to hear a response from my anthropology/archaeology mentor Diane Gifford-Gonzalez to this gem: "Until a few hundred years ago (maybe just a few decades, maybe no time at all), men fought and hunted and gathered, while women built civilization." Oh yeah, women have just sat at home making the Bayeaux tapestry and eating bon-bons. Gah.

I am trying to find some common point of understanding from which to start and so far the best one seems to be: more women should attend technical conferences. I'd love to talk about this in person with folks at Web 2001 next week, unfortunately, I can't afford to go ($1900+ ouch!) and wasn't invited to speak on any panels. I commend your attention instead to the following women from whom you can learn a lot: Janice Crotty-Fraser, Molly E. Holzschlag, Drue Miller, Mimi Rosenheim, Misty West and Indi Young.

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Having a lovely weekend! 2001

Saw John Leguizamo's show last night - it was fine, didn't resonate with me as much as I expected it would what with me having a functional family and no children or desire for them, but I had fun anyhow. Today was lazy and that was nice. Really really really nice. Tomorrow will be a hike across San Francisco. Not sure what route this time, but looking forward to covering new ground. Hope your respective weekends are going well too!

(Jeez, what a mellow post. I'm just so darn relaxed!)

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Favorite names for a blog which is written by someone who reads my blog, but whose blog I haven't read yet: 2001

Visible Darkness.

Umamitsunami: A wave of deliciousness.

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They're So Cute At That Age 2001

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Blogger, happy birthday to you.

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Whatchamacallit 2001

Dan knows things. Those cherry picker crane things I mentioned a while back that Carl & I saw inexpertly driven? They are called stick booms.

stickboom stickboom stickitystickstickboom.

Thanks, Dan. My brain feels good now.

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So I think it's time to spice things up around here. 2001

I don't have time to rework the whole site because I'm too busy fighting boredom and mundanity in my superheroine life as MetaGrrrl, but at least I can put up a new picture, change the font a bit and get rid of that stupid webcam link until I fix the dang thing again.

My advice to you is, if you're bored with life (or as in my case perfectly happy, but ready to be happier), maybe you should try walking entire cities, buying roses for pretty boys (or girls), guffawing along with Laughing Sal at the Musee Mechanique or, if you're really feeling wild, buying yourself a black latex catsuit. What are you waiting for? Be bold, be silly. Do what you love. The things that make you happy - really happy, not just amused, really really happy - will make you wise (or at least a hell of a lot of fun to be around).

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Ah yes, Texas. 2001

My Uncle Larry finds the best quotes & puts them at the end of his emails. Tonight's made me so glad I grew up in Northern California:

I learned two things growing up in Texas. One is that God loves you and you're going to burn in hell. The other is that sex is the most awful, dirty thing on the face of the earth and you should save it for the one you love.
--Butch Hancock

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Um, do these spam subject lines sound like a good thing to anybody? 2001

I mean what kind of person sees a piece of email titled "Explosive Erection Formula That Works!" and says "Oh boy! That's just what I've been needing! Exploding genitalia!"?

Wait. Don't answer that. I don't want to know.

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Had a great visit with family up in Mendecino. 2001

It was beautiful up there and wonderful to see everyone. I slept in lots and had a very relaxing time. Unfortunately, it's a 5 hour drive to get home on a Sunday afternoon in summertime and I'm now too pooped to tell you any more than that.

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Argh. Sloppy Software Design. 2001

You might think if you opened a file which was created in an older version of a program and then did a lot of work on it, when you said "Save" and the program said "This was created in an older version, would you like to save in the newer format? Yes/No/Cancel", that if you chose "No" it would then save in the old format.

Yes, you might think that. And you might close the program confident that your work had been saved. And if you're me working in iGrafx Process (process modelling software), you would be wrong.

Damn good thing I printed this enormous chart before I quit. Now I just have to read the chart and put all those changes in again. Where's my steak knife?

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Eh? 2001

Seth responded to my shopping list with his recommendation:

My favorite source for earplugs is Tap Plastic. The earplugs are fluorescent yellow and orange, work better than all other earplugs I've used over the years, and cost 20 cents per pair.

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Dangerous Woman Alert 2001

Cool people (and since you're here, that must be you, right?) will want to check out the fun stuff lurking inside the juggling balls of my friend L1. (Ah, and by the way, she's looking for web design/Photoshop/Javascript/HTML work. Snap up some of that skill!)

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Hey! You snatched that right out of my palm, grasshopper! 2001

When I realized Kristin had started to kick my butt on the blogging front, we had this little instant messaging exchange:

Dinah: http://www.fsinet.or.jp/~sokaisha/rabbit/rabbit.htm (don't install the language extensions of course)
Kristin: Already blogged it today :)
Kristin: Cute as hell
Dinah: DANG. You are so scooping me. Jeez, girl.
Kristin: Hey, I make the rounds
Dinah: I believe your line is "Now *I* am the master!"
Kristin: HaHA! Now *I* am the master!
Kristin: How's that?
Dinah: whoa. Scary.
Dinah: Dang. You can punctuate.

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Oh, yes, I live here, that's right, I remember now. 2001

I'm home this evening which means time to answer email and catch up on a bit of blog posting. First up this amusing account of a visit to Seattle by one of my relatives, my ?2nd cousin? Bob:

Gothic young people in very dark shades with tiny pieces of metal stuck in their cheeks, professorial gentlemen in capes, fat people from the suburbs, confused looking tourists in God-awful outfits (I'm in that category), and everything in between and around the sides. I decided to forego my running for fear of simply making this confusing situation worse. No one wants to see a tall man running around the downtown sidewalks.
Bob also obligingly located this page for me which eases some of that surfing pressure I've been feeling. Unfortunately, it only reminds me of the amount of reading I have piling up. Here comes the leseschuld again.

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Use The Device 2001

Interesting comments from Kevin regarding Palm buying Be. I'm not sure if he's right, but I sure hope so because all that Dick Tracy stuff sounds pretty cool to me.

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Well, I said I'd go to bed earlier tonight. 2001

I was kind of planning it to be more than 10 minutes earlier, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

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Love! 2001

One thing I really like about Kristin is how in the midst of romantic crises, reality checks, thwarted fantasies or whatever other pains of the heart we're undergoing, she can still point me to the reminders that dreaming of true love isn't the stupidest thing you can do.

The Lady Rebecca Blood said something to me recently that made my heart jump & twist inside me. She was talking about her sweet husband and said "I wish I had known during all those heartbroken years that I really was waiting for someone." Having had several excellent relationships in my time, it becomes easy to fear I've used up my quota of romance. True friends like Kristin & Rebecca & Beverly & my mum reassure me that so long as I maintain a hopeful (not hopeless) romantic nature and an undeluded heart, I needn't give up hope or try to force my dreams into Cinderella shoes that don't really fit.

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Wowza. 2001

It's a damn good thing I got myself a black latex catsuit, 'cause the acolyte is now the master blogger and all I can do is think about my new career fighting mundanity ("Look! It's MetaGrrrl! We're saved!") while she slams down the mighty fine linky goodness.

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What the heck am I doing awake? 2001

I must correct this immediately. Zzzzzzz

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Happiness is goofy movies & dressing up in costumes 2001

Thanks to my totally awesome pal Kristin, you get to see the silliness I engaged in last Thursday. Shannon 'Buttpirate' Hamilton, Justice, Jay, Silent Bob Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back was goofy fun and we all had a great time. To our amusement, the ladies in the Japanese restaurant next to the theater were unfazed by our outfits when we went there after the movie. I guess they're just typical blasé San Franciscan waitresses.

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