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Odd day. 2001

For all my cheerfulness in the morning I never could get into a good working mood and really whip through things. Felt like I spent the whole day behind myself shoving myself along.

Now it's a fitful sort of evening. No proper dinner (I had a nice big lunch with Kevin and Kristin), not really up for a movie or reading, unsatisfied by web surfing, disinclined to play computer games. Feh.

I know what's really going on, of course; I really want to be walking in San Francisco or kissing. Since I don't get to do that, I'm contemptuous of my other options. Well, a nice hot bath is a good cure-all. Off to soak my skin.

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Mmm, 11 hours sleep does a grrrl good. 2001

Feeling relaxed and cheerful this morning.

I've realized that I'm now hooked on San Francisco walking. After my long sleep, a good walk to loosen myself up sounds so appealling. A climb up Corona Heights would do the trick nicely, but instead I need to do this silly work thing.

drat. Reality.

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*whew* Starting to lag a bit here. 2001

I'm going to bed early tonight that's for sure. Too many late nights in a row. Still worth it. I'll trade a great weekend night for a boring Monday night any time.

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Ah what a magical marvelous weekend. 2001

I'm grinning and exhausted from my social whirl. Sunday was great too. B.J. cooked hashbrowns and he and Bev & I sat around talking and chillin' (I am now being down wit dat). Early afternoon - I dunno, 2ish? - I left and walked up Fillmore to Hayes and then along Alamo Square to admire the classic postcard view of SF with the seven painted lady Victorian houses and the skyline of the rest of the city behind them. I mosied around Castro area filling in streets I hadn't seen (Noe around 15th & 16th sure is nice) and then met up with Lenny for coffee and more rambling walking. That led to a great drive in Lenny's convertible all over the city (I now know what the coolest Burger King in the city looks like when it's closed and that if you have to go to the bathroom on a Sunday evening in the Presidio, the bowling alley is the place to go). This tour, ably chauffered by Lenny's extra-cool housemate Jack (dressed for success in a UtiliKilt) culminated in a delicious thai dinner and more hangin' out talking about this and that and admiring the view from their fabulous apartment. Stayed up waaay too late, but boy was it worth it. Fun & friends beat sleep, at least for a few days.

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Wow. The joint was jumpin' over at DNA tonight. 2001

Wish my feet hadn't been too tired to dance...

Ah and now to bed and hooray for that!

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O what a wonderful day! 2001

Weather beautiful. Company excellent. Body feeling great. And in the best city in the world. All combined to make me really happy.

I walked across the city from West to East! Hooray! I began at Merrie Way (that gravel parking lot just up the hill from Cliff House) and then walked through Lincoln Park along the coastal trail to the Palace of the Legion of Honor to pay my respects at the Holocaust Memorial. Then down past the rich people bowling, er, the golfers to California Street. I sat on the bench for a moment enjoying the vista and the challenge ahead.

The first - long - stretch is slightly downhill or flat for much of the way so I made great time. Stopped for a latte and some dolmas at a great coffee/snack spot at 22nd Street. Then onward! I stuck to California Street except for a brief detour to check in at Flat Plastic Sound and to grab a cup of tea (& use the restroom) at I Love Chocolate.

My pal Kevin Smokler joined me at Buchanan and California and we had a great time walking and talking. When we reached Justin Herman Plaza Kevin obligingly saved wear and tear on my feet by jumping up and down for me.

By then we were rather peckish so we went down the Embarcadero to Brannan for spinach salads at Delancy Street. After lunch, Kevin headed home and I walked over to visit Carl who proved once again how incredibly cool he is by showing me his complete set of Craftsmen tools collectors cards. And then we went to the grocery store. After that Carl walked with me and we saw hard to read poetry carved in the sides of buildings, saw a man using one of those "get me up in a really high place" thingies (cherry-pickers?) who didn't seem to know how to operate it very well, found a street that wasn't on the map and read the history of pharmacology in the windows of Walgreens. I love hanging out with Carl.

After Carl went home, I wandered my way back halfway across the city to where I'm staying and now it's time, mmm, it's time for a shower. Partly because I'm a teensy bit sweaty and partly because I want to be all nice before I dress up like a naughty schoolgrrrl and go to the DNA Lounge. "Again?" Yes, indeed. Again. Wheee!

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Clarification 2001

Note that when I say I'll be spending lots on booze (yes, my family does read my website, why do you ask?), I am referring to the prices ($6 + $2 tip for a good cocktail) rather than the quantity. Mercifully for my pocketbook, I'm a lightweight.
For convenience here is the Dinah Drinking Chart:

  • Cocktail 1: Dinah is vivacious.
  • Cocktail 2: Dinah is saucy and may dance.
  • Cocktail 3: Depending on quantity of food & water consumed before & between drinks, Dinah is silly and definitely dancing or Dinah is yawning.
  • Cocktail 4: Dinah is asleep.
Given the lack of enjoyment to be found in going out on the town to take a nap, I rarely proceed to cocktail 3.

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My plans have changed again! 2001

And only because I am a sucker for fun...

My friend Fil called and said "Are you still going to DNA tonight?" I said I wasn't but then he used his powers of persuasion "It'll be fun...we can have dinner at Butter...come on...we can go to Martuni's too..." and I said "OK!" We'll probably end up at DNA around midnight and, yes, I will still be walking across the city tomorrow.

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Cash Advance 2001

I'll be spending a portion of next year's tax refund on good food and club cover charges and booze in San Francisco. At my present rate it should get me through the month of August.

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Now that's the sort of fabulousness I like to see: 2001

What a charming creature!
Why don't more boys let themselves be outrageously pretty sometimes?

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whoa. 2001

I'm glad I won't be going out tomorrow night. I need a quiet evening. Tonight (laughing until the tears ran down my face at ComedySportz) was fun, but I'm feelin' kinda wiped out. I think I'm ready for some mellower time with friends.

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Ok, plans have changed. 2001

I am not going to the fabulous DNA Lounge on Friday night. I am going on Saturday night. So, if you want to join me for any or all of my San Francisco fun, the plan is to go up Saturday morning before the little semi-nocturnal denizens of that fair city have woken up (say around 9:30 or 10) and spend the day walking from Cliff House to Justin Herman Plaza (it's only 8 miles, you can do it!) then visit friends to make use of showers and changing space before heading out for dinner and club fun.

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Hee hee 2001

Meg makes me giggle:

This current song (Starálfur) sounds like it could be the soundtrack in some post-apocalyptic futuristic movie, something taking place when we no longer speak English and the world is decimated by wars, yet somehow there's a green field that's survived it all, with a young sapling reaching upwards, and that's where the camera zooms in on our heroes and this song plays in the background. Or something. I don't know. Work with me here.

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Surprise! 2001

So I went to my P.O. Box last night and it was full o' fun - birthday presents from my pals. Freddie gave me a Timo Maas CD. Kevin gave me a comic book by Peter Milligan, a writer I like, Jessajune gave me books on Japanese baths and skepticism (for the relaxed cynic!), and Kristin gave me a storybook about warm fuzzies & cold pricklies that sent me reeling back to my 70's upbringing and an Afghan cookbook which inspired last night's yummy dinner: Sabsi Palau. I have very cool friends.

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What do librarians do for fun? 2001

Send each other the URLs of interesting dictionaries. Today: the Berkeley Police Department's Common Terms Used in Law Enforcement (thanks, Kevin!).

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Minimum standards 2001

"We're in trouble when even cross-dressers lack snap, friends."
- the shocking state of the world in The Bleat

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Well, and here it is Tuesday already. 2001

Gosh. How does that happen?

Saturday: Brunch at the Slow Club followed by kite flying on the wonderful Crissy Field with B.J. and Beverly, then some tramping around in Castro/Noe Valley area and meeting up with B&B for a great dinner at La Mediterranie (or something spelled kind of like that).

Sunday: Lazing around doing nothing - not a damn thing - until 1pm, then puttering around with my Magic cards until it was time to go for a great dinner with my friends C'Anna, David & Alex. C'Anna is my 1st cousin, once removed which makes Alex my 2nd cousin, but who cares? They're nice folks, with a much cooler house than I expected to find so near Hayward, they fed me wonderful food and they asked me to tell my life story during dinner. Now, I know you all know I'm a little bit shy, but after hemming and hawing for about .037 seconds, I was convinced to oblige. Then Alex & I played Magic and he kicked my butt in the friendliest and most educational way. We'll definitely need to play again. A good evening all round.

Monday: Work and then astoundingly enough I came home and did not sit down at my computer. I changed into an old Inkspot t-shirt and a pair of shorts and futzed around in my room relaxing. Had a good phone conversation with my pal Fil. Later our neighbor Jun came over and he & Edmond & I sat & talked about this & that & nothing in particular until rather later than I should have stayed up.

Now it's Tuesday and apart from stopping to pick up anything languishing in my P.O. Box, I'm planning on a similar evening again, only without the staying up too late part.

Dinah this week: boring, but happy.

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Living In Style 2001

And now I'm at the DNA drinking a Jasmine. Life is good on Friday night.

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Spying... 2001

Mmm, I can see those fine folks at DNA getting the place all ready for me. Oh and for everyone else who comes to the club tonight I suppose.

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MetaGrrrl Fun Alert! 2001

Tonight: DNA Lounge
Tomorrow: walking across San Francisco (last week I did a South-North transit, this week will be a West-East transit starting in Lincoln Park and heading along California Street).
Email me at this domain if you want to join me for either or both!

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What a bizarre thing it is to watch an awards show. 2001

Thanks to my partner in crime, Anil, for getting me through the experience.

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Faith 2001

I believe in Peter Pan. Go Randy!

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Tough Call 2001

Anil & I watch the Best Practices category rooting for fray:
Anil Dash: best practices is on
DinahSanders: here we go. ooh, up against google ouch
Anil Dash: google, yahoo, amazon, slashdot
Anil Dash: and fray :-)
Anil Dash: heh
Anil Dash: yikes
DinahSanders: Nice nice company
[Google wins]
DinahSanders: well well.
DinahSanders: Can't really argue with that.
Anil Dash: yep
[Their acceptance speech: Google Gives Great Search Results]
Anil Dash: Most Accurate Acceptance Speech
DinahSanders: ha ha!

*sigh* but so bummed on Derek's behalf.

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Cocky Bastard! 2001

John Halcyon Styn is my hero. He's way way bigger than the Webbys.

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Wacky Webbies 2001

This show is not really that much goofier than other awards shows. It's a bit freakier though and I think that's a good thing.

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