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Hot Enough For Ya? 2001

It's 89 degrees fahrenheit in The Lab (the room where Edmond & I have our computers & the MP3 server).



Time for another biiiig glass of water.

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Oo! That's Me! 2001

I was just checking to see what day Fray Day 5 will be (Sept. 8th), and was pleased and a teensy bit flustered to find my picture from the Fray Cafe is in the artwork on the announcement page. Gosh. :)

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30 2001

You know, it's time to throw out this archaic notion of age 30 as old or beginning middle age or whatever it is that gets people in such a tizzy. Average American lifespans are in the 70's if not 80's and people are enjoying more of that time than ever, so 30 has little significance other than marking the point by which you've probably figured out a lot of what you like AND how to get it. So hooray for that and quit fussing over growing older. It's good, baby, it's all good.

Besides, I mean, come on, THIS is a 30 year old:

I rest my case.

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Not What You Expected, Eh? 2001

My sincere apologies to the visitor who came here from a search for "Black Nipples" and was instead directed to a picture of me with a giant rat. A ska-dancing, booze-swilling rat, at that. I hope that you found something here to make the trip worthwhile anyhow.

And I'm really really worried about the indexers over at AOL.

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Hello everyone. 2001

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am.
Friday I worked and finally closed out some loose ends that had been on my desk all week. In the evening I had a nice dinner with Edmond and we watched Pleasantville which turned out to be yet another really excellent movie. I am so glad we signed up for Netflix - it's really getting me into film.

Yesterday, I slept in until 10am (mmm...) and then Edmond & I went to San Francisco for a walk in Golden Gate Park. We walked around in the east end of the park and had a nice time despite it being a cool, grey day. We circled Stow Lake then visited the Academy of Sciences (where I got a membership) and enjoyed a nice lunch in their cafe. After checking out the cool fish & reptiles, Edmond looked at books on hiking and backpacking in the Academy store and I caught a little of the performance by the Red Panda Acrobats (human acrobats, not actual red pandas, mind you). Then we walked past the Conservatory of Flowers (under repair) and I confirmed my suspicion that its entryway was used as a model for some of the final sequences of Grim Fandango. We puttered our way along up Haight St., browsed in Booksmith (excellent bookstore) and then walked back to the car via the rose garden. Deciding we like the whole "someone else cook and just set some good food in front of me" concept, we had dinner at Banjara in Sunnyvale. The food was excellent, though the atmosphere was a bit bizarre. Thanks to the multiple TV's we didn't miss a moment of "Mr. India", a show which appears to combine James Bond, Indiana Jones and, inexplicably, the Invisible Man. When we got home we connived our innocent neighbor, Jun, into coming over and getting sucked into the first 2 episodes of I, Claudius. Boy oh boy, that Livia was a serpent!

Today, I slept in again (ahhhh...) and then read a good, but very heavy, graphic novel about war in the Balkans, Safe Area Gorazde. Not a pleasant subject, but very important to bear witness to. The same kind of madness that inspired the Nazis is still very present in our world.

After spending the middle of the day reading of war, I am paying extra attention to enjoying my mundane and peaceful life. I'm doing my laundry in a machine, in my home, because I am lucky to have the home and the machine and the electricity to run it. If I want to walk across the street to the grocery store, I don't have to worry about someone shooting me. No one is firing shells at my neighborhood and I've never seen anyone dead on the streets or even with blood on their clothes here. I have enough food to eat - though I just had plain bread and some soy milk so far today; it would have felt gross to eat rich foods while reading of famine. Ah, and I am under no religious or racial persecution, though I'm sure there are some who would be inclined to attack me for my lack of religion or my belief in equal rights regardless of gender and sexual orientation. So I'm lucky and I'm grateful for that luck.

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Don't forget! 2001

Tomorrow is Towel Day!

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You're a what? 2001

And now the MP3 player has served up Brak singing "I'm a cucumber". Yes, Edmond is just plain nuts, but he makes me laugh even by proxy.

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Well, I'm feeling a bit better. 2001

Had a nice evening hangin' out at Mark's with JessaJune & Kristin watchin' videos. Got home & had fun talking with Edmond (who is great at cheering me up) and then got a nice friendly message from my mum. So that's all good stuff and hooray for it!

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Sorry I was down today. 2001

I didn't realize that BlogVoices going down had caused errors keeping my site from staying up. Whoops! Thanks to some technical assistance from Kristin, I'm back. Unfortunately, I'm so stressed, I don't really have much to say worth reading.

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Gah. I am weary. 2001

I was up late last night in the midst of the whole Kaycee Nicole drama. (Links later; did I mention I'm tired?) and slept fitfully again. Missed my prime dream time I think. Just realized I have social commitments Wednesday & Thursday evening. Must keep Friday free. (Man, I hope I'm not forgetting something I promised to do).

And tonight? Tonight is all about going to bed early. I'm thinkin' about ten hours sleep would do me a world of good.

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Ah shit. 2001

And now Greg's stopped doing his "try to make the milk come out my nose" routine over at EOD.

Today sucks! It started sucking at midnight when Mark told me about Kaycee and it just keeps sucking. Plus I have a ton of work to do that isn't done because I have the attention span of a gnat and I keep getting caught up in solving problems other than said ton of work. Argh.

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Reality? 2001

Late late last night I heard that someone I believed in and cared about may not have really existed. This is very unnerving. I don't want to throw out all the good things I learned from Kaycee just because she wasn't real (or was only partially real or whatever).

Between that news and seeing Memento twice in a row, my sense of reality is just totally fucked right now. MetaGrrrl is getting more meta by the minute.

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Could You Repeat That? 2001

How often do you watch a movie that is so astounding you want to turn around and watch it again?

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Home alone on a Saturday night so I can do anything I want! 2001

Ha hahaha HA! So what I am doing?

  • singing along loudly to Green Day's "Minority" and considering jumping on my bed
  • eating hot dogs & sauerkraut for dinner
  • deciding I need to be realistic here and so thinking about the mouths of boys with mouths like Brendan Fraser's
  • and, uh, entering the last 3 weeks worth of receipts into Quicken. *sigh*

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Good Thinking 2001

I urge you to read former President Jimmy Carter's comments on the current energy policy debates. It is brief, well-written and contains vital information.

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Sorry I haven't written much lately. 2001

I've been spending time thinking and hanging out with friends away from the computer. It's a seasonal thing since this is my favorite time of year and I love being outside enjoying it.

And what's been on my mind?

  • Who I am,
  • where to walk next in San Francisco,
  • when will I hear back from New Riders about my book proposal,
  • work,
  • family
  • and, since seeing Gods & Monsters, Brendan Fraser's mouth.
There are many fans of the delectable Mr. Fraser, but I reveal my androgyne tastes when I tell you that this is one of my favorite pictures of him:

And now it's time to go to work, but it's Friday and tonight I'll be seeing my friends (speaking of cute) Bill & JessaJune performing in A Midsummer Night's Dream in San Jose. Tomorrow? Tomorrow I'm thinking about staying home, watching movies and recharging my mental batteries.

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Don't Panic! 2001

What with spending so little time at the computer at home, I didn't find the right peaceful moment to say this before:

Douglas, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

Remember folks: Don't Panic and always know where your towel is. May 25th is Towel Day. Carry one in remembrance of the master of the absurd.

I was about to write in the sequence from THGTTG about towels, but when I went to find my hardcover of the book, it had mysteriously vanished. This is odd, but perhaps explainable if I tell you the origin of that copy of the book. One day, when I was in my teens, I wanted something new to read, so I went into the study and looked around on my parents's bookshelves and found this peculiarly titled book. Not so strange to find a peculiar book in our collection, but the truly odd part was that no one in our household had any recollection of ever seeing the book before. Curiouser and curiouser. I read it and loved it and memorized the beginning of it and would never get rid of it, but now I can't find it. Perhaps B.J. has it, but that would surprise me because that's a book I would have kept around in the divvying up of the collections. Or perhaps I gave it to someone I care about very much about as an extremely precious present. Perhaps. But I like to think that my future self, the one who's figured out time travel, has pinched it from my bookcase now and taken it back to then, when I really needed it.

We thank you, Douglas, for your wit and your wise and happy outlook on this ridiculous species. Happy trails!

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Yay! 2001

Ev rocks.
Blogger is on the mend.

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I have a new goal. 2001

It's an outrageous goal, but I've given myself the next 40 or 50 years to accomplish it:

I will walk San Francisco.
Every street.
Every block.

I made a nice start this weekend on a 4 mile jaunt with my dear friend Fil around Castro/Noe Valley. We recommend this walk which is #13 in Walking San Francisco. We especially liked the Vulcan Street stairs which were beautiful and peaceful in the midst of the city's excitement. We agreed that we'd happily accept any of those houses. Not a problem at all.

"How are you documenting all this?", you may ask. Well, I have a San Francisco Cross-street Directory (bought at the Rand McNally store at 2nd & Market) which fits in my back pocket and I carry a highlighter to mark where I go. I also have a larger map on the wall at home where I can also mark my travels to see the city at a glance. Right now only a tiny tiny percentage of the streets have been highlighted. This is a project to look forward to!

One fun thing to do after a walk is to check the Streets of San Francisco to find out where their names came from. From it, I just learned that the hill we were climbing up was Mt. Olympus, which certainly explains our passing along Vulcan & Mars!

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Meta what? 2001

What with the meta theme, I really ought to know more about the "meta http-equiv='pragma' content='no-cache'" tag. Alas, it is a deep mystery to me. I wanna know why pragma? What the heck does pragma mean?

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It Might Be A Book 2001

I have just sent my book proposal to my editor at New Riders Press. Wish me luck everybody!

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Doing too much. 2001

Having a good time doing it. And I must reaffirm the absolute beauty and coolness of web people, and most particularly of Adaptive Path & their friends. Dang! So much sexy brilliance in one spot must have been visible from space!

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Wow. 2001

I had a great weekend, crowned last night by dinner at Equinox, the rotating restaurant atop the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco (Thanks B.J. & Beverly!). It was wonderful, but it looks like even that much fun is nothing compared to the wild Mexican adventures of the Uncle's Monkey.

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I did it! 2001

I finished my book proposal! Yay, me!
If you have been waiting with bated breath to read it, email me. I shall not hold my breath for a massive wave of clamoring voices. Currently, given the absence here on my parents's Macintosh of other familiar editing programs, it is in plain text and un-spellchecked, but who cares? It's done!

Tomorrow evening I'll polish it up and send it out to my editor at New Riders. Then, as Edmond wisely pointed out, whatever happens is good: either I'll be writing a book for a great publisher on a topic that
interests me (documentation of web work) or I'll have a hell of a lot more free time over the next year than I'm presently expecting.

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I left work early today and drove north. 2001

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge my stereo was playing Abbey Road "Step on the gas and wipe that tear away. One sweet dream came true today..."

In Marin I got stuck in traffic and kept sliding along beside a red convertible with 3 cute girls in it. They were listening to the soundtrack to Dazed & Confused "Slow ride...take it easy..."

After an hour of stop & go, the traffic eased up and then it was pure driving pleasure all the way out to Bodega Bay & up the coast. I even enjoyed, actually enjoyed, driving the Jenner grade. Did I mention that the Volkswagen Turbo Beetle is a fantastic car?

An odd thing happened in Petaluma. I'd stopped to use the bathroom at my favorite pit stop - the Shell station on Washington Street - and bought some popcorn & a ginger brew from the cute Indian guy working the counter. As I was driving through Petaluma, I stopped at a light and was eating my popcorn and licking my fingers. Something made me look to my left and there, in the adjacent car, were a bunch of teenagers including a girl with pink hair and a video camera...filming me. I immediately reached over into my purse, grabbed my pencam and took a picture of them. Ha! I really wish I had a copy of that video.

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