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What a party! 2001

What a party! We had a hell of a good time and so, it appears, did all our guests. Time now for cleaning up, but since we did the 20 minute whirlwind last night, there's not much left to do this morning but take a few pictures (of the graffiti on the paper we put up on the walls) and clean the floors. Oh and what to do with all these mournful balloons sitting around on the floor?

(We'll get pictures up soon, but first the MP3 server needs to move back upstairs since it also serves as the photo processing station).

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Cocktail Hour 2001

Well, the pictures from Documentation Madness! are up and I'm thinking 5 things:

  • mmm, diagrams.
  • damn, information architects are cool.
  • Veen always looks great.
  • tpodd is such a cutie, love that 'do).
  • I have got to start spiking my hair or some shit because my adjective is not "cleanly stylish" or "sexy" or "fun", instead what leapt to my mind was "matronly". Arrgh.

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Well, howdy. 2001

Welcome, visitors from Feckless, Blogger, CamWorld and VanderWal!

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Ah, traditional holidays... 2001

Happy Mouse Genome Day!

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Wild & Crazy IA Freaks 2001

I got together with a bunch of information architects tonight for "Documentation Madness!" at CarbonIQ. Had a great time. Got lots of ideas. Um, and I also noticed that Information Architects tend to be darn good looking folks.

Oh, but I was very tired by the end of the evening and driving home took the last of my pep, so off to bed with me. Must...sleep...

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So this new Human Click chat thingy is pretty neat. 2001

I just met Andre who strolled through and chatted with me. Turns out that judging by his recent posts we've got some tastes in common - Neil Gaiman, When I Am King, elegant hack. So now mosey on over to Andre's place & see what he's up to.

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Well, for once this week I'm ahead of schedule. 2001

My mission for tonight was to fix my Palm Desktop software so that I could once again sync my Visor (which has been operating without this backup process since the 6th). Considering the number of changes I'd made adding new phone numbers, updating my schedule and what have you, my stress levels were rising, so I resolved to spend the entire evening if necessary ridding myself of this problem.

And then I fixed it in about 10 minutes. Woohoo! Bonus!

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Ha Ha Haughey 2001

Matt makes me laugh really really hard.

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[I actually uninstalled it later because it weirded far more people out than it intrigued. It'd be great for a business site though and a reference librarian would always be busy with it. - January 3, 2002]

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Good Busy 2001

I had a great time in San Francisco this weekend and an odd, but sort-of relaxing day today.

Friday: Worked and then drove to San Francisco for dinner at Tokyo Go Go with Jesse James Garrett. He listened to me chatter excitedly about my many projects and, as usual, asked questions and made comments which brought me clarity and new insight. After dinner I checked in at the Embassy Hotel and then strolled around the corner to have The Billy Nayer Show rock my socks at the Great American Music Hall. Back at the hotel afterwards, I slept well despite all the city noise.

Saturday: Wonderful to wake up in The City, especially so to a beautiful day. Drove about looking at the pretty buildings and people and views. Ended up at Kate's Kitchen for a delicious omelette. Afterwards, I went to Comic Experience and spent $100+ on books (Alan Moore's From Hell, Bryan Talbot's The Tale Of One Bad Rat, Rick Geary's The Borden Tragedy, Milligan & Fegredo's Enigma and Gaiman & McKean's The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish). Thank you, tax refund. Also stuck my nose into Gamescape and managed to keep my Magic card purchases under $25. After all the self-indulgent shopping, I went to Kevin's, got a tour of his gorgeous North Beach apartment and went for brunch across town at The Slow Club. My hefty omelette restricted me to a virgin Mary and some of the Slow Club's excellent biscuits. Well, and a bite or three of the delicious risotto which Kevin was having. We talked about Central Booking and made excellent progress on a site definition document which can be used in the upcoming round of improvements.

After dropping Kevin off later, I drove south on Fillmore and had the pleasure of waving at B.J. as he waved down from his apartment window. Didn't get the chance to get together this visit, but we had nice phone conversation and a waved hello. When I got home, I'd recovered my appetite and Edmond and Jun were up for some dinner, so we went to Sushi Tomi and ate wonderful things. Tried some new dishes we really liked. After dinner we spent a nice long time puttering around in Bookbuyers. Ah, friends who will happily spend an hour in the used bookstore are good friends indeed.

Today: woke up fully intending to spend most of the day working on The Book Proposal. And then the cramps started. *sigh* I'm not using this womb; I don't see why I should have all these maintenance hassles. So, I passed most of the day with a combination of Motrin and comic books. By evening I felt better and managed to get 2+ hours of work done, but didn't make the kind of progress I'd hoped to. Part of the problem is the scope of the task I've undertaken. This will be a very substantial book, so describing it in detail is taking some time. On the bright side, given the enormous amount of work involved, I don't feel a tremendous risk of getting scooped by someone else putting out a similar one.

Well, it's coming up on 11pm and another lovely workweek looms on the horizon, so it's off to bed. Take care, dear reader, and don't forget to take time for fun and friends and good food!

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Space Is A Lonely Town 2001

The American Astronaut was really incredible. I loved it. People who can't let go of Hollywood movie expectations will be alarmed and confused, but my bent-brained friends will like it. It shows April 21st in Mill Valley at the Rafael Theatre and then in Santa Barbara on the 23rd, L.A. on the 26th and New York on May 3rd.

I'll be at the performance by The Billy Nayer Show (the folks behind the film) tomorrow (Friday) night at The Great American Music Hall. I hope to see you there!

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Well, I'm feeling much better today. 2001

It doesn't much matter if anything else improves, really, so long as my mood isn't so dreadful as it was yesterday.

And tonight I finally get to see The American Astronaut!

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Man, I wish my computer at work had a soundcard. 2001

I didn't realize how much I use music to de-stress and I could really use some destressing today.


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From the "Wishing I'd Stayed In Bed" Dep't: 2001

I am still riding out the repurcussions of my system crash at home that wiped out my Windows directory. Today's agony: trying to get HotSync working so that I can get all the data off my Visor (=Handspring equivalent of a Palm Pilot) before something bad happens.
I spent an hour on it this morning to no avail.
And what have I learned so far this week?
- Don't try to connect new hardware to your PC before breakfast.
- Don't try to do anything involving the Windows operating system while you're PMSing.
- Don't think about that date you went on that didn't go as well as you thought it might and wonder what that guy meant when he just kept saying "Nope" when he got a phonecall during said date.
- Recognize that when you get a stress attack while having a nice relaxing hot shower it's a sign that something is wrong.
- Don't run around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to complete all at once the zillion things you have to get done.
and my favorite,
- There's no rage like impotent rage.

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Ages 2001

Derek was talking about how he's almost 28 and reeling a bit because that's bringing 30 up on the horizon. I made a comment in his discussion which I liked so much I thought I'd say it here as well. (Note: I think once he weathers that decade blow - which we all seem to go through every time the odometer ticks over - Derek will manage just fine. Can't you just see him at Fray Day 50 with his white hair and twinkling eyes still coaxing out the wonderful stories? "The sign up sheet's right here, and there's still room! We want to hear your story.")

I'm going to be 36 in a few months and I'm kind of excited about it. I think it's more interesting than 35 because it's divisible so many ways and thus calls to mind other ages (who was I at 12? who was I at 24?).

For me, 0-6 years old were about discovering my immediate world. 6-12 about imagining and learning how to learn. 12-18 about identifying myself as unique and distinct from the rest of the world. 18-24 about encountering differences and learning that unique is not the same as better. 24-30 about trying different kinds of work and self-expression and finding out what works for me. 30-36 have been about discovering who I am when dreams don't work out, relationships end and things don't go according to plan; about finding out what truly matters to me and who I truly want to be. So, 36-42 (42! The answer to Life, the Universe & Everything) seem to promising to be about manifesting these discoveries into a life that makes me truly fulfilled. Ah and on beyond 42? Well, if my mum is any example, the fifties will be about working on satisfying projects, reading good books, hanging out with friends, eating good food and travelling. Sounds like a good deal to me!

My grandmother just celebrated her 85th birthday. If you tried to tell her that her life was over 55 years ago she'd look at you like you were nuts and go back to enjoying her birthday peach pie and planning her upcoming trip to visit friends & family in her old home town.

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There went another day. 2001

Everybody wave byebye.

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Nice day, though a bit odd in points. 2001

After staying up until 1 or 2ish on Friday night, I slept until 9 something. Edmond sat in my room and chatted with me for a bit about all the cool things he's been doing to his website (go check it out, folks, he's got the coding moves going on). Then he said those five little words that I adore "Would you like some oatmeal?" Ahh, it's great having a housemate who's great with computers, keeps the place clean, is fun to talk to AND who wakes up earlier than you and likes to cook steel-cut oatmeal.

I went back to sleep and dozed until oatmeal time. Edmond rules. He brought it to me and it had cinnamon & dried cranberries on top. So, I enjoyed my delicious breakfast in bed and read Wabi-Sabi: for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers. I'm thinking about how to bring a little of the Japanese aesthetic of impermanance, naturalness and individuality to my websites.

I worked on the book proposal for a while. It's coming along nicely thanks to all the great feedback I've gotten so far. Then I got together with Kevin Smokler, creator of Central Booking: The Reading Life Online and had a great conversation about where he's going with the site. The phrase I loved was "I want Central Booking to be the Craig's List of literary life in San Francisco." Totally cool.

We got into talking about who would come to Central Booking, his target demographic, SXSW (where we met) and webloggers. I was telling him about my book proposal and other people who've written or are writing or should write books for New Riders Press. That led us to the dream team over at Adaptive Path and then Kevin cracked me up by saying:

Adaptive Path are the Travelling Wilburys of the Web.
We had dinner at Dawat, the new Indian buffet on Castro Street in Mountain View and it was quite tasty. Quite quite tasty and we were talking exitedly and eating and talking and eating and I ate a lot more at one sitting than I have in a long time. I thought nothing of it; felt full, but not overfull. We drove back to my place where Kevin had left his car and made plans to get together next month to brainstorm about Central Booking.

We said goodbye and then I went upstairs, sat at my computer and...a...wave...of....lethargy...swept...over...me. (That's too hard to type, so just imagine that I'm speaking very slowly and my eyelids are drooping more and more as I tell you this) I had thought I'd work on the book proposal some more and then go over to the farewell party for Stefan at Bjoern's house. I realized within moments that I was incapable of doing anything requiring that much thought, so instead I entered blue cards into my collection notes in the Magic: the Gathering Encyclopedia software. (Yes, I play that game). It got harder and harder. Even my feet began to get sleepy. At 7:30pm, I gave up and went to bed. Uncharacteristically for me, I was asleep in just a few minutes. I've had my "leopard who just ate a gazelle and is lying in a tree doing nothing but digesting" moments before, but never quite so extreme as that. New slogan "Dawat: You'll Eat Yourself Into A Stupor!"

At 10:30pm I woke up. I think I'd heard Edmond taking a pre-bedtime shower. I decided I felt rested enough to get up and put in an appearance at the party. Got myself all dolled up (if one can use that term for a rather punky outfit) and drove over to San Jose. There was a fun crowd there, including Jish and Kristin, but they were playing quarters, a game at which I suck and don't particularly enjoy, so I chatted with folks, drank a quarter of a glass of champagne, took a lovely walk with Jish & Kristin to get fresh air and sober up, and then came home about an hour and half later. I'm glad I got to say farewell to Stefan before he flies back to Germany to finish his school year.

Now I'm surveying my state of mind:
- too awake to go to bed just yet, but getting sleepyish.
- too sleepy to work on the book proposal
I could read, but that might actually be interesting enough to keep me awake longer than if I do something mindless. I'll enter green cards into my Magic inventory.

No, wait. Just thinking about that Indian food (and hearing that Kevin went to bed at 8:15pm) has made me sleepy again. Nighty night.

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I'm feeling fine today. 2001

And the weather is fine. And my hair is fine. We're all fine here, how are you?

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Mammograms aren't fun. 2001

They aren't as awful as I feared, but they sure ain't fun.

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*whew* 2001

And now I'm done doing things and am going to bed.

p.s. New posts from Jinx over at dailyalice.com. Check 'em out.

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Sometimes it's good to look for yourself on Google, you find the darnedest things. 2001

Catch of the Day: an account of the time my friend Father John Mabry performed mass in the nightclub I worked at. Yes, it was a great club.

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Who indeed? 2001

Kevin F. (as distinguished from Kevin S.) asks, as well he may, "Who speaks for the Pinata?" The answer is STOOP.

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Getting the Juice 2001

Ok, I tried to post last night, but it got gobbled up by some kind of server error, so I just went to bed. I'll try again now that I have more energy.

And how could I not have energy? I'm drinking this fucking incredible juice I just made (apple-orange-lemon, WOW!) and Lance has exhorted me to be great!

Off to do things!

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Tally sheet 2001

Good things about today:
Had a nice breakfast.
Got some of the things done at work that I needed to get done.
Got a great haircut (shorter! yay!).
Got yummy chow at Trader Joe's.
Chatted with Robert and read him an H.P. Lovecraft short story.
Listened to Spaulding Gray get interviewed on NPR.
Watched Ghost Dog with Edmond and it was excellent. Highly recommended.
Watched a highly amusing little video called "Every OS Sucks" which was recommended to me by Kevin Fox.

Bad things about today:
Only worked on the book proposal for about 15 or 20 minutes and that includes the time spent reinstalling Word.
Didn't work on the fun side project I said I'd work on.

Good things win!

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Well, I got to work at 10am and no one seemed in the least perturbed. 2001

Now if I could just ditch those Tuesday/Thursday 9am status calls in favor of something later, I'd be in great shape.

Feels kind of like Monday around here, but at least I'm making progress on my to-do list & inboxes. "Good little Dinah, time for a biscuit."

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