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Well, the first Bloggies award 2001

Well, the first Bloggies award winners have been announced and some are the ones I voted for and some aren't. I like all the fun of picking things I like, but I don't like the part about folks not getting picked. On the bright side, I did hear about some cool sites I hadn't encountered before.

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Dialogue over dessert: rcb: Doesn't 2001

Dialogue over dessert:
rcb: Doesn't chocolate kill germs?
me: Hot chocolate does.
Jun: Special antibacterial chocolate.
jjg: It comes in the orange package.

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Yeah! Like Calvin said, this 2001

Yeah! Like Calvin said, this is the future? Where's my flying car and shiny silver jumpsuit?

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It's nice here inside the 2001

It's nice here inside the box with Lane.

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BlogVoices is great! 2001

I am so excited about what it adds to my site. Now MetaGrrrl.com is a party instead of a monologue.
I offered to donate some money or a wishlist present to Chris, the creator of BlogVoices, but he said "No, no, that won't be necessary. Your gratitude is more than enough." Then he threw his cape over his shoulder and flew off to save more weblogs from dull one-sidedness. My hero!

[Note: comments on the site are no longer powered by BlogVoices. Comments are integral to Moveable Type, the program I now use and recommend.]

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Ok! Anything you get done 2001

Ok! Anything you get done before you drive to work Monday morning counts as having been done on the weekend, right?

I just added comments functionality to MetaGrrrl using BlogVoices. Try it out!

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Damn. I had forgotten just 2001

Damn. I had forgotten just how fucking cool C J Silverio is. Go read her. She is the real thing.

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Got a little work done 2001

Got a little work done on the site (updates to the Pals page) and then played The Sims. After a while I realized that I needed to live up to the meta in my handle and do this right:

Observed: Dinah is stressed. She keeps making that tension gesture guarding her head.
Stimuli: Have her play games and eat popcorn.
Result: Fun level increasing, Hunger decreasing, but still stressed.

Observed: Dinah keeps having her Sims go take hot baths and read books.
Stimuli: Put Dinah in hot bath with Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon which she has never read despite many recommendations. Scent bathwater with violet mineral salts and light a small candle. Also provide a banana and a glass of cool water.
Result: Fun increasing, Comfort increasing, Room increasing (indicating satisfaction with environment), Hunger decreasing. Excellent!

See? Video games are educational.

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I did not fix the 2001

I did not fix the screen door.
Yes, where it was formerly hanging by its bottom hinge, it is now attached to the trimboard around the door by both hinges and it closes and latches.
But I wouldn't call it fixed. It was a cheap hack. I pumped a bunch of ancient old screwholes full of woodglue, pried up an overhanging piece of trim to wedge the hingeplate back in where the screws could get a grip and screwed the sucker back on by force of will and language which would make a sailor blush.
The door closes. It doesn't latch on it's own, but it can be latched. The half inch of open space at the top sort of defeats the purpose of a screen door, but it's January dammit. If we're still living here when the weather gets hot, I'll get my neighbor Jim (who actually has carpentry skills) to help me rip off the door trim and attach a new screen door which isn't a cheap piece of aluminum designed for installation only by trained engineers.

Feh. To hell with household handiwork. Back to the website...

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Dang, I really wanna work 2001

Dang, I really wanna work on my website, but I promised to fix the screen door this weekend and since I spent yesterday playing The Sims and Diablo II, I gotta do it now.

I suppose I should be proud that my site design has held its own for so long, but it really is time for a little upgrade. Nothing radical. I just gotta get me some of them little side boxes like all the cool kids have and add BlogVoices so you can talk back.

(Edmond RULES!!! Now on the stereo: Cyndi Lauper "She Bop"! Gotta go bop! Byeee!)

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Edmond knows how to keep 2001

Edmond knows how to keep a swanky home: the voice of Sunday morning in our house? The divine Shirley Bassey.

Closely followed by Tom Jones. Yeah, baby!

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So I was in a 2001

So I was in a REALLY bad mood 3 minutes ago (well, 3 minutes before I started writing all this) because I had just spent an hour and a half trying to get my fucking computer to let me get some work done. I installed Windows 2000 on my laptop because the Windows 98 I had on there had passed its expiration date (Microsoft software is cheesy in so many ways) and I volunteered to be the company guinea pig for Windows 2000.

Wrong choice.

We're a little company. We have no IT department. We are all empowered to be our own system administrators. Heaven help those of us who are bad at it. When we come crawling up to the engineers pleading for help there are 3 likely responses: thinly veiled contempt and assistance, snarky comments and assistance or plain old wonderful patient assistance. Response two is most popular, particularly on Friday afternoons when they start getting a little punchy. I guess it's my problem that I feel I'm somehow supposed to be able to do this stuff without help, so I flail and get frustrated, then they get snarky and I feel stupider, then I try to do what they told me to do and it doesn't work and I feel stupider still, then I get frustrated and snap at the snarky engineers and they get annoyed because they really were just kidding and why can't I just chill out and do it right. It's horrible and thanks to Microsoft's flaky shit, I get to go through it every 6 months (or more often if we get new hardware I need to connect to).

So - eventually - I'm able to connect to someone else's shared drive and get StarOffice installed on my laptop and I'm sooo happy because it's finally there and it isn't a damn Microsoft product. I open the datasheet I made earlier in Word and - oh no - it doesn't convert correctly. It looks like hell. Gee, if I hadn't wasted AN HOUR AND A FUCKING HALF getting to this point I might have time and energy to fix it and send it out. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!

So, rather than start throwing things, I decide I need to calm down. The St. John's Wort tea I consumed halfway through all this crap is not taking effect (either that or it's the only thing keeping me from actually throwing my laptop through the monitor I have it hooked to). I think "Weblogs. I need to read funny weblogs." I already read James and Greg and Jason today, ahhhh, yeessss, I need Lance.

And given the instant cure provided there, I know that Lance loves me. Just as he loves all the little children.

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All this indignant fuss and 2001

All this indignant fuss and bother* over The Bloggies is a bit bizarre. Do these people protest when their local free paper does their annual "Best of..." issue? "Picking only 3 donut shops as the Best in the County is an elitist affront to all donut shops!!!" Sheesh.

Of course The Bloggies are biased towards the most popular blogs - it's that kind of an award. Just like any people's choice award, it recognizes the most broadly popular over those things which appeal to a more limited audience. The individual, quirky "Best of..." lists appear as links from individual sites all the time. Nikolai just decided for fun to find out what the broad range of his readership like best.

There's another crucial point: of course it's biased towards a certain crowd of people who read Fairvue Central and who read the blogs of the people who read Fairvue Central. Duh! The VH1 Music Awards are also biased towards the VH1 audience.

I do recommend you check out the Anti-Bloggies as the categories are pretty amusing, but if you're like me, you'll probably prefer not to vote in the more malicious ones which seem to be focusing on what's bad about different people's creative efforts instead of what's good.

*That link used to go to a post by Davezilla announcing the anti-Bloggies. Really it should have gone to MetaFilter as I now have it because that's what I'd been reading before writing the above. Oddly, Dave referred to the above as "hate mail" in subsequent post which he has since removed. I hadn't emailed it to him and, considering the vitriol I can spit out when inspired, I'd hardly call it hate either. Snarkiness is more like it. After offering an explanation/peaceseeking gesture, I found out Dave's post was just a joke like most of Davezilla. Most confusing, but vastly preferable to real resentment.

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Life has been very very 2001

Life has been very very stressful lately. I'm pushing into a new skill area at work (while still continuing with my old tasks) and consequently feeling all the tension of starting a new job. That Guy I Live With has also started a new job with much greater responsibility. At the same company as me.
Because of the recent holidays and preparations for upcoming vacations (fewer days working for clients and spending too much), I'm fairly broke and won't in fact pay off my last credit card this month as hoped. He is also feeling the pinch, particularly since he's still in the evil paycheck gap.
The winter weather and rate increases are bringing home the one real flaw with our townhome: it doesn't hold heat well. This generates a whole list of household chores to be done and makes us more broke. Plus it means that on the evenings and weekends when we just want to collapse and de-stress, we feel the pressure to work on the place.
Add to this stew our recently overbooked social calendar, fussy digestive systems, dietary changes, gloomy grey mornings, whacked out sleep patterns and impatience and you have a recipe for domestic tension.
We're actually doing fairly well at not driving each other completely nuts, but I definitely need to do a better job at keeping my cranky tongue curbed and my thin skin armored.

On the bright side, I seem to be doing ok at the new tasks at work. I'm not dropping the ball on my other work roles. I crossed three big open items off my list at work in the last two days. I have all the toys & essentials I need to keep me happy for a while, so spending less is a good thing.
Time to remember what I used to do for fun while I was poorer. One of those things is reading aloud. I started reading aloud to my friend Robert again after an almost two year gap and we had a great time. I love to read aloud.
If I keep myself under control, I should be able to pay off that credit card next month and then I'll just be down to owing money on a personal loan from a family member and to Sallie Mae (the student loan folks). Last night I closed a heater vent that wasn't really needed and put a cardboard shield in the chimney to keep the heat in. (Should have done both of those months ago, but at least they're done now). I have no social plans for this weekend, I'm eating more simply, I got lots of sleep last night and so that just leaves minding my manners and everything should go swimmingly.

Almost 7pm now and I'm hungry. I hope the traffic snarl is smoothed out by now, but if it's not I'll just listen to some tunes and relax in the car on the way home. Keep your feet dry!

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Man, it's good to see 2001

Man, it's good to see that old bastard getting some action. Happy birthday, you kung-fu maniac. :)

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I love my new toothbrush. 2001

I love my new toothbrush. It's made of a recyclable plastic and it has a really small head which allows me to do a good job on my back teeth. Plus - this is totally cool - the bristles can be popped out and replaced with new ones instead of having to buy a whole new toothbrush. The brand is "Terradent" and I got it at either Whole Foods or Wild Oats.

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Dinah doesn't like mornings. 2001

Dinah doesn't like mornings.

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Noah has some very very 2001

Noah has some very very beautiful pictures to show you. I particularly like the Branch In The Water and the Leaf Puddle, but they are all beautiful.

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Hello weblog readers! Time to 2001

Hello weblog readers! Time to vote for the Bloggies. Even if you don't vote in every category, get in there, cheer on your favorites and find some new wonderful blogs to read. [Thanks to Nikolai for slaving over a hot keyboard to bring us this wonderfulness.]

p.s. Yes, I'm feeling better. I got home, had a brief inexplicable bout of tears, ate some dim sum & popcorn, took my vitamins and now I feel better. Stress is a bad thing. Go relax now.

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That I just referred to 2001

That I just referred to the present time (nearly 3pm) as "this morning" is indicative of my current dislocated state of mind. (No, no, I'm not hungover except in the most philosophical sense. Angst sucks).

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*yawn* It was a nice 2001

*yawn* It was a nice weekend. Really. I liked it. Oh boy am I tired, though. I think if I'd stayed at home yesterday and just puttered on the computer and gone to bed early I would be feeling more normal today. Instead, I left home at 2pm for a fun time in San Francisco with my friend Rydell. I haven't seen him in about 15 years, so that was great and a little odd. He has aged remarkably well, his manic oddness (which I have always been utterly charmed by) muted by experience and dry wit. And he looks great and is oh so stylish still. It was great to see him. Still, I was a bit melancholy afterwards. The passage of time, lost opportunities, failed relationships, the death of friends and family, creative endeavors abandoned, all combined with the after effects of hot sake and a "Ginger Rogers" cocktail at Absinthe to leave me cobwebbed and grey this morning.

"How delightfully Goth!" he might say and raise his eyebrow over his dark and twinkling eyes. "Cheers!"

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I'm having a lovely visit 2001

I'm having a lovely visit with Sir Ian McKellan via his personal site. It is basically a weblog, arranged chronologically within his various projects. His written voice is a delight to encounter.

Here's a taste from his notes on Lord of the Rings from 14 October 1999:

It bears repeating that, as with Richard III or James Whale or Magneto, I must discover Gandalf somewhere inside myself - and that process depends on absorbing the words of the script and its story, listening to the reactions of the director and responding to the performances of the rest of the cast. So now, still 3 months away from shooting (for me), my Gandalf doesn't exist, not even in my mind. He will only come to life as the camera turns and discoveries are made in the very moment. Even when I am in the thick of it, in costume and make-up and speaking Tolkien's words, I'm not sure I will be able to describe the character to you. Actors don't describe - they inhabit.

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Off The Wagon Last Friday: 2001

Off The Wagon
Last Friday: dinner at La Fondue with Jesse, Rebecca and Jun. (This was a present for Jesse to thank him for the Visual Vocabulary for Describing Information Architecture and Interaction Design). We had the sun-dried tomato cheese fondue, a variety of meats & vegetables cooked in seasoned red wine and bittersweet chocolate & Grand Marnier dessert fondue.

Last Saturday: Meeting of the Tea & Temptation Society. Members provided an amazing variety of savory & sweet treats including scallops, brie, chocolate, cookies, fruit, wine, roasted eggplant, nuts, etc. Oh, and glögg. Oh my yes.

Last Night: The Gorilla Video party. More brie, vegetables & spinach dip, dried cherries, chips & salsa, gin & tonic.

Lunch today: brie & baguette, chips & salsa, tonic (no gin).

Hmm, I was about to type "Ok, enough cheese", but instead I typed "Ok, enjoy". Well, all righty then! Gotta listen to those inner voices, so I won't throw out the remaining chunk of brie (but I won't be buying any cheese any time soon either). And I guess I better go ride that exercise bike...

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This little clip of Halcyon 2001

This little clip of Halcyon talking about bulbs and then skinny dipping illustrates a great deal of why I like him so much.

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work work work play work 2001

work work work
work work work work work

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