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Greg's take on Vegas is 2000

Greg's take on Vegas is right.

Oddly enough, despite the "sticky taste of vague, directionless dissatisfaction", Edmond & I had a lovely vacation and highly recommend Caesar's Palace.

The Cirque du Soleil shows, Mystere and O, were astounding, phenomenal, magical, as I have come to expect from those fine folks. O has a simply amazing set and the costumes were marvelous. I particularly approve of the apparently growing trend of men in stockings. One caveat: for some reason almost the entire theater for O is described as "orchestra", so it's very important to confirm the real location of your seats.

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Forgot to mention that the 2000

Forgot to mention that the nap & game playing did wonders and I feel ever so much better. Thank you for your cards & letters. ;)

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Just got back from a 2000

Just got back from a lovely weekend away, which I'll tell you about later, and checked my email. In among various other stuff (which I confess to not having read all of yet) were two completely unrelated messages which make me think back on my teen years. I was a pompous asshole as a teen. To a certain degree all of us are as part of becoming our own person as adults, but I truly believed I was significantly better than my peers and deserved special treatment. Well, I believed that when I wasn't in one of those other typical teen spells of believing you're lower than dogshit.

I owe a well-considered reply to these messages, particularly to apologize for an incident I don't even remember, but my happy "what-a-wonderful-restful-vacation" feeling is being washed away by "how-could-I-have-been-such-a-jerk?" and I don't want to think about anything right now.

I have three responses to this feeling: nap, bath or game. Right now the sweet oblivion of sleep looks really good.

[Scott Miller would call this weblog entry a young-adult-hurt-feeling-athon and he'd be right.]

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My pal Jun knows where 2000

My pal Jun knows where to shop: The Acme List.

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Apparently Shasta is not just 2000

Apparently Shasta is not just as bad as the ads for it imply, it is in fact as bad a show as there can be. (Thanks to Jason, um, I mean Greg for the link)

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Broaden Your Musical Horizons Dept: 2000

Broaden Your Musical Horizons Dept:
Jack Black sings the theme to Star Trek! Dreamy! (Sadly truncated before the big finale, but a fine recording nonetheless and it proves he really was singing that fabulous stuff at the end of High Fidelity).

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Brad is Molly Ringwald. and 2000

Brad is Molly Ringwald. and isn't he pretty in pink? What he doesn't confess to is that he also appears to be John Cuzack, especially when listening to The Music I Play To Torture Myself.

Recommended viewing for this post: High Fidelity.

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PayPal users should watch out 2000

PayPal users should watch out for this scam:
Scam artist copies PayPal Web site

Remember, gang, any good tool will attract people who want to exploit it, just keep your wits about you whenever you deal with money. I have faith the PayPal team can keep this whole thing secure. They have a strong financial background and knew their system would be tested in this and other ways.

[thanks to Nick for the link!]

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Greg is so dreamy. Plus, 2000

Greg is so dreamy. Plus, he's the king of Norway. *sigh* I love that in a man.

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Kate said nice things about 2000

Kate said nice things about me on my birthday. Gosh! Thanks! What excellent timing.

Yes, yesterday was my birthday. Yes, I had a good time. No cake, no jewelry, no singing dumb songs. Instead I got my favorite cocktail, fun toys and the first Harry Potter book (yeah, ok, so I'm almost finished with it, I guess you can call that a recommendation!) and an attractive man in a hot tub. Yes, I'm smug.

Unlike my Mum, I did not get carded on my 35th birthday. I'm thinking maybe next weekend. Hee hee...

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I am starting to see 2000

I am starting to see that some people think that because content on the web is accessible to everyone, it is therefore intended for everyone and should have far-reaching merit. Other people, including many webloggers, think of the web as an extension of their personal space which blurs seamlessly into the public world.

I expect this weblog to be read by me ("What was that site I found last month?"), by my friends & family, and by those who might become my friends. It's a conversation held in a cafe at a table by the sidewalk; yes, you can walk by and listen in, but it may or may not be of any interest to you. Its content is an odd combination of conversational ephemera and ideas to which I wish to return later. I hope it brings you pleasure, but I'm not bothered if it doesn't. Sit down and join me or move on as the spirit moves you.

By the way, in my post from the 14th, I am using the term "jaded old webster" in the friendliest possible sense. (Why, hello, Carl! How are you?) Rich stirred up good trouble and while I was irked by the article, as Denise pointed out in the Metafilter discussion, it did provoke a better caliber of postings to this and other weblogs.

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Rich Robinson writes about how 2000

Rich Robinson writes about how weblogs are ruining the web in A List Apart. Frankly, I think the core problem behind his lament and so many other anti-weblog rants is that he has now seen enough sites that the web doesn't feel fresh anymore. Really, folks, look back at early sites, at BBS chatter, at that email you sent out to a dozen friends in 1997 and ask yourself if weblogs are truly doing anything new, different and damaging.

Yes, Blogger makes it easy to publish on the web even if you have nothing to say. It also makes it easy for people to find your site whereon you may not be offering much. So jaded old websters like Rich stumble across your drab offering and are reminded of how much better it used to be in the dim and glorious early days.

Rich says: "In particular, [the blame for why it's so hard to find worthwhile sites these days] falls on that genre of personal site which requires no effort to design or maintain".

Perhaps he has a point in that now people with nothing to say can say it to a wider audience, but I refuse to believe the subtext of his message: that only those who know HTML and have a strong visual design sense have something to say worth hearing. That's like saying "Well, certainly there are a lot books these days, what with the advent of the printing press, but so much of it is junk. We had such better quality works when you had to hand write every copy!"

There are not fewer good sites these days.
There are more.
There are also more sites which you will find bad or merely uninteresting, but that's hardly surprising since the web is growing and growing more diverse.

Somehow all of this is reminding me of C.S. Lewis' exposition on the "All-I-want" state of mind in letter XVII of The Screwtape Letters. Herewith a brief taste of this fine book on the art of corrupting humans as described in the letters of a senior tempter to his nephew Wormwood:

The real value of the quiet, unobtrusive work which Glubose has been doing for years on this old woman can be gauged by the way in which her belly now dominates her whole life. The woman is in what may be called the "All-I-want" state of mind. All she wants is a cup of tea properly made, or an egg properly boiled, or a slice of bread properly toasted. But she never finds any servant or any friend who can do these simple things "properly" ---because her "properly" conceals an insatiable demand for the exact, and almost impossible, palatal pleasures which she imagines she remembers from the past; a past described by her as "the days when you could get good servants" but known to us as the days when her senses were more easily pleased and she had pleasures of other kinds which made her less dependent on those of the table.

I do highly recommend The Screwtape Letters; it holds much of interest for the non-Christian and is delightfully pointed in its critique of human foibles. The audio version read by John Cleese is a delightful way to enjoy this work, particularly in the letters where Screwtape becomes apoplectic.

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Matt, don't ever go to 2000

Matt, don't ever go to Louisiana again. Hmm, who can tell us how much hypocrisy there is in the Louisiana state legislature? No more blowjobs for you, boys!

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Nielsen says the backlash has 2000

Nielsen says the backlash has begun against WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).
MetaGrrrl says it's not the message; it's the medium. By the time we could solve this problem the phones will be different, half PDA & half phone, so we needn't try to do everything with WAP, just keep it simple and the capacity for complexity will arise very soon.

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In the interest of honesty, 2000

In the interest of honesty, I must point out that I just discovered jauteria's June 9th comments on using Paypal for voluntary micropayment predate mine.
Now I don't remember reading them. Perhaps we both thought it because we're next to each other in the blog elements?

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Thanks to MetaGrrrl reader Eric 2000

Thanks to MetaGrrrl reader Eric Sandt for directing me to George W. Bush 2000 which contains more in depth information about those alarming statistics I mentioned back on July 2nd. Scroll down to "Texas Rankings Under Bush" and ask yourself if this guy would help mess up the entire country as bad as he's messed with Texas.

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Now this sounds like fun 2000

Now this sounds like fun reading: Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. I like the Blowfishies recommendation that this is "A great tool for arguing against people who claim that homosexuality, or indeed any not-completely-conventional form of sexuality, is "unnatural" -- if all else fails, you can always hit them with the book."

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For those who would like 2000

For those who would like a more permanent and public form of praise, may I recommend Virtual Quarter? I'll certainly second these first quarters sent to mathowie & Nikolai.

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Hmm, Jinx sent me some 2000

Hmm, Jinx sent me some thoughtful comments on why I might want to vote for Gore after all.

I think those [statistics] may have come from Molly Ivins but I'm not certain.

And just for your thought - I'm thinking, I'm thinking - consider
whether a vote for Ralph Nader isn't really a half a vote for Dubya.
Dubya isn't going to lose many votes to Ralph; if Gore loses very many at all, the way things look now, we'll have Bush appointing the next few
supreme court justices and distributing largesse to the rich on a national level instead of just for the state of Texas. And what's really wrong with Gore? He lacks Clinton's charisma, true; but it seems that in his wooden way he's pretty much a liberal... Environment? Supreme Court appointments? social concerns? abortion? on the whole, I think he'll do (or at least try to do) what's right...er, left....

Granted, I'm assuming there's no way Nader will be elected. But
even if he were elected - he would face the same entrenched conservative opposition that has blocked much of what Clinton would have liked to do. Perhaps they'd put it on him even more so, he's not only a Washington-outsider, he's a politics-outsider. And I'm not sure he has Clinton's ability - call it facile if you wish - to exercise response
flexibility, to let go of a losing cause and apply energy to any spot
where a few points can be won, and if necessary move from there to a
different spot, and so on. Gore, perhaps, has learned some of that skill from Clinton as the years have gone by. Until some fairly serious blows to the moneyed right wing reduce its power, I think response flexibility is our (the left's) best bet.

But that's just what I think....

And she's not alone; second time I've heard that argument against voting for Nader. It's a persuasive one. Gore's attitude toward personal privacy disturbs me, but I believe that problem will be solved technically by the legions of Libertarian Linux hackers.

Hmmm, I suppose I'll be debating this one internally for the next few months. The environment is my top concern and Dubya is most definitely a threat to it... But while he won't win, voting for Nader could make clear how important these issues are and get greater Green representation in future elections... Hmmm...

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