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That Riothero is one smart 2000

That Riothero is one smart cookie:

"A baby sitter is a teenager acting like an adult while the adults are out acting like teenagers."

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Remember back a while ago 2000

Remember back a while ago I was asking about those words like higgledy-piggledy and mish-mash? Well, Jason was wondering too and he found an answer:

A friend of mine and I were discussing phrases like "artsy fartsy" and "hoity toity" and wondering a) if that sort of rhyming phrase had a name, and b) if there were more of them that we didn't know about. I should have known the answers were available on the Web. Words like that are called reduplicates and some of my favorites (found here, scroll down to the bottom) include dilly-dally, fuddy-duddy, higgledy piggledy, hurly-burly, and namby-pamby.

Thanks, Jason, for answering the question you probably didn't know I'd asked.

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I enjoyed this quote which 2000

I enjoyed this quote which Denise just mentioned in her weblog:

"i have found that all ugly things are made by those who strive to make something beautiful and that all beautiful things are made by those that strive to make something useful."

-oscar wilde

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MetaGrrrl is damn proud to 2000

MetaGrrrl is damn proud to be one of Mark's girls.

Saying that loving girls is an offront to women is as asinine as claiming that female nudity is anti-women. (I see myself naked every day and somehow manage not to be an oppressed person because of it). I say Hooray for Girls!

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Trust Ev! 2000

Trust Ev!

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Shmuel is right about Derek. 2000

Shmuel is right about Derek. It is hard to put into words that are simple and honest and not fannish or make him out to be more than he is.

Jinx has a concept which she calls "track nine". The name comes from 8-track recording, as you might guess, but track nine is the music that plays in your head. Often if you listen to the words, you'll find they are saying something very topical.

When I started to think about making this post, I heard "...and, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make..."

Yes. The more you give, the more you get, and what Derek does is give love, no strings attached. It's no wonder so many of us love him right back.

I have tremendous respect for artists, but I've never thought of myself as good at making any kind of big piece of art. I'm not a writer, at least not of long works. I'm a dilettante, a dabbler, and it was easy for many years to let that keep me on the sidelines. The web is the first medium I've worked in as an adult where I've really felt natural about creating. But I don't make big art, so sometimes it's hard not to feel discounted. That's why I said what I did in the weblogs panel about "Oh, ok, well, I guess I can't put in the minimum, so I'll just go home & leave the internet to the True Artists." (Actually, those weren't my exact words, but that kind of conveys the flouncing out of the room I was doing while I said it). I didn't mean I'd really leave the web - I'm not a spineless idiot - nor did I think the True Artists really want me to go away, but I did feel that someone needed to point out the negative message that comes along with the plea to do more. I did appreciate the faith in my potential & the kick in the ass to do more, but, dammit, there is nothing wrong with small talk!

Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with doing business on & around the web. I am not working for a startup because I get stock options and a big paycheck; I do it because I like the people and the work. BUT I also like the big paycheck. I did the labor of love. Then I did grad school. Now I'm over $30K in debt and it's time to get free from that burden. Dreams and love and art can coexist with money and stock options and the ol' internet limelight.

And I'm still glad about that kick in the ass and the inspiration of the good folk.

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Gettin' Fixed "...if you’re as 2000

Gettin' Fixed

"...if you’re as certain as you can be that you don’t want to have more children and will never want more in the future, then the first question: Who gets the surgery? The safest, least invasive, cheapest approach is male vasectomy. Vasectomy is a 20-minute, walk-in/walk-out office procedure that costs $500 to $1500 [or much, much less with good insurance], depending on whether the man has it at a public clinic or at a private practitioner's office. Using local anesthesia, the surgeon makes a small incision or puncture in the man's scrotum, snips the two tubes that carry sperm out of the testicles (the vas deferens) and seals the openings by cauterizing or sewing them shut. Recovery typically takes a few days and side effects are rare, though scrotal pain and infection at the incision site are possible.

If you opt for sterilization, the safest, least invasive, cheapest approach is not hysterectomy, but rather tubal ligation — popularly known as "having your tubes tied," except that they're usually cut, not tied. Once the tubes are sealed, eggs can no longer meet sperm and you can't get pregnant. Under local anesthesia, the surgeon typically makes a small incision in your navel or at the top of your pubic hair and inserts a small instrument called a laparoscope that cuts and seals your tubes. Tubal ligation leaves the uterus and ovaries intact. Depending on the facility, tubal ligation costs on the order of $2,000 to $4,000. [or $100, if you have great insurance like me!] It usually requires a few days to recover. Side effects are rare, but pain in the abdomen, or around the incision, and infection are possible."

from OnHealth: Sterilization Is Forever

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Things are looking mighty nice 2000

Things are looking mighty nice over at project me. Negative space smells good, eh, Jake?

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A recent favorite from Daze 2000

A recent favorite from Daze of Our Lives...Baby Stretching.

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eNormicom is vicious, bloodthirsty satire 2000

eNormicom is vicious, bloodthirsty satire at its best. These guys don't just thirst for blood, they draw it, can it, label it and launch an ad campaign to make the whole world sing while drinking it. Mmm, refreshing!

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I told B.J. that I 2000

I told B.J. that I was getting sterilized via a laproscopic procedure and he said "Laproscopic? They let a rabbit do the procedure? Man, talk about irony!"
Groan! No belly laughs, Beej, I'll bust a stitch!

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There's No Pleasing Some People 2000

There's No Pleasing Some People Dep't

Uncle Larry writes:

I started my day at 3:45 AM, getting up to make it to KPFA by 5 AM. Had a pleasant couple of hours, playing interesting music. Started with Native American chanting and flute, followed by Hindustani slide guitar, some music from Mali, some Buddhist chanting from Thich Nat Chan's Plum Village monastery in France, etc., etc. - even fit in Tiny Tim with Brave Combo doing "That Old Feeling." Got a call from
a woman complaining that everything we play on this morning show all sounds the same!

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Thank you Peter for pointing 2000

Thank you Peter for pointing us to this delightful interview with Tom Lehrer.

When I graduated from UC Santa Cruz, oh my, thirteen years ago, at the senior dinner, I had the tremendous pleasure of being seated at the same small table as Mr. Lehrer. At the end of the meal, I said to him: "I know you are modest about your past, but I must thank you for your songs. I was raised on three great humorists: Spike Jones, Stan Freberg and you." He said, "Well, I'm in good company."

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Darn you, Jeffrey Zeldman! Now 2000

Darn you, Jeffrey Zeldman! Now I have another weblog to read and you generate all that good content. It's after 1am and I'm still wandering around the Ad Graveyard. Ah, who'm I kiddin'? I knew it was dangerous when I typed your URL.

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My mum the travel writer: 2000

My mum the travel writer:

In Sebastopol we stopped at Food For Thought market; from their deli, got a Senegalese Chicken Soup that had a wonderful blend of spices and vegetables, delicious - and a tofu & vegi & seed concoction called Buddha's Jewels, with a plum sauce, also delicious, and I hope I'm the only person
in the world who might think - well, never mind that - and a loaf of country roasted garlic bread. We carried it with us to Jenner and ate there as the last light faded.

On our way out of Sebastopol, stopped by a traffic signal, we were in time to hear a carrillon concern from the tower of the United Methodist Church - and across the street behind us, slightly muffled, a sensitive dog howling along.

In Monte Rio, the enormous gnarled old tulip magnolia tree (as tall as the old 2-story house beside it) was still covered with huge pale flowers, though even in the fading light we could see the ground beneath carpeted with fallen petals.

At Jenner, we ate and looked out over the river mouth to the open ocean - the water like mercury washed with indigo and shadowed with black velvet.

I had forwarded the above quote from an email along to pb because he lives in Sebastapol and has both a ready wit and a poetical nature, then was about to delete the message when I decided I couldn't bear to never read it again, so I thought I'll just put it in my weblog. Well, I highlighted the passage, right-clicked to choose "Blog This!" and lo and behold, the passage was pasted right into the Blogger window. My gracious. Not only are they witty poets, those Pyrates are damn fine coders as well.

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Good, useful, clean code is 2000

Good, useful, clean code is available from Gibson Research Corporation. Steve makes some handy programs including ShieldsUP! (to protect your system while connected to the internet) and OptOut (to scrub your system clean of advertising spyware).

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This Sunday, April 23rd, I'll 2000

This Sunday, April 23rd, I'll be going to The Tech museum of innovation in San Jose. I'm going to the 11am showing of Fantasia 2000 and then I'm going to explore the museum. If you'd care to join me, I recommend purchasing tickets in advance. So far, the party consists of me, Lawrence Yuan and Lawrence's charming companion whose name I have totally forgotten since the business dinner we met at.

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My uncle Larry is a 2000

My uncle Larry is a birder and the way he writes about birding makes me think it is something I will eventually do as well. Here's an interesting insight from him:

At Hole in the Head (the pit where PG&E was preparing to install a nuclear reactor - right on the San Andreas Fault - back in the days before some sanity began to prevail, and now a nice little wildlife pond), we watched a small white bird flitting about in the trees. Everyone agreed that it was an "albino" - actually, more correctly a leucistic bird, since it had dark eyes, some yellow color on head and sides, and a little grey patterning on the tail. It revealed an interesting split in the group. Several people immediately declared
it to be a Yellow-rumped Warbler. They said things like "Look at the way it moves." "See how it's fly-catching." "It's interacting with the other Yellow-rumped Warblers." Several other people, however, stood around for at least half an hour, peering through scopes, discussing just where the yellow color was located, the shape of the head and bill, and other matters of the sort emphasized in guidebooks. Eventually, they too agreed that it was a Yellow-rumped Warbler.

I'm beginning to reach that point with some birds that I can recognize the bird almost immediately from its "jizz" as British birders say, a phrase that presumably came from wartime training in airplane
recognition and was an abbreviation for "General Impression of Size and Shape" - to which I'd add "and Behavior." I think it's one of the things that distinguishes the really good birders (along with the ability to look in the right places and spot the subtle clues that indicate hard-to-see birds).

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Jesse's list of information architecture 2000

Jesse's list of information architecture resources is a marvelous resource. Thank you for your time compiling and presenting this, Mr. Garrett. We mightily appreciate it.

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I am consoled in the 2000

I am consoled in the face of terrible news by the fact that the obituary for Edward Gorey ends with a perfect final line for one of his books:

It was not clear if there were any survivors.

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Yes, I am thrilled to 2000

Yes, I am thrilled to have been captured in the magic minute. Kubicnoje, a podlozen sam*.

Serbo-Croat for "It is bitchin' & I am stoked". Thanks to Christopher Franges for the translation.

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I must say I enjoyed 2000

I must say I enjoyed this entry about Elian from Pigdog Journal: World's Most Fucked-with Little Boy Gets More Shit Dumped on Him. [from Tasty Bits from the Technology Front; thanks, Keith. kiss kiss]

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Seth keeps my brain awake 2000

Seth keeps my brain awake and makes me smile with things like It Quacks Like a Duck.

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Boys, Alan has a point 2000

Boys, Alan has a point here:

"If you're not ready to deal with the chance of having a child, don't stick your dick inside women. Plain and simple."

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Mm, yeah. Gotta love how 2000

Mm, yeah. Gotta love how free email services keep your messages really secure. Check out what I got in place of the end of a humorous message from my uncle:

...When asked for his favorite Beatle, Bob Dole replied,
"Ringo - he's the only one I rememonths or is it because your
friends are

>pressuring you for getting a girlfriend and i am the

>easy access for u. Tell me Ani what is the reason. Are

>u sure that u want me back? and why? Before u decide I

>still have the some jealousy in me? Or are u having

>pitty on me for not finding any boyfriend after we

>broke off? Or are u missing me? What is it Anil? Talk

>to me and tell me everything since " A guy called Anil

>once told his parents that Aahat and I(you) talk

>everything under the sun and no one can change

oy vey.

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