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Dispatch from Carmel 1999

My favorite note from Rageboy in quite some time:

The point of all this is to relate that in Carmel, which is not entirely dissimilar to the haunts of our youth, ecologically speaking, we saw one of those lizards we used to catch some 40 years ago. My God, the flood of memories that sight brought rushing back! Except it had been run over by a golf cart. It was so flat! We would not have believed an actual animal could be ironed out so smooth. It was as if it had been pressed. All it needed was a coat hanger and one of those plastic bags with the little twisty thing holding it together. Yes sir, here we are, your lizards are all ready to go. Have an enjoyable evening, sir. Or maybe it was just the whole resort atmosphere that made us think that. As always, very hard to know...

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Don't Panic! 1999

Edmond just stumbled over The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the other day.

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One More Good List I'm Not On 1999

If you like JavaScript and DHTML, you might go to Project Cool, check out their resources and sign up for their list.

I haven't got time, but you might.

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I drink Library Juice. 1999

From the current issue:

Hennepin County Library has put online "a handy reference guide to authors and genres" with the theme If you like...

From Librarian-Troublemaker (and I mean that in a good way) Sandy Berman comes some appropriate Banned Books Week reading "Three Kinds of Censorship that Librarians (Mostly) Don't Talk About". [Appears to be gone from the web; not in Internet Archive as of May 2004]

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Tell me something important. Really important. 1999

For example, my life must include:

  • laughing
  • cuddling
  • stupid time
    (e.g. playing computer games)
  • good food
    (fat free food is fine, just make it good)
  • self-gratifying projects.

Ok, now forget telling me what's important; tell yourself.

How are you fitting your important things into the next 24 hours?

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Okay, so what bones *hasn't* he broken, then? 1999

Did I ever tell you I really like Jackie Chan movies? [To my sadness, link dead as of January 2004 and not in Internet Archive]

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Urban Safety 1999

Did I already mention the Traffic Cone Preservation Society? Lilly told me about it. The field guide is very helpful: "Orange stripe around, Death abound, No stripe in sight, All is right".

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Superbad! 1999

Superbad javascript action. (Thanks for the link, Pete!)

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Meme-Farmers 1999

Edward Vielmetti is one of my favorite meme-farmers. (Peter Merholz is another). Here's a great discussion at Ed's Vacuum site about the changing nature of work. I particularly enjoyed Lou's comments about how indignent he becomes when he doesn't love his work.

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Dead Germans? 1999

"A number of years ago at an ALISE meeting, Sydney Pierce asserted that one of the factors leading to the incoherence and fragmentation of the information sciences was the lack of 'dead Germans' - that is, a set of significant theoreticians that provided the intellectual foundations of the field." Thus was born The Dead Germans Project.

So, what do you call people who are still alive, but undeniably influential? Is Donald Norman an "Undead German"?

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Feeling better about my knees all the time 1999

As a defense against predators, the unassuming ladybug can squirt a foul-smelling, bitter-tasting yellow liquid out of its knee joints.
- Birds & Blooms magazine
(another fine link from Uncle Larry)

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A few geeky links for ya 1999

Life swept me away from my website again. Hi, I'm back.

Jakob Nielsen, "the user-interface guru with the luxurious sideburns", says interesting things again. This time he's chatting about User-Supportive Internet Architecture.

Chauncey Wilson of BMC Software, Inc. has compiled an extensive bibliography on user interface design.

Kill your lawn before it kills you. (Thanks for the link, Larry!)

One of these days I really ought to learn web design for PDAs, but I think I ought to learn XML first. And then I think, hmmm, I wonder if I can keep the enemy from building up a big army if I take these castles in the north and control those resources...

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Cold prevention ideas received? Or the approach I took? 1999

Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine. Echinacea. Zinc. Vitamins C & E. Edamame. Multivitamin. Lecithin. Fish Oil. Fresh tomato & basil with balsamic vinegar and French bread. Halls Sugar Free Mentho-Lyptus drops. St. John's Wort. Tums. Glucosamine Sulfate. Brussels sprouts with fresh lemon juice. Lots and lots and lots of water.

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Sick Again 1999

Here I am with a headcold again. What up wit dat? I was sick just a couple months ago. My immune system always tests to be just fine, so why do I keep getting these stupid snotty colds? Tell me your secret to health.

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Prudence kicks in 1999

Changed my mind about buying a new car. Instead I'll buy off the lease for the Saturn which Joe & I got. Not really the car I want, but a better solution fiscally speaking. Not a bad car, just not the little hatchback o' my dreams.

Still grading... I thought I'd be done by now. Ack! I want a fun weekend, dang it. Maybe next time.

Friends don't let friends teach grad school.

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Solo party Chez MetaGrrrl tonight 1999

Having a lovely bowl of popcorn with garlic salt & parmesan cheese accompanied by a Bloody Mary. No reason I couldn't be out and about having fun elsewhere, but I'm getting stuff done. Grading web projects, listening to Everclear, buying a car.

Yeah, and missing Edmond. Sure it's fun to have some time alone, but he's just easy to be with and the playa is a long way away. When he gets back his hair will probably be really long, maybe almost an inch!

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Meme endurance 1999

It's interesting writing like this which makes me glad I subscribe to Keith Dawson's Tasty Bits from the Technology Front:

"This points up an under-appreciated feature that renders the Web an ideal medium for the viral spread of urban legends: 'dead' pages can linger on the Web for months or years, like encysted bacteria, waiting to reinfect a new generation."
By the way, if you enjoy TBTF, you can, like me, support Keith's hard work.

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Chapter Foo, in which I begin to appreciate Microsoft products a bit more... 1999

I usually bad-mouth IE5 because it took a great leap backwards in its support of Cascading Style Sheets (dorks!) and Windows 98 is frequently irritating (backwards compatability, my ass), but something has happened which has given me a new appreciation for them. I just got home from a hard week at work and sat down to grade my students final projects (so I can be done with this working two jobs nonsense) when I discovered that my trackball had died. Well, more accurately, that the wheel which directs the cursor up and down had died. I can click the bottom 20 pixels of my screen anywhere I want, but anything else is out of the question. I could have switched to a mouse. I could have gone out and bought a new trackball (though, really, Kensington, this ought to have had a much longer lifespan). Instead, I'm navigating the web and my computer with keyboard commands. So far, it's working really well and I'm rather impressed. It's also giving me more appreciation of the web experience for those who find mousing difficult. It's probably better for my hands too!

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