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Bad Chores, Good Villain 1999

Given how I feel today, I think I'm glad we didn't have the super-lazy weekend I was expecting. There is something really satisfying about getting all your ducks in a row. And it wasn't all pain and suffering; we still had time to go see Mystery Men on Saturday night. It was very silly and we both enjoyed it mightily. Geoffrey Rush makes a really great super-villain. Hard to go wrong with a name like "Casanova Frankenstein".

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Grrr. No bliss. 1999

Edmond & I spent our Saturday doing chores. Productive, but not nearly so much fun as I'd been hoping for all week. Weekends where you do a bunch of work aren't really proper weekends.
I'm still grading papers & final projects for my class and, frankly, I'm rather tired of it. Edmond keeps pushing the "throw them down the stairs and then the ones on the top step get an A, the ones on the next step get a B, etc." method, but I'm trying to be less impartial.

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Living the stereotype 1999

This is so Silicon Valley. It's Friday night at 8pm and I'm just leaving the office. Oh, no wait. I'm leaving after I send this fax. Then I'm leaving. Really.

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Showing off my new toy 1999

Sometimes you say something when you just want to show the tool off to other people, like, say, Stefan.

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The Slippery Slope 1999

There is a danger when you get a cool new tool to use it even when you don't need to. Because it is so dang easy now for me to create an entry, I find I just want to open my trap and say something even when I have nothing to say. Hmmm. Does that make weblogs even more like holding a conversation where you don't let anyone else get a word in edgewise?

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Delicious! 1999

I just read Hannibal by Thomas Harris. I enjoyed it very much. I read it on an airplane. The food they served me made cannibalism sound perfectly reasonable. Especially when combined with a really excellent wine. Dr. Lecter is such a tasteful gentleman.

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It's just silly and I'll stop now. 1999

I'm finally beginning to come around on the whole issue of opening new windows for links leading off my site. Ok. I'll stop. If you see a link like that on my site, just tell me and I'll clean it up. I realize the error of my ways and I apologize.

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And how could I leave out Meg?! 1999

This is some pretty freakin' cool stuff!
Evan & Paul are the kings of the web!

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First Blogger post 1999

Look out! I'm bloggin'!

[Most posts prior to this one are actually "time of day unknown" unless it was stated in the hand-coded post or written material. I've guessed or just used the time at which I entered the post into TypePad. - Dinah, January 2004]

[Ev says on the occasion of Blogger's 10th birthday that it launched 8/23/1999, I think that may be when they started using it in-house, given that I had Blogger blog #11 and would have posted immediately upon getting it I'd think.]

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Bringing the world home 1999

Stayed up too late last night seeing Bowfinger, the new movie with Steve Martin & Eddie Murphy. It's a great little film and Edmond & I enjoyed it mightily.

This week I got a new laundry basket. It's just lovely. A beautiful shape and subtle decoration. Plus it's extremely practical and performed well in a trip to the laundromat on Friday night. Our new basket was made by some craftspeople in Ghana. I bought it from Novica which is about as close to getting it directly as you can do without going to Ghana. It cost me only about $15 including the shipping. When I just checked this there were still 9 baskets available.

I found out about Novica from The Hunger Site which you should visit every day. (I've added a banner at the bottom of this page to remind you) [and since removed it because it was too cluttered]. You click one button and food is donated to prevent world hunger. The donation is paid for by the advertisers whose small logos you see on the thank you page. It's a simple demonstration of what can be achieved by small actions of many people. Now I want to see someone do The Birth Control Site and The Self-Sufficiency Farming Site.

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No secrets 1999

Well, I have houseguests. Since the servers at school will be down tomorrow, I put the pages for the class I'm teaching up here on my site. Now my students will be visiting my personal site. It's kinda like having your parents over.

Note to myself:
try to refrain from talking about politics, sex and booze for a few days. Oh, and don't be a pottymouth.

Note to my students:
I moved the javascript examples up here as well

[***Question as of September 2003: Does that .../archive/240/ content still exist at all?***]

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