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That wonderful lounge 1999

I'm at Web99, hanging out in the online lounge. Very cool space. I've never coded from a beanbag chair before. Not exactly ergonomic, but fun.

The main part of the day was devoted to coordinating things in the volunteer office. Nice bunch of people. So far this is shaping up to be a pretty excellent convention. I'm looking forward to the sessions I'll be attending.

I expect to spend a large proportion of my time "networking" in an effort to get my card and my resume under the right nose. I'm looking for a contract position doing web project management and/or user experience/interface design. I'm now working through SoftDevices International, a web-enabled process management software company which also provides services such as web site development and process modeling. This is an exciting change for me because I'm ready to start pushing my career forward and the whole gray area of translating undefined user needs into powerful webtools is exactly the territory I want to head for.

Well, enough of this beanbag action, I'm heading out into the wide world before my back starts to complain too much.

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Career Maturation 1999

As much as I've enjoyed working at HP, I need to move on if my career is not to stagnate. I want to spend more of my time on user experience design. I'm using that term here to encompass defining the site from the functional needs, designing page layout and site navigation, and improving real-world activities using the flexible environment of the Web.
I'm going to be working with a company called SoftDevices who will be giving me further training in web-based process management. I am now available for part- or full-time, short- or long-term contracts. Please pass on the URL for my resume [not made available online anymore] if you know someone looking for a web designer.

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Satire is painful and useful 1999

An insanely busy week. I'm moving this weekend and that's always exhausting. There won't be much happening here this week.

My small news and daily trivia has been satirized by some guy with an eBay banner ad on his personal site. Talk about glass houses...

Still, as much as I hate being teased, I have to admit I have been writing a web journal and not a web log. I have hoped to do more with this site to turn it into more of a resource and less of a diary. Now that I have someone handy to talk to about the minutae of daily life (lucky Edmond), I'll try to spare you here.

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