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Art, conspiracy theory and wishful thinking 1999

This brilliant critique of a particular obscure genre of pin-up art is what the web is for. Remember, girls: don't buy celery if you have pink underwear. (Thanks, Beej for the pointer to this!)

Edmond loaned me The Simpsons: Songs in the Key of Springfield and I now see the error of my tv-avoiding ways. I should have been watching this show religiously. Listen to track 2, "We Do", to understand The Truth. (I confess that Sherman used to sing this to me, so now I realize that he is in fact part of the conspiracy. I should have known you can't trust a man in a black leather hat...)

Hey, Mpath went public today. Buy some stock and make my boyfriend rich, ok?

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Lazy Times 1999

Yes, I've been neglecting my journal. We'll both live.

Happy birthday tomorrow to my pal, Tracyl! :)

Time to go lie on the couch and be useless.

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Lazy environmentalism, nostalgia and sexy pictures 1999

Earth Day

Well, I bought a plant today, but I didn't otherwise connect with the Earth at all. That's quite sad really. I think I need to lie down on the grass and smell the dirt sometime soon.

I am very very tired. I'm just finishing my dinner and then I'm heading to bed. I did not accomplish any of the things I hoped to do at home tonight, though I got some errands out of the way. Dishes are still dirty, my apartment is a mess and none of this will change tonight. I need a good night's rest because tomorrow night will be hard work. Back to Martinez to finish emptying the house, getting up at 6am to sell stuff at the flea market and then spending the afternoon deciding what stuff I just can't stand to part with. My folks turn over the keys to the buyer Sunday night. This is the house I grew up in. I love it. It's a marvelous house. Fortunately, the house my folks have built since is even more wonderful. Still, I don't think I'll get out of there without crying. And I don't know if I can stand not to take the rocking chair my mother used to rock me in when I was little. I have nowhere to put it. Not just "nowhere it'll look good", no room for it at all. "Move it to get to things" kind of no room. I'll probably take it anyway. Without any effort at all I can feel myself in her lap and hear her singing.

It's going to be hard to come home Saturday night and still have Edmond gone. I will need strong arms around me, but he'll be back Sunday (Yay!) and I'm a tough little grrrl.

I'm so glad we were able to give things to dear friends. Maybe Kate & Becca will like the rocking chair and I could give it to them to sing their children to sleep in. That would be a fine thing.

Well, I did the dishes after all. I feel better. I might even pick up these dirty clothes on the floor and toss them in the basket in the closet. Not the same as clean, but also not so messy. And then to sleep to dream sweet dreams

After all these weekends in a row of trips to Martinez and San Francisco, I think I want to stay home on May Day weekend. Ah, but Dave Gurley's photography [That was linked to Dave's old site on best.com but as of August 2003 it's gone and the Internet Archive doesn't have it] will be on display at Stormy Leather in SF and I definitely want to go to that. He does beautiful work. (And if I were independently wealthy there's no way we'd leave that event without Edmond poured into a lovely pair of black leather pants...hmmm, that gives me an idea for those sweet dreams. Hee hee).

Ok, I got distracted while finding the two links above and stumbled on the delightful Gothic Babe of the Week. Now I'm going to bed. Really. I guess the dirty clothes are staying on the floor.

(oh, ok, one more thing. Just got a great 404:
" Error 404 - File Not Found
The requested URL, http://www.paramour.com/, was not found on this server.
No further information is available.
I'm sorry it didn't work out.
And it looked so promising for a while there too.")

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Edmond: rogue? 1999

Dinah explains it all for you:
I've been distracted by that Meinfelder chap. He's a bad influence: got me eatin' a lowfat diet, takin' vitamins, gettin' up early and, ok, it's not all healthy, watchin' Deep Space Nine.

Soap Opera Update: Edmond didn't steal Steve's girl. I hadn't actually gone out with Steve when things got serious with Edmond. Not only that, but Steve & I have still never met in person. We were gonna go out, but we didn't. Now, as everybody agrees, "If it's ok with you, it's ok with me." We're all ok here, how are you?

So, in summation, Edmond may be a troublemaker and a bad influence, but he's not a skanky girl-thieving rogue*. All clear now?

*Sorry, Edmond. I know you were enjoying the notoriety, but I do prefer historical accuracy.

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Surround Yourself With Good People 1999

Had dinner at La Fondue last night with 5 fabulous funny sexy women. Wednesday night I had the undivided attention of one phenomenal man. Tonight I'm hosting a Vacuum party with Ed Vielmetti and should have a troop of sharp-witted webfolk hanging around my apartment after dinner making great conversation. Tomorrow I'm going to a social history festival in San Francisco with some good friends and then I'm having dinner with a few of my favorite wits and bon vivants (and the happiest goth in the world). My life doesn't suck.

I may be tired, but I'm smiling...

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If I should die tomorrow... 1999

Fortunately, I slept very well last night. I say "fortunately" because I'm very tired now from working 2 long days in a row and expect to work 2 more long days in a row and then an average sort of day on Friday. I'm making up hours lost when HP was closed last Friday and I couldn't get in the building to work. Not that I didn't enjoy my day off...

Arachnophilia is an interesting site which I've only just begun to explore. Haven't tried the web editor offered there yet.

It's kind of nice having someone you're rather fond of decide to have a camera on his desk taking his picture over and over all day.

Ugh. I should do dishes before it gets too late. And then it will be bedtime. Tsk tsk. Working long hours is a bit of a drag.

So I'll be teaching a class this summer. Wow. I'll be a busy grrrl.

I'll be teaching a class that starts in 2 months. Seems like plenty of time, but I've got an awful lot of preparing to do still. What an adventure.

Time for bed now. Tomorrow I have nothing planned but work. Thursday the same. Another busy weekend ahead. I really ought to stop scheduling so many things, but I know too many interesting people. And I might get hit by a bus tomorrow, so let's keep dancing. Let's break out the booze and have a ball, if that's all there is. (Hmm, actually I've never been much of a drinker and I can't dance much at all with my knee all messed up, but having a ball, that, now that I can do).

If by some stroke of bitter irony I am in fact hit by a bus tomorrow, please remember that I want to be parted out completely. Donate all those bits of meat and juice, I won't need them and I certainly wouldn't want anyone to pay to have them buried in the ground.

Oh, and so you won't fight over her, I leave Luxury (my leather chair) to ... no, no, better not say, it might only lead to deadly temptation.

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Good Things 1999

Another weekend frittered away on hanging out with friends, helping my parents, letting my parents help me, making my apartment a nicer place to live, spending time with That Guy I'm All Mushy About and generally improving my life.

Where are my priorities?

Oh, yeah, and I'm helping turn the world upside down. It's the last paradigm of the century; get on the cluetrain.

Didn't do any work this long weekend as I'd planned to, but got lots of other things done. (HP was closed Friday so I couldn't get in to do anything).

Last night I slept really well. Today I went for a nice walk and I ate right. I am going to see if I can keep this trend going. Heck, I think I'll even floss. What a paragon of virtue I am! (Oh, quit coughing like that).

Coolness: I just heard local 80's band Game Theory played on spinner.com [Link (& company apparently) dead as of January 2004]. Yeah, there sure are some advantages to DSL despite all the hassles.

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