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Link-a-dink-a-doo! 1999

I'm full of questions tonight.

The year is 25% over. Does that freak you out too?

Is all balsamic vinegar from Modena?

Is it completely bent of me to update this before cooking myself some dinner when I didn't get home from work until 8:30?

Pete sent me astonishing news from the world of science. Bless his twisted little heart.

And another friend, whom we shall refer to as Madame K., sent me this delectable morsel. Love those regimental Scots!

Sweet Harriet is a local band I really like. Just a couple of really excellent singer/songwriters.

So, I really want to go to Web99 at the end of June. I mean, I want to go to all 5 days of Web99. Unfortunately, that costs about $1700. Now I might be able to coax my employer into paying me while I go, but I may be changing from contracting to direct employment soon. So, until I know who's going to be cutting my checks then, I definitely can't get anybody to pay for the conference and my odds of them picking it up even if I do get hired are slim at best.
Therefore, here's my proposal to anyone seeking a good investment: I'll pay 10% interest, over a 12 month payback, and sign nice legal documents. I'm safer than the stock market - just ask my investor for Inkspot: I paid him back $15,000 on time despite closing the store.

I feel better now that I've seen The Original Duct Tape Jesus. Thanks, Pete.

Hmmm, 9:36. Time for dinner.

Fixed the egregious errors in my Spam and How to Fight It article [As of January 2004, I've decided not to migrate that content into TypePad. It's too out of date and I don't want people wandering into it off Google.]. Thanks, pak.

Dang! Shoulda done dishes. I always think of it just a bit later than is appropriate for all that splashing & clanking.

Only took me about 9 months to remember to put this on my site:
recycle.gif made with 100% recycled electrons
Thanks for setting such a good example, Luke ;)

This page makes me happy. Be sure to scroll down to see Hello Kitty in her wrathful aspect. And notice the title ["Please open your browser to the width of this window"] which is about the funniest damn thing I've seen in ages.

Can you tell I'm cleaning up my piles of "oughta make a link to that on my site" email messages?

Oh, and Paul sent me some links to pages about reading mail headers. There's the alt.spam FAQ and this one about tracking spam. I don't really have anything to say about them yet because I haven't looked at them. Well, ok, I looked at them. Blankly. And then I made these links so I could read them later when I was more interested.

Forgot to mention that I'm really hoping my pal stirs up more trouble at Web99. He said bad words last time. Naughty Carl.

Gotta get that sorta thing out of my system before I start teaching, I suppose...

I'm a wee bit worried about Edmond.
I think he might be working too hard.
Then again, I'm the one making this silly page, so perhaps it's me...

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Nice little home activities 1999

It's a beautiful day. I'd like to go out walking, but my antibiotics (for my sinus infection now mercifully almost gone) say I should avoid the sun. *sigh* I'll just look out the window and maybe water the plants on the porch. Sugar snap peas are now coming up nicely.

Got a nice letter from my friend Paul full of corrections on my interpretations of header information in my How to Stop Spam page. I'll put those corrections in later today. Thanks, Paul! (Hmm, I probably ought to ask mail-whiz Edmond to have a look at it too and explain it to me a bit more). [As of January 2004, I've decided not to migrate that content into TypePad. It's too out of date and I don't want people wandering into it off Google.]

Uncle Larry had more evil ideas for the Personal Revelation Disclosure Form - 1A. I'll try to get those in today as well.

If you like bird-watching, world music, and/or hiking around the San Francisco Bay Area, Larry & Lynn's site is well-worth a visit. They have a great set of links on a variety of other subjects too.

Ah, just too nice a lazy Sunday morning to be sitting here in front of the computer! More later.

I am Mighty Apartment-Rearranging Dinah!!!
Grrr! Look out!
My mother is selling the house she bought in 1969 and moving completely to Edgewood, the house up on the Mendecino coast which she and my stepdad, Paul, share with his mom, Muriel, and (soon) her parents, Bob & Susie. The old house was a great place to grow up and we all love it, but Edgewood is better and none of us want to live in Martinez at the moment. So, anyhow, she's selling the enormous Martinez house and that means all the stuff in it needs to be taken or left for the buyer (a great "as-is" deal!). Well, I'm taking an antique couch which I have always liked. It has swans on the ends of the arms and is more attractive than it sounds when I say that. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that I'm getting a couch. A six-and-a-half-foot-long couch. And I'm putting it in my already a bit crowded studio apartment. Heh. Hence the cleaning and rearranging. I think it will be just fine now, but there is no way I can fit anything else into that closet.

*whew* I'm all tuckered out.

After my shower and a bit of puttering around online I feel better.

I just bought a lovely hat from those fine red rabbits at The Hat Factory.

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PRD-1A 1999

Got something you need to get off your chest? One little fact about you which you think might change our relationship? Use the handy-dandy Personal Revelation Disclosure Form - 1A!
(no, it doesn't actually submit to anywhere)

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Feel the love? 1999

Sometimes I think I scare people off. I tend to be a good judge of character and if I like people and trust them, I am generally very warm and caring towards them. I guess this is a little intense for some. Really, I'm not expecting them to become my best friend in the whole world or marry me and have my babies*. I promise I'm not. Still, I suppose my natural affection and inclination to do nice things for my friends can make some people a little nervous, if not claustrophobic. I'm not willing to try to suppress my fondness for life, the world and people, so it's just a fact of being friends with Dinah:

If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

I'll miss you if you go though. :)

*Yeah, ok, so I have a womb, but I sure as hell ain't carrying some parasite around in my body for 9 months. Uh uh, no way. And I wouldn't ask anyone else to do it for me. Actually, I'd have a bit of a problem if someone really wanted to because I'm not particularly keen on parenthood. I respect it in others, particularly my mother ;) , but it isn't for me. Maybe I'll adopt a 25 year old in a decade or so.

I love the spring! I should have gotten up at 7 whatever when I woke up, but instead I stayed in bed and had dreamy dreams and watched the morning sun dance around my room and then I chatted with Peter a bit and read my email. So, I thought, I really better go to work, but I'll just step out on the balcony and see how my little seedlings are doing and they are all looking great, but there's still that middle row down the planter and, gosh, it's a lovely day and the soil is perfect and I still have these other seeds... I just planted more sweet peas in the left-hand planter and nasturtiums and tomatos down the middle of the other two. Going to have some delicious salads this summer! Now I'll go to work. I'm awfully glad it's Friday. :)

Oh, that bit above about being intense isn't directed at anyone in particular, just some thoughts sparked by an insightful letter from my dear friend Kristin.

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Getting a clue 1999

This is the day the world got a clue:
The Cluetrain Manifesto
Get on board

Warm weather is coming. I have events lined up every weekend for the next month. Good thing my energy level goes up in Spring!

The sugar snap peas are sprouting and the sweet peas are spreading out their leaves to catch the spring rain. The air smells good. I like it. (Sometimes a simple declarative sentence is really all one needs).

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Yet more DSL woes, and the coming of spring 1999

DSL line went out all day yesterday. Came up again around 9:30, but I was winding down and didn't feel like updating this page.

I'm taking antibiotics for my nose and I can already tell it's improving. Now I'll just have to restore all my good internal bugs after the antibiotics clear out my system. *sigh* Good ol' western medicine.

Whoops! Almost forgot the big news: sugar snap peas have begun sprouting and the sweet peas are opening their leaves. Yay! Springtime!

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More DSL hassles 1999

Having a lovely day. Brunch & walking on the baylands & strange short films with Edmond. Beautiful light and clouds all day. Very relaxing. Very much the way Sundays ought to go.

And two of these pieces of email waiting for me that I love to get:
"Dear {spamfighter at [the M word] dot com} [Oh, that's why I get so much spam to that address...Word to the wise: don't put email addresses in clear text on web pages.]
Thank you for reporting the unsolicited commercial e-mail that you recently received. We have cancelled the sender's account for complaints of spam, which violate(s) our Terms & Conditions Agreement."
Aaahhh, it just gives me a rosy glow.

All this pleasantness has kept me from becoming distressed over the dawning realization that I don't have a cold or allergies, but instead have a sinus infection. *sigh* Good thing I still have good health coverage and was planning to visit a doctor for my annual checkup soon anyhow.

Also remarkably unperturbed by returning home mid-afternoon to pick up the afore-mentioned strange short films and finding two messages from PacBell, one saying "Your work order is complete" and the other from some guy named Buzz saying "Oh, we're really sorry we didn't finish your work order we'll get right on it tomorrow" and leaving no number. Somehow I wasn't really suprised when I walked back later from Edmond's place (a mere 600 or so feet away) and I had no dialtone. Ah, those talented PacBell folk. I turned around and walked right back to use E's phone and report the problem. Fortunately, the so-competent-I-have-a-hard-time-believing-she-really-works-for-PacBell Leah was working today and I have great faith that she will fix all my problems. Well, ok, probably not the sinus infection, but all my phone problems anyhow.

The strange films we watched were created by the incomparable Billy Nayer Show

And now it's time for a smackerel of something to nibble and to play a game. Ah, Sundays.

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Allergies, DSL hassles and spam 1999

March 20, 1999

I woke up late today. Allergies are driving me crazy. So I took some antihistimine/decongestant stuff and it left me with medicinehead. Still have it, hours later. Bleah. My nose is clear though, so that's some consolation. Never used to have allergies this bad. Yuck.

My phone stopped ringing for about 24 hours yesterday and today. Turns out they assigned part of my line to someone else whose service was supposed to be turned on Monday. *sigh* On the bright side, my problems were all solved quickly and courteously by the most competent PacBell employee who's worked on my stuff yet. Thanks, Leah!

If you order DSL [used to link to a PacBell order page], and if you're online a lot it's worth it to do so, be prepared for the install process to take about two and a half weeks, not a day.

As promised, I've now written up my method for fighting spam [***need to decide whether to reproduce this page or not since it's so out of date and I don't want people to Google & hit it***]. Try it, you'll like it.

*whew* I'm just all wiped out. I think I'll make an early night of it.

Much too early to actually go to bed. If I read, I'll get sleepy. I know, I'll play a game. Hmmm, Fallout, I think. I should finish that so I can try the sequel.

12:12am (the 21st actually)
Didn't do a real good job going to bed early.

Oo, lookee! Vernal Equinox! Did ya feel it go by?!

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Deepening Geekdom 1999

"It's a simple fact: The Internet sees truth as damage and routes around it."
How can you not love Carl?

I'm hungry. I'll write more after I eat.

Oh, ok, Ms. Geek had to fix those Inkspot pages before eating. Typing too fast, I managed to set table width equal to 484%. "No, no, that's really not the effect I was after, but thanks for trying."

I'm wiped out. And I've been sitting in front of the computer for too long. Time to read a book in the bathtub. :)

Reading Broca's Brain by Carl Sagan. Great stuff. He gets wonderfully snide in the chapter on Velikovsky. "(Indeed, no manna at all has been detected so far in comets)."

I still haven't found a good way to manage bookmarks. There are a lot of URLs I'd like to share and which I would like to be able to index in multiple categories. I also want annotations for them. And the only solution I see is a database from which I can dynamically draw pages. So, that means Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion, Domino or PHP. The first three all require expensive proprietary software which runs on the server. PHP is free. All hail Open Source!

Hmm, my excellent host, Hurricane Electric (whom I recommend highly), provides me with a MySQL database and is PHP-ready.

Now I just need to learn all about it (and stop pronouncing it "my sequel". My ess que ell. It looks so Spanish!).

I'm working with some Microsoft folk. They are exceedingly good sports about it, but I can tell they get tired of the whole evil empire stigma. Fortunately, they've given me some indications that Microsoft as a company has a clue. Apparently, they are considering a version of Office for Linux. And future development of Windows products are explicitly directed not to mess with the operating system. There's hope.

I begin to think that the whole kneejerk anti-Microsoft thing is getting outdated. Yes, they bear watching. Yes, they have problems. But the biggest problem is the way that their products are dependant on each other. As Open Source gains ground, this is going to be seen as a major disadvantage. Inflexibility is not a survival trait and, as they've proven in the past, Microsoft is prepared to realign their thinking to maximize their success.

This is not to say that I'm not ticked off over their lack of full compliance with CSS-1 and HTML 4.0 in Internet Explorer 5. Grrr. More work for me as I should now test everything in at least 4 browsers (Netscape 3 and 4, IE 4 and 5, maybe IE 3 too) and that's before you even try testing pages at different screen resolutions, on the Mac vs. PC, etc. etc. etc. Ugh. I don't want 4 computers. (Caveat: if you want to give me a computer, I'll probably take it. I just mean I don't have anywhere to plug them in at present).

I had an idea for a cool thing I'd like to see. Picture a wall of monitors, say 5 by 5. Somehow (through some sort of code/hardware magic) these monitors can change which of 25 computers they are displaying and will randomly swap two displays every few seconds. The computers are running different browsers and different screen resolutions. The monitors are of a variety of brands and quality. The same webpage is displayed on all of them. This page is the 240 color "web safe palette" in a grid whose arrangement is done through use of style sheets and, as a fallback for the older browsers, layout in a table.
Believe me, this is not going to be a static display. It'd be good to throw a little text in there too, so you could see the changing size of the rendered type. Anyone know how to do the wiring/flipping between monitors part? I'd love to do this for one of the big web design shows and I betcha The Web Standards Project would be thrilled get involved.

Mmm, a warm digerati glow:
I just noticed Strafe's Guide in Jamie Zawinski's most recently added bookmarks. Thanks for the link, Jamie.

We're in good company. Jamie finds great stuff. For instance, IN THE GRIM FUTURE OF HELLO KITTY THERE IS ONLY WAR.

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Web sites, image editing and good music 1999

March 18, 1999

Web journal, schmeb journal. I'm workin' on Inkspot [***link to oldmedia + story of attempts at electronic version***].

oh, well, maybe I'll just futz around in Photoshop for a bit first.
That's my friend Edmond. He has a job.

1:40am on the 19th
Don't go look at the new Inkspot pages -they're all messed up. I'll fix 'em tomorrow or something. I didn't check 'em before because I went to see The Mollys who were wonderful. I stomped my foot too hard and now my legs are sore. (No, I stomped the right foot, the left foot is just tired from holding my weight). Seth drove. He's the best! (Seth has webpages too, I'm just too sleepy to get the link for you).

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Geek Grrrl Fun 1999

PacBell managed to disconnect my DSL line again yesterday morning. This really puts the Grrr in MetaGrrrl. Whatever was wrong at their end is now fixed apparently. (Geeknote: the Sync light, which had been flashing red, was green when I got home, so I powered down both modem and pc. Restarted modem. Waited for a green Sync light. Turned on the computer. Voila). Hope it lasts this time...

Got my first email from a prospective student of my web design class this summer. This is going to be fun!

I hope that The School doesn't decide I'm unsuitable as a teacher because I talk about sex and use strong language. Oh, and drink whiskey.
I won't do it during class, scout's honor.

Just dusted and vacuumed my apartment. Give me a medal. Whaadya mean I gotta wash the dishes and put away those clothes too?! Jeez.

So, I've got tons of things I want to do with this site. Where to begin? I think I'll clean out my inbox and tell you about some cool webby things.

Oh my yes, I am a geek. I'm all tempted by The Visual Trace Route Utility.

Did some dishes. And a load of laundry. Excellent child.
Ate some grilled portabella mushroom. Robert was right; marinating in wine for 72 hours is perfectly fine.

Drue has a cool little toy on her pretty site.

Just to spite the naysayers (and perhaps in hope of getting back into the habit), I'm gonna go to my juggling club.

(Huh. I hope no one who's thinking about robbing my house reads my journal. Of course, they'd be mighty disappointed in the pickings they'd find..."Damn, this chick doesn't even have a tv! Hey, where the hell can I fence a pair of rubber rats? Shiiit, man.")

Juggled. Went through the usual performance anxiety which was nicely diffused by Robert . Thanks! Very nice to see Qarin and Eric. It's been too long. I guess I better start showing up every week.

Making my DSL look pretty darn pitiful...

*yawn* Bedtime now.

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A First Date 1999

Did I have a good evening?
Let's just say when I got home I had to put on Vince Guaraldi's "Linus & Lucy" to reflect my inner mood.

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Happy Home 1999

Well, I've changed things around. I was looking at Peter's site, which I really like a lot, and he appears to have realized that he spends way more time on his little "What I'm browsing" than on his essays and wisely swapped the two. This gives him much more space for his daily ramblings, and we should be glad because he finds the darnedest stuff...

I've also, after reading Ceej and Mary Anne's journals [link dead as of August 2003, but I found where she moved it], decided that the whole idea of the topmost thing on the page being my latest thought (so that within a day's entries you're reading backwards through my day) was a stupid idea and have begun putting in time stamps instead. I'm going to go back in my archive and fix the old ones. [Except I never did, so far as I could tell when importing these into TypePad in 2003/2004] Right after I rewrite the links on the right to fit a bit better in that narrow territory. I'm cheating for the moment and making that column 200 pixels wide instead of the usual 126.

While adding the link to Ceej's page, I took time to catch up in her journal. It's my favorite. Ceej has a brain and she's a much bigger geek than me. I respect that.

Thrown into severe laughing fits by this fine reference work. Thanks, Edmond.

Lest you think I live only through the web, as all my griping when I get disconnected might make you think, I will assure you all that I have a lovely little apartment and projects that do not involve computing. My latest two endeavors are bringing me a lot of pleasure.

I have a little balcony on my apartment and it looks out into a boring driveway area and at the drab apartment building next door. It also gets full sun until mid-afternoon which makes my place a bit of a furnace in summertime. To alleviate both these problems, I have purchased 3 planter boxes which go along the railing. I have run twine from the railing edge to hooks in the partially over-hanging roof so that the balcony has a sloping roof of twine strands about a foot or two apart. In these new planters, in the rich dark soil which smells so good, I planted seeds for sweet peas (noted for bright, sweet-smelling flowers) and sugar snap peas (fat delicious peas with edible pods). These will climb up the railing and twine and form a translucent wall/ceiling of green leaves and flowers. Soon I'll have a whole other room in my apartment, one with fresh air and dappled sunlight. There are 8 sweet pea sprouts today. :)

My wonderful mum gave me her record collection. I'm going through it deciding what I want to keep. It's great to hear this music I grew up with and find lost treasures. Currently playing: Vince Guaraldi and Bola Sete Live at El Matador. Great light jazz from 1966.

So, though I've been online since I got up this morning, answering email, providing feedback on my eBay buyers, working on this page, surfing, I'm also getting up every few minutes to look at the rain falling on the planters, to turn over the record (that's a change from my 5-CD player!) and to look around my little place which I love so much. Someday I'll get some pictures up of my little garden. Probably the next time I can coax Lisa into coming over with her digital camera (hint hint).

Didn't get anything done on Inkspot. Didn't pay bills. Didn't do laundry. But I did dishes and had Fred & Lisa over for dinner (mmm, tacos!) and we listened to records. And I also managed to give 2 friends feedback on their web projects. So I'm pretty satisfied with my day.

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Making Do 1999

Well, I'm back online. Not on DSL yet, but at least I can connect to the web and make phone calls. Being disconnected was such a drag. It'd be ok if I had someone around to socialize with, but I was working too many hours to want to visit anyone after work.

Now I'm tired. This is the night when I should have come home to a delicious dinner, a massage and somebody nice to snuggle off to sleep with. I'm making some dinner. It'll do. I can take a hot bath. That's nice. My flannel sheets are kinda snuggly and I've got a good imagination. Well, I guess that'll have to hold me for the moment. And on the bright side, I can eat whatever I want, be a total blob and go to bed early without cramping anyone else's style.

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Bloody PacBell 1999

Here's a damn good reason to have a non-dynamically generated home page and the ability to edit the HTML code in Notepad: On Friday afternoon, March 5th, at around 3pm, PacBell, while trying to setup my new DSL line (mmm, bandwidth), managed instead to completely disconnect my phone service. Nice work, guys. Makes me even happier to pay my bills with Dilbert checks.

So, I can't connect to my electronic world from home and it sucks. It is really awful. It makes me depressed. Imagine if someone tied your ankle to the bedframe and you couldn't go anywhere. That's how I feel. I spend an average of 10 hours a day on my computer, most of it using the web. Yeah, I could learn to have an unconnected life again, but my neighbors except for Fred and Lisa (Hi!) aren't within walking distance. My neighborhood is online and I miss it.

When I get reconnected, I'll update this. Until then, now you know why I'm not very easy to get a hold of...

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The days of overtime and rosy dreams 1999

Got home from work just after 10pm. Tired and hungry, but had a good day. Work proceeds well with new possibilities for actual employee status and better pay. Time for dinner and then off to bed. Mmm, sleep. Sleep is good.

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Antiphotogenesis 1999

March 3, 1999

Been a busy, hardworking grrrl this week. 30 hours so far and it's only Wednesday. If I haven't been in touch, I've got a good excuse.

Saw Home Page again last night. Liked it the second time too. (Doug , you were right to put Marjorie in. It makes the film.)

Freeform put up some pictures [link dead as of August 2003] of our dinner on Sunday. For the group portrait Carl and I redistributed our body fat and posed as Jack Sprat and his wife. We really really really don't look like that.

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