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Pioneer Supper 1999

I love web people.

Just saw 'Home Page' at Cinequest. It was great. Then had dinner with the director and the stars at a new Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant at 325 South First Street (downstairs from where Inkspot used to be in the "real world"). These are some fine people. 'Home Page' is showing again on Tuesday night. See it. http://www.cinequest.org, I think. Dreamweaver is crashing after every other word, well, at least every other sentence, and opening a browser too is too much to ask of my poor messed up computer. I don't know what's wrong with the poor thing, but it's really cramping my style. Literally 25 or 30 crashes just writing this paragraph. Attempting to at least point from memory at these fine folk and their sites:

Doug: http://www.d-word.com (or was it .org?)

Justin: http://www.links.net

Carl: http://www.freedonia.com/~carl

Julie: http://www.awaken.org

Christopher: http://www.freeform.org

Steve: http://www.well.com/~srhodes

I don't know if Van has a site. Peter gave me Steve & Christopher's (at least ICQ isn't crashing. Yet.)

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Good movie 1999

Just got back from seeing October Sky [link added in August 2003]. Go see it. Don't argue. Don't read a review. Just go see it.
It wouldn't surprise me a bit if on New Year's Eve, as we're sitting in my car listening to some good music while the people inside at the party are being subjected to That Song again, I was telling you "Yes, I still think October Sky was the best movie I saw all year..."

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Gourmet Friends Are Good Friends 1999

Sorry I haven't written much lately. Last week I had to work extra hours to make up for the holiday I couldn't work and didn't get paid for. And then I got sick on Wednesday. :p

The F/X reunion was fabulous and we raised an incredible amount of money for Mark. Yay!

My eBay auctions have gone so well, I'm about to start some more. [but I got sidetracked and didn't].

I had friends over last night and it was fun. Bill & Jessica win Most Decadent for making fresh butter and then turning it into super garlic dipping sauce. Marie & Pete take second place for the combination of their offerings. Oh, but Robert better be tied there too for the salmon with mustard and capers. Oh hell, it was all great! Mike was knocked out of Most Fashionably Late to a Party by Dan who arrived almost 8 hours after it started. Fortunately, we were still going strong. (If you didn't get invited, it's because you're on the other cycle. My place is just to small to invite everyone every time, so I'm going to start doing an alternate invite list (with occasional crossovers, of course). Watch for the March party invite coming soon).

Feeling better. Down to general fatigue and a scratchy throat. I'm still going to take it easy this week.

My computer has taken to crashing frequently. I think I'll cut my losses and put this up now.

[I'm a little confused about this post. You see, I had begun my blogging life by just adding more into a given day's post at the top so it would naturally fall in reverse chronological order on the page. However, the last line of this suggests that it wasn't writtent that way. It's possible that some of the other posts between October 1998 and whenever I stopped posting like that are somewhat out of their original order. I could go to the Internet Archive and check, but frankly, that sounds like a big pain for little payoff and I've got a lot of content still to add. You can deal, right? Good. - Dinah, January 2004]

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Mongering 1999

Just signed up to sell through these guys:
[and then I had a CDNow logo and a search input which allowed you to select Artist, Album Title, or Song Title searches. Ah whatever. They're now (August 2003) part of Amazon and I find the Associates program much easier to work with. So much so that I can't be bothered to recreate the image and form tags for this old post.]

I'm selling stuff on eBay.

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Superpowers! 1999

You too can be a superpowered being.
I am.

When I'm good, I'm Beta Rakoon
Powers: Seventh sense, Extra appendages, Body transformation
Source of powers: Mutant Abnormal brain function
Weapon: Mystic Folding Chair
Transportation: Frog Vortex

And when I'm bad?
Powers: Machine control, Dark generation/control
Source of powers: Mutant Home study course
Weapon: Foam Neutralizer
Transportation: Yak Paddleboat.
(Note to wellReadBoy & the Sandman: this predates the Mild Yak Accident).

Here are a couple of fun surveys about sex and stuff [But as of August 2003, all that link yielded was a German 404 error].

Here's a site about technology and human responsibility where I ought to spend more time.

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Blackmailer 1999

Enjoying my new career as a blackmailer. [There used to be a link here to the F/X: The Reunion website. Fil (or maybe some of us in combination with Fil) came up with a fiendish way to raise more money at the benefit we were hosting for a former co-worker with major medical expenses: when you run a night club for over 5 years, you wind up with some rather choice pictures of people who have indulged a bit more than they ought or who just had the misfortune to be captured photographically at exactly the wrong moment. We posted those pictures on a website and then made people pay us to take them down or we'd blow them up big and have them on the walls at the reunion. Heh. Fiends in human form, that's us.]

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[Cardamom.net no longer redirecting to MetaGrrrl.com] 1999

[As captured by Internet Archive:

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.02.07 PM

That might be Joe H's joke rather than the hosting service's.]

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The Slow But Successful Climb Out of Debt 1999

I love Quicken. It is so wonderful. I've been using it for 8 or 9 years now and I just adore it. [Unfortunately, between 1999 and 2003 Intuit managed to fuck it up. It's a buggy dog on the Mac now. How quickly they forget from whence they came!] It performed a very useful function today, for example, by relieving my depression. I was very upset and unhappy yesterday when an inexplicable delay caused my paycheck to deposit late and thereby bounce my rent check. *sigh* It's good now of course, but such things do not enhance the landlord/tenant relationship. Well, one of the chores I did this afternoon was to make sure I had all my receipts etc entered and then I noticed that my net worth (displayed at the bottom of the accounts list) had just slid under negative $34K. Scary, I know, but this is a big cause for celebration. (Half of it is student loan, so it's not *that* bad). Well, I ran a little report and found that since moving into my apartment last June, my net worth has actually gone up $2200, so despite setbacks and my still massive debt load, I am making progress. This restores my faith considerably. [And I'm so glad I wrote this post long ago because I was just celebrating my net worth having just dropped under negative $4K. It seemed like a nice forward step in a long journey, but it sure is heartening to realize I managed to pay off $30K in debt in 4 and a half years.]

Hooray! It's Friday and my week of 6am alarms is over! Yay! And I even left work early today (worked extra hours last week...) so not only is it 5:15 and officially the weekend, I've been home for hours and gotten tons done!

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Single life 1999

Sheer laziness and the annoying knowledge that I won't be kissing anyone tonight led me to eat sardines for dinner.

Somehow the waves of loneliness which strike most people (but probably particularly those who live alone) seem always to crash over me on my drive home. Tired and desolate feeling tonight. The dishes are too nasty to leave for tomorrow, so I'll do them, but I mostly just want to pull the covers over my head and retreat to the dreamlands.

The Onion is particularly good today. Great lead article and infographic and Onion's AV Club has a lovely interview with Neil Gaiman.

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I've got a habit 1999

Got a bill from my ISP . Apparently I went over the 125 hours a month limit in January, so I have to pay an extra $6. Um, considering that I turn my connection off at night and while I'm at work (where I'm online about 40 hours a week), I think you could safely call me a hardcore webgeek.

Phrase du jour: "to eat the sleepy applesauce".

I'm working on another new project, but "www.pillowbook.net" is all I'm saying for the moment. [If I recall rightly, this was going to be a weblog for people to post the things they wouldn't dare post to their own sites - sexy & snarky comments - but are dying to say. Matt Haughey made a great background graphic for me and then nothing ever came of the site. Couldn't get a critical mass of people writing so no one would feel too identifiable, I suppose. I let the domain ownership lapse and the site it links to now is dead.]

F/X: The Club is having a reunion. I made the website. Be gentle, it's only the first draft. [Link dead as of August 2003]

Poor neglected lil' website! I've been busy working early mornings and doing other projects. Sorry to keep you unupdated on my every move. ;)

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