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Snow in Wasco 1999

I've been neglecting you, I know, what with my long workdays and this whole getting up at 6am thing to be at work by 7:30 to call people in Belgium. And then there's the trauma of Grim Fandango being all over. Oh, and the actually going out and doing things with people. And the sleeping, yes, the sleeping is very good. Anyway, I've been thinking of you. Does that count?

Grandpa said in an email today:
"This is the first general snow which we have had in the southern San Joaquin Valley since 1932, when I was a Junior in high school..." He said they had 2-4 inches. Surreal.

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Buzz buzz buzz 1999

Happy Dr. King jr. day! Be nice to each other.

Been a busy little bee for the last week. Worked a lot, ran around a lot, well, and slept a lot. :)

Worked on F/X: The Club reunion site. Not done yet 'cause my computer kept crashing (grrr), but here's the placeholder site [link dead as of August 2003].

Had a nice chat with Squishy. I called him John though 'cause we were being businesslike. I'm looking forward to more meeting of the minds with this lad. Bright fellow. (No, I am not sucking up! I like talkin' 'bout design shit).

Drove way too much in the rain. Tired. Bedtime. Night night.

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The web girl life 1999

Had an ok work day. Debugging a dynamically-generated site. Bleah.

Great visit with Kristin, Bill & Jessica. They are the coolest. Funny thing though, I would try to get them talking, but they must have been in quiet moods and would just ask me more questions. Not bad, I just felt a little egocentric. And poor Kristin got a re-run of a few pieces of news we'd talked about on the phone a couple days ago. I should spend time with them all more often. Kristin gave me a beautiful candle holder and some nice-smelling candles - jasmine & rose scent. Lovely. I gave her a frog. I guess we know who's the goofball. ;)

Rewrote the Dinah page [Now the Dinah categories] and created a new rsf of random facts ["random synaptic firings" was a collection of slightly longer pieces of writing formerly segregated from the rest of the blog, now contained in its own category. In this case, I've now (January 2004) classified that one as not an rsf, but part of the Dinah - introduction category].

Had fun talking design process with Peter and helped him with a diagram. I'll link to his article as soon as he finishes it and puts it up. He's synthesizing some really important concepts. Nice little thinker, that boy. Fabulous lower lip too. Ah, well.

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Facts 1999

Named After: Alice's cat.
Middle Name: Patrice.
Nickname: None until choosing MetaGrrrl as my nom du web.
Place of birth: Stockton, CA. (but I escaped by age 4, no harm was done).
Parents: Jinx & Paul, Fred & Lindy.
Siblings: None.
School: Yes, lots. B.A. in Elizabethan History, Masters in Library & Information Science with a focus in Web Design.
Best Friends: B.J. West, Beverly Chambers, Edmond Meinfelder, Fil Maresca
Pets: Fido & Hepsibah, the rubber rats.
Jobs: Webcrafter, Information Architect, Teacher, Internet Implementation Manager.
Things You Collect: quotations, friends.
Favorite Quote: "The things that make us happy, make us wise." - John Crowley from Little, Big
Words Or Phrases You Overuse: "um", ...
A Non-Sport Game At Which You Excel: Reference Poker.
A Non-Sport Game Which You Enjoy: Civilization II, Pharoah, The Sims, Grim Fandango.
Dream Car: Didn't dream about cars - until I got my company car, a yellow New Beetle who I named Butterblume (German for buttercup). She has since been replaced by a Turbo Beetle named Lady Marmalade (cuz she's fast).
Coolest Experience In Life: Opening my own business [*** link to oldmedia ***].
Also the Scariest Thing You've Ever Done.
Fave Thing To Do In The Spring: look at green green hills with black oak trees and smell the rain.
Fave Thing To Do In The Summer: Stay up too late with friends.
Fave Thing To Do In The Fall: Soak up the negative ions after the first rain.
Fave Thing To Do In The Winter: Be cozy.
Little-Known Talent You Possess: (classified)
Song That Couldn't Be Improved Upon: REM's "Nightswimming"
What You Want To Be: Celebrating with friends the successful launch of our company's next project.
Future Goals: To work the web with a team of creative, funny and talented people. [Hey! Bingo! Very cool.]
Denomination (if any): Do as you would be done by. (Basically an atheist with a profound belief in the spiritual force of goodness).
Fave Music: Eclectic as fuck.
Fave Color: to look at: bright spring grass green; to wear: red&white&black
Fave Food: Japanese (used to be Thai, but I'm eating leaner now).
Least Fave Food: Fatty bits.
Funniest People You Know: Mark Bakalor, Keoni Littlemouse, John Gilkey, James Lileks.
Fave Vacationing Spot: London
Fave Subject: Love
Fave Sport(s): uh, sports? Well, uh, walking is good. I like to walk. I've even decided I'm going to walk the entire city of San Francisco, every street, every block. I should be done sometime before 2050.
Other Sport Games You Enjoy: um...
In And Around The 8track: REM, soundtrack to "Four Rooms", They Might Be Giants, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Peter Gabriel, Robyn Hitchcock, Flanders & Swann, NIN, Joan Osborne, Billy Nayer Show, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, J.S. Bach.
Fave "Toy": the Web
Fave Cartoon Character: The Tick
Fave Actor/Actress: Ian McKellan/Vanessa Redgrave
Fave Movies: Slacker, Hunt for Red October, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Fave Music Video: uh, no tv for a long time. I remember Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur" with great fondness...oh and "Gratitude" by Danny Elfman
Fave Animal: Capybara
Fave TV Show: MST3K
Fave Day: Saturday
Fave Month(s): April
Fav Holiday: Halloween
Fave Part Of Newspaper: uh, not getting one?
Fave Toothpaste: Tom's of Maine - Cinnamint
Fave Thing To Wear: feety pajamas!

[This was originally writting in January 1999, but judging by the addition of the goal of walking SF, I think it must have been revised a bit subsequently.]

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Productivity 1999

Didn't get half of what I wanted to get done completed this weekend, but I did have nice visits with some friends and got & responded to some great feedback on my proposal. Thanks, Squishy! And it's only 6:15, the laundry is done and half put away and I have the shopping list all ready for the trip to the grocery store. I suppose it's conceivable I might even get some work done tonight.

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Good news, I suppose 1999

Still alive.

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Impeachment? Give it a fucking rest, already. 1999

Worked a long day. Money! Yay! Tired. Boo!

Read all today and yesterday's posts to the monkeyjunkies list. And I'm going to read a hundred of the one's waiting for me to get through. There's only a little over 10,000 of those.

The House of Representatives has impeached the President. Now the Senate is considering a completely open-ended trial. We face key economic and foreign policy challenges in the coming year and the government is obsessed with the President's sex life. Frankly, I don't think what happened with Lewinsky hurt anyone. Not Monica, not Hillary (I think she knew), and certainly not the American people. When will Congress set aside partisanship and address the nation's real interests? Are you as sick of this bullshit as I am?
I'm participating in an Internet campaign to tell our representatives that we've had enough. The President can receive censure from the Congress (though I don't even feel that's necessary) and we should all move on. It's time for the public interest to come first, and for our representatives to show real leadership.
You can help. Just go to moveon.org to sign the petition and take action. It only takes a minute. And then if you tell more people, the ball will keep rolling. Our voices will be heard. If not now, then loud and clear on every election day from now until all the supporters of this whole impeachment idiocy are out of office.

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La la la lazy 1999

I feel extremely lazy this evening. There are a lot of things I could work on, probably should work on, but damned if I feel like being productive. I guess I'll just be a slug. (Hey, I went to UCSC; it's even appropriate!).

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Tradition 1999

What a lovely week. I spent a lot of time working on my proposal, breaking it down into separate pages so it's easier to read. New Year's Eve Eve and New Year's Eve at The House were fun.

I have a little tradition in the New Year of making a list of those things which I wish for in the coming year. Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you don't. And sometimes what you don't get turns out to be what you didn't really want anyway. Somehow putting things on the list seems to increase the number of wishes that come true.

[Added August 2004 when I found the file containing these lists on my old server]

1998's list:
- fix my knee
well, it's better, but a long way from fixed. :(

- get all my dental woes solved
done and I even got my front teeth beautified. :)

- pay off debt
heh. well, I did pay off a lot, but there is far to go. Slow progress. I am happy and proud to have paid back my Inkspot investor completely.

- learn to drive
done and getting pretty decent at it. :)

- move forward in my career
completing my degree is the biggest step here, but I'm ready for more

The last one I didn't write down this way, but this is what I wanted:
- live the life I love and love the life I live
:) yes, this I am doing. My apartment is wonderful, my friends are the best, my sweeties have been delightful and things just keep getting better!

1999 list:

- my relationship with a certain someone to grow stronger and deeper in whatever direction we decide to take it.
Of the many fine friendships I've made and renewed this year, this one brings me the most joy. Being quiet together is like walking in a peaceful garden.
[Whew. From the perspective of over 5 and a half years later, I can say that the joy was apparently all my own dreamy dreams. We're still courteous, to be sure, but there is no great depth of affection remaining. It was a crush, pure & simple.]

- more patience in love and less addiction to it
Are these wishes related? Of course not, don't be silly. ;)

- continued progress on eliminating my debt.
Shooting down those 18 & 19% monsters would make me feel so much more secure.

- continued professional growth
I hope I don't have to, but given the choice between the prior wish and this one, I might be willing to live with my interest payments for a while longer to take advantage of something really good. Unfortunately, my payments are so high they live me little room to go down on my salary requests. *sigh* Time to start working those Silicon Valley hours and make some extra $$$.

- a positive experience for me and my students in the HTML class I teach this summer
My first time teaching since I was 16 and here I go with a graduate level class - what an adventure!

- not making another too hasty choice
I think that despite the wonderful things we learned from each other and not wanting to trade who we are now for having had less rough times, Joe and I would both recommend a longer engagement period, particularly for anyone coming out of long-term relationships. That we have moved on and stayed good friends is one of the best parts of 1998. :)

- continuing to live the life I love and love the life I live
Yes, my dear friends, I am torn between you in the quiet, easy to park in, less outrageously expensive South Bay and you in bustling, beautiful, vital San Francisco. For now, while I'm working in Cupertino and since I have this fabulous apartment and a good car (thanks, Joe!), I'll be staying put, but I'll keep visiting my urban pals and improving my parallel parking skills. Wherever I am, I'll be eating good food, laughing, spending quality time with those dear to me and continuing to speak my shameless mind.

- creating a safety net
Boy, this is a tough one. I have to do some serious financial planning. I have almost no savings and no available credit (except at Sears and it's so hard to make a meal out of Craftsman tools). Those extra hours I'm planning to work will go towards paying off my line of credit/overdraft protection. Since I've got a pretty minimal contract, I have no sick or vacation time and am really up the creek if I need to take a day off. The big lesson I've learned on this contract is that I have to budget to set money aside to pay for that. At least I'm still on the SAP health plan via Joe, but that will be changing sometime in the coming months and I'll have to be ready for it.

- health and harmony for my family
My parents are retiring to their beautiful house on the Mendecino coast, expanding the house and adding my Mum's parents and my stepfather's mother (My Farmor, ja?) to the household. After various bouts with injuries and illnesses in the past year, I am wishing for a healthy, happy year and harmony amid the construction chaos. Good luck and enjoy the adventure!

-get my legs stronger and get healthier and trimmer
The continued weakness of my left knee, despite my arthroscopy in August, and the ominous failings twice in the past couple weeks of ankle strength have made it clear that I need to do some form of physical therapy or I will continue to be disabled perhaps for the rest of my life. Not being able to get around as I used to has certainly contributed to my gaining about 25 pounds and I just hate not being able to walk around San Francisco, so I think I actually have the will to control my diet and *shudder* start an exercise regime. If you have any extra willpower you're not using, send it my way!

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