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Priorities 1998

This site needs work. I know it. I need to clear out old link color tags so you only see the red if you have Cascading Style Sheets and will also get the underlined/non-underlined unvisited/visited difference. And I think I might change the external links to open in their own window and ax the little leaving site icon. And I want to add titles to my links so you know where they go when you mouse over them. But I played Civilization II instead. Heh.

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The Post-Turkey Lull 1998

Hey! Where is everybody? I think I've only gotten a couple pieces of personal email (Hi Lisa! Hello family!) and no phone calls this weekend except for those arranging nice visits with Sherman and Joe. You guys are cool. :)
Not to say the rest of you aren't cool, you're just too dang quiet! (Patrick, you're immune from this chiding - monster email protects you until I actually reply).

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Home Again 1998

Just got back from my grandparents's place. Nice visit with everyone. (Thanks for doing all the driving Mum, Larry & Lynn!)

Good to be home. Though more visiting would be nice, I'm still worn out from my busy summer and fall. A proper weekend will help.

Hi Patrick! You lucky dog - Vegas was good to you! I'll answer your nice long email soon. Glad at least 3 people (Hi Joe! Hi Larry!) read this little column...

Funny, even though I didn't drive, I'm very tired from the trip. I think I might take a nap or a hot bath or a bath and then a nap...hmmm...then again, maybe I'm just hungry.

Eating Annies ("Push Tail to Open"), reading Need To Know ("Forget it. We're all doomed.") and the Lands' End catalog ("Computerized Jacquard looms operate around-the-clock.") . Great intentions of working on Inkspot. Probably gonna play Civilization II instead...

Special message to my pal: really, darling, I would have expected either a scathing response or smiling explotation of my generous offer by now. Tsk tsk.

Almost forgot to mention my special Thanksgiving treasure: a straight razor which probably belonged to one of my great-grandfathers. Yes, I do intend to learn how to shave men with it. I understand one is supposed to practice on balloons. Start working up your nerve, boys! [The boys turned out to be safe as 5 years later I still haven't started practicing]

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Mondays are for surfing 1998

Yup. It's Monday again. Feh.

Grrl's cool. Don't miss the cute geeky boyz (under the "dating" button).

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Captured 1998

If you look at Dinah in the mirror you might see:
Dinah is a friend of Jezebel's mirror.

Here I am captured in my spiky phase:
Pick a card, any card...

I used to have more hair:
Long ago, with longer hair...

But then I saw Quidam 5 times, decided John Gilkey had the right idea and got all my hair chopped off:
Yes, I really walked around like this. People smiled. It was fun.

Then I sported a Louise Brooks bob. After which I cut my hair again, but I haven't posted many pictures of me lately, so you'll just have to use your imagination...

[The date of this post is a best guess made in February 2004. This used to be a separate web page rather than a post and the earliest version of that file I have dates to November 18, 2000. I think it actually was created in 1998. Somewhat arbitrarily, I have decided to date it November 18, 1998.]

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Breasts 1998

"Do you like boobs a lot?" Apart from being a catchy song, it's an important question to ask yourself. I think most people like breasts. And many people like breasts a whole hell of a lot. Trouble is, breasts, especially those in the San Francisco Bay Area, are likely to get cancer. So if you have breasts, you should learn how to examine them and find out dietary and other changes you can make to help reduce your risk of cancer. And if you like other people's breasts and they let you touch 'em, then you should learn how to examine them too. I mean, it's not as much fun as just touching them for the hell of it, but wouldn't you like them to stick around? It's easy:

How to Do a Breast Self-Exam Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
At the same time each month, check for any changes in the normal look or feel of your breasts. Look for a lump, hard knot, or skin that thickens or dimples. Report any changes to your doctor or nurse. Go for regular breast exams and Pap tests. Ask about a mammogram.
Check your breasts using these steps:
Lying down: Place a pillow under your right shoulder. Put your right hand under your head. Check your entire breast area with the finger pads of your left hand. Use small circles and follow an up-and-down pattern. Use light, medium, and firm pressure over each area of your breast. Gently squeeze the nipple for any discharge. Repeat these steps on your left breast.
Before a mirror: Check for any changes in the shape or look of your breasts. Note any skin or nipple changes such as dimpling or nipple discharge. Inspect your breasts in four steps: arms at side, arms overhead, hands on hips pressing firmly to flex chest muscles, and bending forward.
In the shower: Raise your right arm. With soapy hands and fingers flat, check your right breast. Use the same small circles and up-and-down pattern described in "Lying Down." Repeat on your left breast.
Illustrations & text courtesy of The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

You can find more info via your friendly neighborhood search engine. [This post was originally under a section called "random synaptic firings" which was linked from the page about Dinah. The rsf section held longer, generally more emotional writings and was the precursor to my blog].

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Nice Interface 1998

I was very user friendly on Halloween this year...
Dinah as an iMac

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Design Ideas 1998

A visit to the chiropractor has helped restore my temperment. Now for some nice sleep. But there is one little thing to do first...

Links on MetaGrrrl will now be underlined unless already visited. A small epiphany allowing me to avoid having to add another color to the site. ;)

[This approach has since been abandoned in favor of the use of grey for visited links]

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Down time 1998

I need a week off. My house is messy (never did get to dusting or cleaning the kitchen). I did laundry and got groceries, but I lifted the groceries wrong somehow and hurt my back yesterday. Still very sore and having trouble moving around without pain today. *sigh* I really didn't need this. And I have no sick time or vacation time, so I'll be at work tomorrow. Yuck.

A wistful afternoon. I intended to get work done on the website, to get more done on the house and only managed about a third of what I hoped to do. If I wasn't in pain from my back, I could put in a 2 or 3 hour push and accomplish a ton, but I can hardly walk. I guess relaxing is an accomplishment too considering how little of that I've gotten to do in the last month.

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Online home life 1998

Happy black cat appreciation day! (Special message to Oban: brrrraaah?)

I've said it before and I'll say it again:
monkey with wrench
You need Webmonkey!
(ok, now do you recognize the icon up there in the navigation buttons that isn't the ball or the spot? Yes, yes, I'm gonna redraw it). [That old navigation was retired long before I migrated this post into Typepad]

I was not exactly motivated at work today, but managed to actually accomplish a surprising amount anyhow.

I did leave an hour and a half early so I could deal with the chaos caused by my bank getting bought by another bank with an uglier logo. It was a pain in the ass.

I was disappointed the other day not to have been able to add a brush with fame to my sixdegrees profile: "ICQ'd Peter Merholz while he did dishes in his underwear. No, I don't understand how he does that."

I followed links from Peterme and ICQ'd the brand himself while doing so. Seems like there oughta be a word for that.

Now I will do dishes, but my apartment is too cold for me to strip down to my underwear. You'll have to go back to imagining me writing my thesis in the bathtub if you're looking for titillation.

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Completion and play 1998

Project report turned in. *whew* Now I wait to see if Grad Studies spits it out of its fang'ed maw...

Grim Fandango is a really excellent game. Now visit LucasArts and save the cool deco skeleton pattern as your desktop. Mmm, fabuloso!

Dreamweaver 2 is completely droolworthy. Serious software lust here.

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Don't forget to lay in supplies 1998

Still recovering from my weeks of hard work. Definitely not enough weekend.

Nerves soothed. Thanks, Sherman!

Car hassles solved. Thanks, Joe!

Mood improved. Thanks, Dishboy!

Do you use condoms? I do. And I recommend buying them from Condom Sense . Good information. Good prices. Good service.
They've just started a link program like Amazon's Associates and I'm in it, so shop via the links to them on my site and I'll actually make a little $$$. Thanks!
Fun banner ad du jour:
Tell me dear, have you ordered those condoms yet? Why yes! They're lovely! (Get yours at CondomSense)
Play safe, kids.

The secret to eternal fabulousness?
Owen at Burning Man (note: the proximity of this saucy picture & the sexy link above is not intended to imply any past or present sexual relationship)
Cucumber salad. You heard it here first.

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Happy Friday 1998

Happy birthday, brah!

Feelin' a whole heck of a lot better. Content of report thang all approved. Just need to get it nicely formatted, maybe throw in a few screen shots, get signatures and then turn it in to grad studies who will, I fervently hope, accept it and hand me my degree.

Had a lovely visit with a wonderful old friend last night. :)

Had lunch with my mother, who is totally cool and looks fabulous. Thanks for these genes, Mum! She has only 30 workdays left before retirement, lucky her! And along with building more rockwalls in her backyard than are found in 10 square miles of Cornwall, she's thinking of doing a web project in her retirement. What a block off the young chip, eh?

The first major hurdle in my big project at work has been cleared. The site looks really nice, has lots of functionality and will demo very well next week. I have made a great professional connection with a savvy and sassy German ("No! Bad Clemens!. No more links to that page, it scares the client!") with whom I hope to work more. And he's so totally cool he gave me a ride home so I could start my weekend at least 45 minutes sooner!!!

Oo oo, I found a pleonasm! "Wanted: web designers w/ HTML experience." Well, you damn sure don't want the ones w/out...

So everything is really really great. My only goof was not lining up some fun tonight. Somehow formatting an abstract page or doing screen shots doesn't sound appealing on a Friday night...

One short phone call later: dinner and movie with friends arranged! :)

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Compromises 1998

Got email today from number one on my list of people I lost touch with who I'd love to connect with again. :)
Hi, Elf! Missed you.

Wound up working an extra hour. And missing the bus. *sigh* Still only got home 40 minutes later than I would have if I had a working car, but it got me thinking, sitting in chilly suburbia, about what I could do with those 40 minutes. I could work them, assuming I have a client to bill them to which I currently do, and make enough to make a car payment. And I could stop at the store with them now and then to get the ingredients with which I could spend that time making myself a lunch instead of buying it. Or I could spend them working on Inkspot which might make me some money if I invested more time in it. So, since I do not live or work in a true urban area with flexible public transit, since it's getting cold, since my knee hurts a bit from all this walking, since I can work out a way to afford it, I am abandoning the moral high ground and reconsidering internal combustion. Sorry, Peter. How about if you teach me to ride a bike again next spring when, I hope, my knee can handle it?

Need to rest my arm before typing more, but watch this space for a revised version of my thesis with extra citations to back up my wild claim that the web needs design documentation.

...Hot Bath Interlude...

Followed by a whole bunch of writin' and citin' leading to the revised final draft of my report and bibliography

Bibliography in Word [links removed when post migrated into Typepad in 2004]
also text
also rich text format

Report in Word
also text
also rich text format

I am really tired now. The alarm is going off in 6 hours. I hope that is enough to get me through another long day...

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Back When 8MB Was "Huge" 1998

Had a frustrating experience voting - two polling stations, both at schools, directly across the street from each other. Lisa graciously drove me and then dropped me off at work. The first place we went had very poor signage, so we wandered a while before discovering the actual polling station and then it turned out to be Lisa's but not mine, so I had to trek back to the other school. I'm afraid I was a bit cranky.

Pretty good day at work. Tiring, but good, and I got to leave a bit early AND I got a ride home. Yay! Thanks, Clemens!

My advisor, the unsinkable Linda Main, says I just need to discuss my literature review more thoroughly and cite more sources to back up my claim that there is a need for documentation in web design and then I'll be pretty much done except for the formatting of my documents. I've got a bag of great quotes, so now I just have to string them together. (Mental image of popcorn and cranberries). This is a relief. The end of my degree is in my sights.

My proposal for the use of the /meta/ folder to hold design documentation has been put on the list of additions to "A Standard for Site Organization" put forward by Greg Knauss. Cool.

Downloaded the huge (8 megs) crass Dutch ad. Laughed really hard. Catchy tune...

Finished The Flanders Panel. Slightly traumatized, but well-satisfied. And still highly recommended.

Forgot to mention it at the time, but I created the illustration for a tattoo now gracing the bicep of manly man, Joseph Hansen. It looks like this:
circle with character inside
and Joe says: "The glyph is an ideograph which means 'strength' or 'power', but if you look at it with western print in mind, you might see a combined 'j' and 'h', which would be my initials. (And for those of you who didn't believe that my piercing didn't hurt, this didn't hurt either. Nyah nyah nyah. And because it was also cheap, I think there will be more!) (getting in touch with my inner something or other) -joe".
Hmm, maybe a little checkerboard ball? But where?

Feeling a bit less stressed, I made some requested rearrangements to my report and picked quotes I want to use in my literature review section. Now it's dinner time. Mmm, fish. Oreo Dory from Trader Joe's - just defrost it, bread it with cracker crumbs and fry it in a lil bit o' butter until the crackers are dark brown. Delicious with Near East Creative Grains Roasted Pecan & Garlic.

WOW!!! The election reporting available from the California Secretary of State's office is great! Why vote for Bill Jones? Because his office understands the web. (Note: the main tool is a Java applet and I had better luck with the smaller format). [And it's pretty damn cool that the link still works in January of 2004 as I add these old pre-Blogger posts into Typepad]

I was going to try writing tonight, but my wrists are just too sore. "Stop NOW!" says my conscience, who sounds remarkably like Eric Uhrhane...

Hmmm, maybe this election report tool ain't so cool. I don't think it's updating automagically. Of course, I'd not be surprised if the servers were too overloaded to keep up. Then again, it's a lot better than waiting for what I'm interested in to come around on the t.v.!

Ok, I reloaded it and now it's working correctly. Just scrolling by like the t.v. reports, but it's only the races I'm interested in and it updates every 5 minutes. Yes, this is a neat thing.

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Other people's ideas and getting by without a car 1998

Rode the bus to work without trouble.

Had a Monday.

Rode different buses home without trouble. Seems to take around twice as long as driving, maybe a little more.

Joe says scooters are dangerous and recommends small motorcycles instead (better balance and control). Not sure I'm up for that, but we'll see. My knee may veto the idea of living without some kind of a car. Walked a lot today. We'll see how much it complains...

Glad to be home. Depressed by the fact that it's already 8:30 and I still need to get a lot done on my final final report. Grad school?! what was I thinking?

Just read an absolutely great proposal "A Standard for Site Organization" which is a perfect compliment to mine (and which, truth be told, will benefit users a lot more directly).

And then, darn ya, Michael!, got side-tracked into reading Eric Raymond's Halloween Document. Yes, Microsoft really does want to hurt your world. No, this isn't funny.

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The Week In Review 1998

Busy week after finishing the final draft of my report. Part exhaustion, part fleeing the computer in relief.

Restrained from killing client at work on Wednesday when I discovered he had added tables & fields to the project database without making a backup. See Rule #2.

Shopped Wednesday & Thursday for costume stuff. Spent rather a lot on lingerie. Tee hee!

Friday went to work in costume as an iMac. Pushed the boundaries of appropriate work attire. Pictures coming soon, in the mean time, imagine a bad transporter accident between an iMac and Spice Girl. Had dinner with Sherman at Willow St. Pizza. Mmmm, yuppie chow.

Saturday, Halloween, ran errands with Sherman. Got malled out. Headachy and knee-achy. Recovered via a delicious dinner of Afghan food at Afgani on El Camino Real. Application of two shots of scotch also helped permit a cheerful appearance at Bill, Jessica & Kristin's party. (Odd to drink before and not during a party, but it seemed to work well). Great, great costumes! I hope to get copies of pictures. Ian as a chair, Qarin as an innocent Catholic school girl (*cough cough*), Robert as the evil penguin from The Wrong Trousers, Fred as Mike (still laughing about that one), Sharon as The Black Widow (hotcha hotcha!), our hosts displaying their charms (ahem), and Lisa as such a cuddly lil' teddy bear. Great fun!

Ah, the sad, bad news of the week: my car has finally died. It put in long and noble service and I take back any catty remarks I made about it. "Now what?" you say. Well, I'm going to try getting by without a car for a while. I only work 5 miles away and so bus or carpool seem workable, though I'm also considering getting a scooter. Considering my insurance rates (only having had a license since February of this year), a new car would cost me about $450 a month and I can think of better things to do with my cash... Hell, I can rent a car for a few days twice a month and still come out ahead of the game.

Great news from moveon.org:
"Last Thursday, thousands of volunteers across the nation responded to our invitation to deliver the MOVE ON message to their Congressional Representatives - in person. Volunteers delivered petitions in the majority of congressional districts, spanning 44 states. Representatives and their staffs were very impressed by the diversity, civility, and commitment of the meeting attendees. It was a class act. Thank you. Congressional Representatives and their aides were also shocked that these groups -- so unified in purpose -- had never met each other before. For many, it was their first glimpse of the power of the Internet as a medium for grassroots political discourse and expression. For a press release summarizing the day, see http://www.moveon.org/release1029after.htm
For some highlights from the day, see http://www.moveon.org/highlights.htm"

Didn't make any progress on the revised final draft of my report/thesis thang, but did do laundry, tidy up, pay bills and restore my sense of stability. Oh, and I made soup. And I continued reading a really excellent book by Arturo Perez-Reverte: The Flanders Panel. Highly recommended.

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