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Books I Have Read 1992

Read in October 1992:
The Terrible Tiger by Jack Prelutsky (aloud to Tony) [This was one of my favorite picture books as a kid and when my school closed and had a booksale, I made sure to buy it. Alas, someone else had already acquired the one about avocados and how they should be referred to as alligator pears]
Elektra: Assassin (graphic novel)
Cages #2-6 by Dave McKean (comics)
Beanworld (graphic novel)
Bill & Ted #12 (comics)
Dreamworld (again) [I have no recollection of this book or comic or whatever it was]
The Barsoom Project by Larry Niven
Swamp Thing (graphic novel)
Man-Eating Cow #2 (comics)
Fail-Safe by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler
Doom Patrol #39, 41-61 (comics)

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Freewriting 1992

    Bottom of the ocean dark slime mud bubbles strange fish rising up more fish sunlight whales dolphins glinting lights on surface of water kelp forests waves wind gulls fish jumping boats waves clouds storm (brief) move inland birds bay narrowing to river waterfalls going up over them off to side forests deer Alpine pine deciduous plains mustangs antelope african plains people cultures pyramids countries [illegible] moving planet turning moon and earth solar system galaxy turning black muck again

Vangelis Alpha

primevil [sic] slime and ooze coral anenomes florescent light fish moving up octipi more levels of fish whales (at trumpets) from below at first sillohettes huge moving past (to right screen) more schools of fish (new theme) dolphins underwater sunlight glinting through water orcas dolphin breaks through to surface whales later (switch to above water, 1st time) birds move over water inland schooner bay bridge whale sounds across 1st bridge 2nd up river getting wilder 3rd forests at sides animals salmon up waterfalls away from river (at new [illegible]) last whale down over mountains as snow goats down through redwoods deer down deciduous birds Plain's horses african drums plains antelope cities people dancing  running old tokyo tower pyramids Kremlin cathedrals Statue of liberty move off from planet clouds moving moon rotation solar system turning galaxy turning galaxy gets farther away keeps turning return black screen.

Vangelis Alpha 5 min 11 sec.

[Interesting writing exercise. I think perhaps the first round was in class and the second at home with the music of my choice, but I'm just guessing. I wouldn't have had the Cosmos soundtrack cassette tape on my person, I doubt.]

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