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Books I Have Read 1988

Read in April 1988:
Ringworld by Larry Niven
Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper
Fuzzy Sapiens by H. Beam Piper
Fuzzy Bones by William Tuning (not as well-written as real Piper, but good characters)
Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven (enjoyed more than Ringworld actually)
So Long and Thanks for All the Fish by Douglas Adams (partly aloud with B.J.) (good)
Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini (good) [This is from the set of six Sabatini novels I found at a library sale or thrift store in purple binding with an embossed sword on the covers. Purple prose in purple covers! They wanted $1. I made them take $5.]
Bride of Dark & Stormy

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