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Saturday, King's College, London 1985

Woke up late this morning: 6:30am (went to bed around 9:30 or 10pm. I could make a habit of this... (Although I think I would revert once back in California: the night life in Santa Cruz is more appealing [What the hell was I thinking?])

Today we go on a boat trip down the Thames. I will probably go directly to the V&A afterwards. Then after a satisfyingly long day there, I will come back to my room & change for the play tonight.

Tomorrow I move to Oakley House. I may go to some place of research in the morning (although church will probably close everything, so perhaps, on second thought, postcards & laundry should be my morning tasks). Afternoon time I will probably spend at the National Portrait Gallery & perhaps some at the National Gallery or at the Museum of London.

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Friday, King's College, London 1985

Went to Mme. Tussaud's. Much improved. London St. in Chamber of Horrors esp. good.

Sarah & Shelley & I were the [sic] going to go to the Nat'l Gallery, but we ran into (?) & Mary on the way and took a sightseeing bus tour instead. I should have gone to the Gallery I think. Oh well. I didn't want to be a spoilsport, but tomorrow I'm off on my own again to allieviate the problem of different tastes & priorities.

Sarah & I ate at Hoho's, a Chinese restaurant on King's Road. I do not recommend it; slow [crossed out] poor service & overpriced.

On the way back some Italian guy & his English friend asked us out to the pub. I pleaded jet lag & we escaped. Tomorrow I want to go to the Nat'l Gallery & Portrait Gallery & to the British Museum or the V&A [Victoria & Albert Museum]. I should contact the Society of Genealogists.

I found a map today which shows Grimsthorpe (where Rory wants me to do research), Burghley House, Hucknall, Sutton-in-Ashfield, & Kirkby-in-Ashfield. Should be quite handy. I might end up buying a lot of these maps they show a lot but aren't overspecific at the 1:250,000 scale. London is very expensive. My expected expenses for tomorrow aren't that bad: lunch & dinner (NOT sit down), a phone call or two. Maybe a paper. I'll try to do it all for under £4. We'll see.

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Friday, Lincoln's Inn Green, London 1985

Amazing how much you can do when you get up at six. Perhaps I'll change my habits. Went to Barclays & on the tube I overheard some people talking about an earthquake in Mexico. I bought a copy of the Guardian. I think they're underestimating the # of deaths. Horrible. Awful, terrifying sentence for me: "...and ancient cathedrals were also reportedly destroyed." I can't remember what would be in the area, oh God. Teotihuacan.

I saw Sir John Sloane's Museum. Very interesting place. I will have to bring Jinx & Paul there. The Hogarth paintings 'Rake's Progress' and 'The Election' are there.

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Friday, King's College, London 1985

There go the horses.

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Thursday, King's College, London 1985

Fairly eventful day. Orientation of various sorts, but us 3 Lampreys are still confused (that's me, Mary Ashida & Salley (?)).

Spent too much, of course. Found neat places. We went walking all over with Doug & Cindy (both going to Leeds). London is very expensive. I may have to change plans again.

I have switched tickets with Cindy, so I go to the play on Saturday instead (She Stoops to Conquer). I'm tired. Sore legs from walking. Too many damn postcards to write.

I just read an article about a neo-facist group. Scary stuff. Lots of very racist people in Britain, it seems.

I think I'll leave London on Tuesday.

- Letter from Mum

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King's College, London 1985

Another smaller group of horsemen just went by at a faster pace.

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Thursday, King's College, London 1985

Gave up the fight for sleep. A bunch of British military men (I assume) rode by beneath my 8th story window each leading a horse.

Our coach guide brought us to Chelsea by way of Hammersmith. Very strange.

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Thursday, King's College, Chelsea, London 1985

Woke up at 10 of 6 and my body [crossed out] mind was ready to go. So I waited 1/2 an hour and then went to the bathroom. I'm going to try for another hour or so of sleep. I know I'll want it later on.

I'm hungry so I'm eating some of the cheese I bought last night. Dutch Edam at £1.45/lb. Very tasty. A Fry's peppermint cream bar (mint cream in dark chocolate) not large but reasonable size and only 20p & so yummy.

Back to bed.

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Thursday, London 1985

Showered. It was very nice. I feel much better and I didn't feel bad before!

A, useful info: passport [#]
ISIC [International Student Identification Card #]

It's time for bed. Not enough of general interest has happened yet for postcard writing, so I will wait until tomorrow evening. Goodnight. (Wow, I'm in London!)

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Wednesday, London 1985

I slept. Missed a nice party, I understand. Oh well. Also missed getting my £10 (excursion money)

I should have #1: washcloth. #2 little extender rod to use as a clothesline. They have provided a towel.

I've named my companion [a little ceramic wizardy figure given to me by first long-term relationship]: "Griddel"
He is still very ugly.

I'm debating about taking a shower. It's 10 minutes after Midnight and it might be noisy. (The toilets sound horrendous when you flush them!) I'll take a very quick one.

I have tentatively decided to stay at Oakley House form the 22nd through the night of the 24th, then go on to Stamford for the 25th, 26th & 27th, & go straight to Lampeter on the 28th. I will do more traveling on my BritRail pass since I've already paid for that! ($225 ouch!) (~= £150, I wonder whether I'll use that up. Probably will, if I go up to visit Carolyn & Kathleen [old pen-pals in Scotland I met during 1974 visit]. I need to try to call Suzanne Baxter [English girl I can't remember how I knew, maybe was an Education Abroad Program visitor to UC Santa Cruz the previous year?]

No problem w/ the payphone tomorrow: 79p in change plus 2 pound coins! Heavy purse!

I'm expecting to need another £40 for the rest of the stay in London (food & buses). The program gives me £10, praise them.

Now 12:21, so I better shower.

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Wednesday, London 1985

Photo #1 out window of room at Chelsea
Photo #2 room at Chelsea

Made it to my lodgings. I hate intercontinental flights. The coach driver from Gatwick was entertaining but took at least 1/2 again as long as was necessary to get us here. I hope the rooms at Lampeter are this good (decent size w/ sink).

Horribly confusing though. I have a refectory voucher but I don't know what it's good for. I don't know what's going on, where the bathroom is, or what I'm expected to do.

I'm getting very tired but I'm supposed to put in an appearance at the wine & cheese party.

I just messed up my toe. Shit.

I'm too exhausted to write postcards. I want to sleep but there's still 45 minutes until the party.

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Wednesday, en route LAX-Gatwick 1985

I should be asleep, but I'm waiting for them to serve dinner. Intercontinental flights are monotonous when the in-flight movie is 'Miki & Maude' and you've gone half with someone on headphones but you don't get them until the second 1/2 of the flight.

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Tuesday, LAX 1985

ONIF [oh no I forgot] #2: poncho!

Airports are dull places. But not as dull as busstops.

I met one of the other Lampeter people, Mary. She is very nice. Studying classics. Non-drinker (yea!) I hope we get housed near each other.

There seems to be another group (older people, mostly) on the same flight.

10 minutes to five, still only Louise (Aber. [Aberystwyth]), that other guy from Santa Cruz (Leeds) & me at the gate. Maybe 1 or 2 others. Here come some. 3 more 2 Leeds & an Aberystwyth I think.

Here they come (4:56pm) 1 or 2 more. & some OTHERS. 1 more other. I lost Mary somewhere along the way.

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Tuesday, Oakland Airport to LAX 1985

Well, here I am. I'm trying not to let the distance hit yet. I'm starting to feel it where [first long-term relationship] is concerned. We said goodbye this morning really. Only time will tell what sort of hello it will be. Always friendly, always loving. But if ever as close again, I do not know.

I'm waiting for the 'Oh, I forgot..."'s to hit me, but I think I did alright.

[flr] is probably right, I probably should have taken a shower. It's evening in London. I'm going to try to adjust somewhat. I'll thnk of it as afternoon, 3 or 4ish.

Wow. Here I go. I wish I could see where [flr] & Jinx [my mum] are waiting. Paul [my stepdad] said goodbye in Martinez. Susan [my mum's dog] too! Macavity [my pet rat] went to the pet store yesterday) I wish Lisa [my freshman roommate] had come up. Oh well, we'll write. I'll have to become a hell of a letter writer.

This is a nice little plane. We're about to take off. Plane is a British Aerospace 146. 1 hr 7 min to Los Angeles.

Silly stewardesses very silly! Captain Marvel?! "Please cram all your belongings into the overhead compartment & under your seat" Displaying a normal safety booklet which, when opened, reads "Run Like Hell & Jump". I like it, but I feel sorry for anyone who is afraid of planes!

Here we go. The windows in the terminal are shaded & I'm on the wrong side of the plane, so I can't see Jinx & [flr]. Bye bye Bay Area. Bye bye home.

There's no one in the seat next to me. The engine is right out my window blocking my backward view. But at this stage I don't really mind losing my backward view; I'm not ready to be homesick yet.

Engines up, a higher pitched whine. I see a sailboat on the bay. I'm not sure what I'm looking at: south of Daly City, I think. We're waiting for clearance I guess. Hawaii low clouds. Here we really go! We're off. The bay is beautiful. "We'd like to remind you thou shalt not smoke in rows 1 through 13" Silly silly silly! Above the clouds. Glimpses through them of shore/wharf areas. Turning southwest now. Great greens in the water. Over an airport now. San Jose? SFO? Must be SFO, I think. I hope I see Santa Cruz. Curving south again. Leveled out at a nice low height. South bay=a swarm of buildings=ugly. NOT enough trees.

Ah - "Oh I forgot" #1 = a map of California. Don't think I have one anyway.

Burned places on the hills. Turbulence. Silicon Valley is alarming.

Oh boy, peanuts & Seven-Up. [I'd forgotten about smoking being allowed on planes and about getting peanuts]

Flying over that large fire in the Santa Cruz mountains. BIG. Couldn't see Santa Cruz. I'm on the east side of the plane & we're too far inland. Captain sez turbulence from 10,000 to 35,000 feet. No clear air. Oh well, so much for lovely handwriting.

Beautiful country. Lovely coastal geography. Terranes. (?)

America seems like it goes on forever from up here.

I realize that it would be difficult to understand geologic processes until you viewed them from this height. Clouds make big shadows.

I wish Dave [Shelley?] was here to explain all the processes I'm seeing in the hills below [I didn't remember him being an earth sciences major, but then I usually think of him as the best game-master I ever played with regularly].

I just saw a fault line but I don't know which it was.

God, the Central Valley is flat.

Not, however, the San Bernadino (?) mountains.

Smog. My God, how do people live in that?!

Gorgeous stratigraphy in the mountains, but seen as though through a dirty window.

Heading down.

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Thursday, Martinez, CA 1985

[date & location in pencil]
Oops, said I'd do this in pen! Fort Ross was fun, got to see Rolph & Muriel [my third set of grandparents, at their home near the Russian River, I think] for a few minutes, that was very nice. {Thanks, Andrew!} I'm glad Jinx & Paul & Andrew hit it off so well. I hope he & [first long-term relationship] do come up to visit. I know [flr] would like that, but would be afraid of presuming upon them.

Finished the skirt (basically). It's wonderful. I want to mail a picture of me in it to Folkwear. Unfortunately it [purplish fabric] clashes horribly with my Kinsale cloak [rusty orange fabric] {thanks Eric!}. I can do the other stuff on the skirt later. It's functional now. And beautiful!

I'm not going to have any money (American $) left after I buy film. Maybe I can wait until I get my paycheck from Faire & work out something with [flr].

I fot my catalog from Lampeter finally. Very confusing. And I'm supposed to be there a week earlier than I thought! (well 5 or 6 days) So much for bumming around. I may leave London after only 2 days. I'll save money that way.

Sleep time.

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Tuesday, Martinez, CA 1985

Maybe I'll improve my printing, instead. Getting closer. I think I'll take my backpack too. I have decided to wear my sneakers & pack my boots. They'll be easier on my foot & I can use them as muck shoes in a dig if the boots are too clutzy [I went into this year abroad expecting to participate at least a few archaeology digs; somehow that didn't happen, perhaps because of lack of opportunity, perhaps because culture shock made me disinclined to go galivanting off to yet another new living environment]. Still figuring out what to put on [music] tapes. I want to do most of the skirt before I go; that means I should cut it out and work on it Thursday. Tomorrow [my friend] Andrew is taking me to Fort Ross. Friday I should try packing. I need to make a package of gaming stuff to be sent to me. I wish I knew how to play an Irish drum or a Celtic harp or how to teach country dances. I'll teach them how to be a merry maid!

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Monday, later... 1985

Just finished cutting out the [paper] pattern pieces for the skirt. I still need to modify them so it will be the right length, although maybe I'll just hem it a lot; it's only 3 inches too long if I'm still 5'2". That might keep it from blowing around too much. I'll see & ask Jinx [my mum] what she thinks. I'm going to take a shower put away clean clothes & then cut the skirt out tomorrow. I might try packing tomorrow, too. Might as well, that way the clothes will be clean, & I can see which are the bulkiest so I can wear those on the plane.

I have $21.92 cash & a check for $14.11. So my American monies total $36.03. This is an exciting feeling.

1 more week.
Mixed feelings: glad [crossed out] elated about the adventure & being back in Britain esp. London; no real pain about leaving home & relatives, that will come on the plane once the feeling of distance sets in; sad not to be going back to Santa Cruz. There are many niggling worries: Macavity [my pet rat] & her fate being the biggest. Biggest hurt is leaving [first long-term relationship]. I don't know what will happen to our relationship. Time will tell.

I see that pencil will not do. [Journal continues in pen] Pen henceforth.

I guess I'll go to sleep; it's getting harder though!

I like the feel of these journals. Glad I got them. At this rate I doubt they'll last the term! Johan [exchange student friend from senior year of high school] has told me he'll be my guide & interpreter in Sweden & Jeff Johnson [teacher from senior year of high school who moved to France] told me what to see "when you're in Paris". I think I'll be having interesting if expensive, term breaks. I'm going to have to be a spendthrift [I think I meant the opposite] I'm afraid.

Ah yes, a huge worry: my writing. I don't know how to write anymore. Look at this printing, it's atrocious [Still is 24 years later in fact; thank goodness for typewriters & computers]. Dyslexia doesn't help matters, either. Can I even do cursive anymore? [In cursive:] apple bear cat dog ear fruit guest host ice jam kipper lamlr [crossed out] lamb mouse needle orange pip queen road street thread uncle verse worm x-ray yarn [in printing:] (shit, how do you make a 'z'?) [in cursive:] ?ebra. Perhaps I will write my journal in src [crossed out] script. I connect my printing anyway. My wrist hurts a bit, but it's coming back to me. Maylre [crossed out] Maybe i can find an exercise book to practice in. I don't know if British [crossed out] british printing is the same as american. Ouch, this is tiring. Of course, if Carolyn [long-time pen pal] is an average example, then I don't have too much too worry about. [in printing:] Oh too hell with it! I'll rent a typewriter!

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Monday, Martinez, CA 1985

Moved money around today. $2500 certificate at Barclay's at 7.25% for 182 days. (Need to move it to a market rate March 10). £900 in travelers cheques + £30 in notes.

Finished w/ bathroom closet [sorting & throwing away & compacting in preparation for being gone for a year, so my folks could use my old room for a guest room]. I suppose I should box all that other junk, but...

Getting down to the wire! Very little sorting left to do, mostly cleaning (vacuuming) & packing & taping music left.

My foot's a bit stiff, but getting much better. I think I'll go to Faire in costume Saturday if I go Sunday I may go 20th century.

I also want to make that skirt [a floor length wool skirt in a turn of the century cut, if I'm thinking of the same one] before I go. Handstiching on the plane?!

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Thursday 1985

I want to take my poems with me: [I think most of these were written in 1982 or 1983]


leaping through a shimmery plate glass window
to the sky
they fly unmarked
Like seeds shot from a pretty poppy pod
they spring
spreading joy, a jubilant parade,
they leave behind a trail of liquid confetti
swept away in an instant by that stubborn old janitor
Dolphins defy.

Wind Dreams

The trees are trying
Hoping the wind makes them birds
But they cannot fly

Glorious War

Glorious War, God of death & tombstones
You have never fooled us, despite your tries
We see glory not in some bleaching bones,
the blood of our brothers or our sons cries.
You cannot make us die, yet we die still.
Not 'bang!', but slowly, day by day by day.
Devil you know another way to kill.
Without a touch you take our lives away
Strike to the heart, you know your mark full well
You take from us our souls' love and delight.
Bright music is gone now theres but a knell
After the day there's nothing left but night

Some people still remember some forgot
After the war there's nought but who is not

There once was a woman curvacious
Who gardened in a manner voracious
But she sat in her plants
And they stuck to her pants
Now where she had curves, she's herbacious

Now that's out of my system!

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Tuesday/Wednesday, Martinez, CA 1985

Sent off the £20 deposit. Still no word; called Santa Cruz, they told me to call SB [Santa Barbara?], called Jan Collins in SB (not there), someone else said they'd cable Lampeter and let me know.

TIP: Re-read your handbook every time you have a question. Just did that & discovered that Lampeter guarantees housing. What a waste of money all these calls have been! But I still have no word on classes either, so hopefully I'll rouse someone up over there. I'd like to know if I have self-catering. I'd ship some cookbooks over now if I knew.

Foot still hasn't healed. I must keep off of it or I won't be able to walk in London. Very bad. That would rule out museums, & stately houses, & other wonderful things. It would be well if I'd stayed off it properly on Saturday (walked around Faire with Grammy Mary). Well, maybe not entirely healed, but a lot better. Tomorrow I will sleep in; get dressed, go downstairs & sit in the kitchen (have some pie?), after an hour or so I will move to the living room & watch a movie ("2010"), & maybe read or something, after that I'll move back to the kitchen for another couple hours (through dinner), & then after dinner go to bed, read more/figure out records (not standing for longer than 20 minutes) or just g to sleep. If I do that sort of routine tomorrow & Thursday & sit at GayLee's on Friday [I would watch her one-woman bookstore now and then to give her a break], & don't do progress [a parade with the Queen] & sit all day at Faire on the weekend, I should be able to pack next week, but I may have to cancel walking around the block with my luggage [to confirm I hadn't overpacked].

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