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Monday, Martinez, CA 1985

Visa arrived. Got the book on Stately Homes. Hobbling about with a sore foot. I leave for Wasco [to visit grandparents] tomorrow morning. Must clean up. Must pack. Must stay off foot. Contradiction somewhere there, I think. Also: made reservations at hotel in London but have to send deposit. Wells Fargo doesn't have £ traveler's cheques. God's teeth! ... Limping on...

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Tuesday, Martinez, CA 1985

Got my ticket to L.A. and my Britrail pass. No one in the states seems to know if I have housing. I'll call London tonight.

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Sunday, Martinez, CA 1985

Costume goes along. Still needs handwork, hat, sleeves.

[Renaissance Pleasure] Faire sells more beer than Oktoberfest!

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Saturday, Martinez, CA 1985

Confirmation arrived. I leave Sept 17th from LAX at 5:45pm, (check-in at 3:30). I will have accomodation [in London] for three days (through Friday night) & then I hope to move to the Clearlake. Depends on whether I need to go find housing in Lampeter [Wales].

The costume was approved, but there is much yet to do.

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Thursday, Martinez, CA 1985

Still no confirmation of my flight, no class schedule, no word on housing, Argh! I can't practice packing until this costume is done, so back to sewing I go.

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Making Another List (I love lists!) 1985

[probably written sometime between July 7th and mid-August, 1985, in planning for my junior year abroad in Wales]

Things to bring: 1st try
- 2 pairs jeans (ratcage [I'm not sure what I meant by that. I have a vague memory of having a rat cage which was a converted aquarium and it might have had a dark blue back which matched the color of a pair of jeans] & light blue)
- 2 sweaters (green/grey & dk blue)
- 2 turtlenecks (cotton blue & brown & green?)
- 7 pairs underwear
- 7 pairs socks
- 2 bras (3?) [and then the 2 and (3?) are crossed out and 4 is written in]
- 7? t-shirts
- black cotton dress
- wool pants
- wool vest
- dress shirt
- rain boots [next to which is written "ship?"]
- capezio shoes
- Tights?
- Cape? [next to which is written "ship?"]
- sneakers
- All Eap [Education Abroad Program] papers which will be needed over there
- Let's Go [Britain] 85
- Stately Homes [a travel guide from a past trip with my family, I think]
- tape player [next to which is written "ship?"]
- tapes [next to which is written "ship?"]
- safety pins
- Swiss Army knife [A gift from my father, I think]
- (bring little blue purse)
- sewing kit
- band aids
- recipes
- some stuff for personalizing my room [next to which is written "ship?"]
- Woolite
- Dr. Bonner's? [Peppermint castile soap]
- new wool skirt (I'll need to get something to wear with it. Make a fichu? [My Dickens Faire influence showing through; most mid-80's college students don't use the word "fichu"])
- deodorant
- glasses
- hairbrush & comb
- journals & cash book

[That is the last entry in the "Beginning... Sept. 1983 by Dinah Saunders" journal]

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