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Notes to self & sweetie 1985

CALL Alice (you ninny!)

[First long-term relationship]! I miss you!

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More post-sophomore summer 1985

I think I'm allergic to the house. Shit. What a hassle.

It's summer. I shouldn't still have all these "have-to-do" things. Clean room. Clean bathroom. (Vacuum). Move up Santa Cruz stuff sorting it en route. Not too bad, really. All I need is a free day.

Pinel [my primary school] reunion Sunday. I better call Alice [Kinney, my beloved primary teacher] tomorrow.

Good night, World. Dinah's gonna crash for all too brief a time. And no skin with me. No loving male. Rats.

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Summer after sophomore year of college 1985

Re-reading old love letters. I'm in a randy mood. [Southern Faire fling] would be interesting to meet again. I hardly remember him. [Former flirtation] would be great to have a roll in the hay with [pure speculation here], but I wouldn't want any sort of long-term romance, I don't think. (?) I think I'll seduce Christopher [Franges] when he's about 45 or 50. He'll be gorgeous. Like John Dizikes. Unless, of course, he's involved with someone. [First long-term relationship], you better come visit me! I'm already going into withdrawals. I need your skin near me.

Better get a bunch done before Jinx [my mum] gets here. More later.

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