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Early in sophomore year of college 1984

Here I am. [Guy of the moment] isn't what I really want. [First long-term relationship] is. Gentle, beautiful, not too butch or too much of a partyer. He is very like me. And yet different enough to help me grow. I don't feel like I have to make plans about forever with him. We have some political differences. I think he thinks things through more than I, either that or he doesn't think them through in a different way.

For [First long-term relationship]:
? - Quarry Rock [The quarry at UCSC being the site of our first kiss while star-gazing. He's the one who taught me to recognize the constellation of Orion]
X - A Blue Feather
- - [crossed out] One of those tokens w/ "Dinah loves [First long-term relationship]" printed on it
X - A small plastic Godzilla or clydesdale
X - dry rose
? - a map of California with the route we took marked
[checkmark] - wood box from Cost Plus
X - something from Dickens (?) [This might refer to Dickens' Faire]
[X covered by a checkmark] - My poem
[checkmark] - + contents of envelopes

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Best laid plans 1984

1. No pinapple for Lisa. Necklace instead.
2. Oh well.
3. I'll visit in person.
4. Keep smiling!
5. [checkmark]

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