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Planning it all out in my head 1984

Soon we will leave for Kauai. Once we come back I will have 3 weekends of Faire (although one 1/2 may be spent moving into the dorm) and 2 weeks of frenetic unpacking & packing. And then! I will be in Santa Cruz and the little drama with [guy of the moment] will begin. I hope things work out. I hope [previous good relationship] makes it in [to Faire? to SC?] sometime this year. The summer will be over soon.

I must remember to:
1. Send Lisa [my college roommate] a pineapple
2. Try to visit Grammy Mary
3. Write the Anthro Board and offer myself up as a sacrificial Research Aide
4. Win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes
5. Not fall prey to the debonair & deadly Master Fleming, etc.

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Kissing all the boys 1984

Ahhh Faire! Who did I kiss today, let's see... [Previous good relationship], Michael Fleming, David Miles, [First steady boyfriend], hmmm. Michael is a bit of a flake, but he's pretty. David is my elder, but I like him and I doubt either of us has intentions beyond kissing. [Previous good relationship] is trustworthy and I do love him. [First steady boyfriend], oh dear. Well, he's cute. I do wonder about [guy of the moment] in the fall... a possibility of a serious, open [in the not sneaking around sense, not the sleeping with many people sense] relationship, Huzzah! Michael, flakey and trendy as he is, is still a nice guy. He's a little too "in" and a bit prone to taking himself too seriously, but I like him and he is very pretty.

[First steady boyfriend] just isn't the one for me. He's a bit too fond of rough play; he's not gentle and feminine enough like [previous good relationship] or [previous dysfunctional relationship]. He doesn't know the woman in his soul.

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