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Mystery Diary Entry 1984

DAMN Televents! What now?

[Maybe this was job related? Summer job I thought I had & then they changed their minds?]

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I'm hoping these are unrelated thoughts 1984

I want someone near me, someone to learn and grow towards.

I wish I knew what happened to that check.

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Warning 1984

I must remember to tell [guy of the moment] of the inadvisability of putting his address on the back of a note reading: "[guy of the moment], is your friend's drug deal still on? - Julia".

That worries a bit, although [former boyfriend]'s more of a druggie than I thought. Oh well.

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Thinking about a cute boy 1984

I dreamt about [guy of the moment] this morning. Very gentle and loving. All newly in love and fluttery and lusty. Here I go again. And then the postcard arrived.

London in June is rather crowded, but it's LONDON!
And he signed it "Love,". Of course, I do that too, but it's nice anyway. I just hope I don't blow it by dreaming. He is a rather nice subject for fantasies, but if they screw up a good friendship that would be rather bad. I do enjoy falling in love (I keep wanting to capitalize Love!). Ah, what a silly creature I am, but happy.

About the dream: I wonder what the Freudian significance of malfunctioning elevators is? Not the box kind, it was sort of an expanded wire cage.

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