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Planning for College 1983

In a blank book which I assume to have been a gift, in which the inside front cover is silver writing reading "Beginning... Sept 1983 by Dinah Saunders" (so probably not from someone in my family, who do know how I spell my last name), are these notes on the first six pages, presumably from the summer of 1983:

Things I Need:
- washcloth
- screws for picture hanging + hanging wire
- coffee cups
- plate + silverwhere [sic]
- big package of detergent
- tea
- hot chocolate [not checked off]
- celtic harp music
- Robin Williamson + other records
- big pillow
- mirror [not checked off]
- What People Wore
- popcorn popper, corn & oil
- other pens
- tapes they borrowed [Don't know who they were]
- stamps
- string + rings [?]
- pallette [?, sic]
- down jacket
- salt (butter flavor?) [sic, not checked off]
- Complete Shakespeare
- weyrs [this refers to a project based on Anne McCaffrey's books, one of which I am re-reading today, July 1st 2003, by coincidence]
- Rocky Horror Book

Food (?)
Sunday - chewy spaghetti, yucko but good salad
Monday - actually good tacos (a little flimsy, but...)
Tuesday - soup + salad good(!)

More Stuff
- staples (stapler type) [as opposed to the generic supplies sense, I suppose]
- herbs [not checked off]
- rest of [Renaissance] Faire stuff
- Rocky Horror stuff
- t.v. [I don't remember having a t.v.; that's odd]
- chalkboard [not checked off]
- Edward Gorey books
- J.B. Toad [a fine knit frog made by my Grandma Muriel]

Bring to S.C. [Santa Cruz, though I think all these represent lists of things to take to university with me. Maybe they're for separate trips home & back to school]
- T & T stuff [Tunnels & Trolls role-playing game]
- CA I.D. card
- Victrola case [yes, as a teenager I had an empty Victrola case, which I kept blankets & things in]
- big pillow
- sewing stuff
- Arch. stuff [this is followed by "???", so I think I must have been making this list in Santa Cruz and then when I was in Martinez and gathering things together, I couldn't figure out what it referred to]
- cloak [yep, also had a floor-length, wool cloak as a teenager. It was a present from, um, Eric Griswold, I think]
- blue quill
- pea soup recipe
- loaf pans
- videos
- birdseed
- lamp
- Halloween stuff

- laundry + shower
- pack
- patch
- window for Jeff [stained glass?]
- find glasses case
- get check from Jinx [yes, even at 18 I referred to my mum as Jinx and my stepdad as Paul]
- tell Jinx about grants
- trim hair [not crossed off, circled with "next time" written next to it]
- J+P's prez's [by which I meant "Jinx & Paul's presents]
- pay Paul back $15

- chalkboard? ["next time" is written beside this]
- stereo
- prez's
- records + tapes
- The Blue Sword [the Robin McKinley book]
- cheese + crackers

- leave prez's for J+P
- put foam on bed/put sheets to wash
- roll up sleeping bag + blanket + towel
- make sure I have $, keys, ID + proxy cards, check for $922
- toothbrush, etc.
- double check

2 boxes
duffel bag
dice box [scratched out]
cork board
wine bottle

Bring to SC
- cards
- some T&T & weyr stuff
- poncho
- corkboard(s)
- clothes to left of Miss Glitz [wish I could remember what outfit earned the epithet "Miss Glitz"]
- down jacket?
- shoes by door
- 1 shelf Only of books

Leave Behind
- board games
- some RPG stuff [Role Playing Game]
- Miss Glitz
- some costuming stuff
- top hat, etc.

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