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freewriting 1983

    I feel good about the amount of work I am doing. I am getting A's in my classes. I am learning to drive. I am studying for the Achievement tests. I am saving money for the trip. I am doing a really good job.

Freewrite topic

    "Popularity is based on how closely individuals conform"

    I don't agree with that statement. If a person conforms completely they become virtually invisible. Popular people provoke good reactions in others. The conformist is nothing but ordinary and so induces no reaction. True, the more you conform, the more groups will indure [sic] your presence, but you won't be adding anything to the group.

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What is poetry? 1983

- Poetry - the embodiment of beauty, emotion, or "high thought" in Verse (esp. a rhythmical composition intended to be more "powerful" than prose)

- Verse - a line of poetry, consisting of a certain number of metrical feet, although modern poems may be constructed in free verse.

- Feet - a group of syllables serving as a unit of Meter in verse.

- Meter - rhythm in verse; measured pattern of syllables as in iambic pentameter.

- Iambic (Pentameter) - metrical feet of 2 syllables, the 1st unaccented + the other accented (occuring 5 times in each line) -> "to strive, to seek, to find, and not, to yield." [with symbols over to mark accent]

- Prose - the ordinary form of written or spoken language without rhyme or meter.


- Metaphor - figure of speech in which a word is used (denoting a certain subject or idea) in place of another to suggest a likeness between them - ("I feel shipwrecked")

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Major effects on my life 1983

Meeting and knowing Jack Mingo had a major effect on my life. He helped me to see a lot of the games I was playing that were keeping me from being how I wanted to be. I learned a lot from Jack and I am very grateful to him for the changes he helped me make.

    An event that had a major effect? Hmmm. The invention of printing. So many things in my life are heavily influenced by books that I am sure I would be a very different person had they not been made. I love books.

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Physical Fear 1983

I don't remember exactly the last time I was physically afraid, but I do remember one particular incident that was very frightening. I was in a canoe accident. The canoe I was in the middle of wrapped itself around a log in the river. Fortunately, none of the 3 of us was trapped between the canoe and the log. We all held on to the canoe in the cold water. I was in the water up to my neck and the current was like something alive trying to drag me away from the canoe. I was terrified; all I could do was hang on to that canoe. My friends pulled me halfway out of the water, but, since I was wearing shorts and my legs were in the water, I was still losing body heat. We caught a garbage bag we had been using in the canoe and I used it to insulate my legs. We sat on that log for an hour while the other members of our group figured out how to rescue us. We dealt with our fear by making jokes and swearing at just about everything within range, especially the canoe. The canoe was bent into a U- shape around the log so we have since referred to the disaster as "the Taco incident".

    I am often afraid in a relationship that it is not going to work out. I am afraid that for some reason we will break up. This fear I can usually overcome because I know I will survive. The fear of death is much, much worse.

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Resolutions 1983

I didn't make a resolution for New Year's last year or for this year. I have made resolutions to myself and kept them. Most of the standards I have I stick to. I don't comprimise myself. I have been making resolutions about school. I will graduate. I will go to Santa Cruz next year (even if I have to wait until spring.) [Interesting to see that my resistance to putting the punctuation outside the parenthesis goes back at least this far.]

    The day after graduation I will be on my way to Anchorage and from there on to England. I will probably be gone for 3 or 4 weeks. When I come back it will be my 18th birthday. I will leave home for a day or two and go somewhere with [older guy] that week. I will have, from that point, about 2 months to pack for college. If all goes as I hope I will be at UCSC in the fall.

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