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Cousins! 1982

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[Not sure if I just wore the same sweater and turtleneck the next day or if one of these images is dated wrong.]

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Dinah Sanders, 25 December 1982. 1982


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freewriting 1982

Oh I'm sick of this! I think once he killed Duncan his course was set, he would never be reconciled with his conscience.

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F.W. 1982

(2) Macbeth (and all Shakespeare, really) needs to be spoken and spoken correctly. There is a lyricism to it that needs to be heard. It must be acted, otherwise it has none of its power. "The play's the thing"; it's not just the way it's told, it's the story. It needs the depth and fullness actors can create with it.

    I think there are advantages and disadvantages to going through it line by line. You understand and know it better, but you don't feel it. I want to see it again after we are through with it. I think I will see even more than I saw before.


change of mood, subject, Emphasis, etc.

    I want to go do something with [older guy] on Friday or Saturday. Movies? Walk? Hmmm. Walk up hill? Walk to boat? Eat out?


Dance? {Test thur. 16 Macbeth}

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